Today i got the 25th anniversary of pokemon card toy things that come in the mcdonald’s, happy meals now they’re, officially supposed to be out on the ninth of this month, uh it’s the day before, and i was able to pick some up so i’m gon na open Up these packs and just kind of show like what it is you get. So basically you can buy these, for, i think two dollars without the happy meal um and then i got i got a lot so i did actually get the happy meal because i kind of obviously really like mcdonald’s. So i think i’m gon na keep i’m gon na keep one of them sealed. So i have 11 of these i’m going to open up in this video and see what kind of holo promos i can get. First, let’s take a look at the uh, the box, the happy meal box, normally it’s like a red box uh with the you know. It looks like this, but this has um. You got ta like pop out these ears and i guess put them up here. Put them in these tabs and pikachu as ears that’s, pretty cute, so it’s, literally just a cardboard box, but it’s pretty cute, so i’m gon na hold on to one of those, even though it’s covered in grease so let’s just start with this first pack. So the packs have four cards, and then they come in these things. So you open this up.

Here is the pack four additional game cards got the 25th anniversary logo and then it’s got pikachu and the kanto starters. What else is in here? I think that these all have like generally the same little thing, so we got like a little maze here or something and apparently maybe this can be folded into a box or something for your cards. I don’t really know or yeah this. This, i guess, is supposed to be foldable into a box. I’Ll i’ll figure that out later i like how this has this: has the uh, the hoenn starters on it, so we got mud, kip, that’s, pretty cute. Put that away all right. So first pack let’s see all right. Okay, so the hollow is right in front um. So right off the bat we got a bulbasaur. Very nice bulbasaur is a great pokemon, all right, so the bulbasaur hollow and we got a pikachu um. Apparently the holo pikachu is kind of rare, but you’ll see that these these arts are from a whole bunch of different sets. We get pikachu a squirtle. I think this from unbroken bonds and the torchic very nice put those off to the side. Keep cracking into these things, uh same thing, hoe and starter box and then a little maze. I think that there’s different uh packaging for these things – and maybe they have oh if yeah, go right into the trico um. But all of these have this one at the bottom.

I don’t know if that’s like one out of something, so maybe each of them has a different image of pikachu or it has like different starters on the little box you can make. So we got another uh grass type starter. Then we got froakie chest, pin and litten very nice. All right let’s keep going yeah. So this is all from one location that i heard had happened to get the cards today. Um all right here we go pikachu awesome! Okay, so i got the pikachu it’s all good. Now i don’t have to worry about trying to get that. Then i got piplup cyndaquil and torchwig okay, i’m gon na, like do a little pack trick for the rest of these. Just to you know, build the suspense. So i believe that um other locations may be getting the different um different little cardboard, packs that the pack is actually the pack comes in uh, but i’ll be going to more locations, getting more happy meals, seeing what the difference is and then hopefully pulling some cool Hollows we got sable no duplicates so far. Snivy another saw bowl and oshawa check out the rainbow on this very nice art for the sabble going into the next one. I don’t even know how many i’ve opened so okay, so here here is a box that has the canto starters. So that is pretty neat. I guess i’m gon na open this the other way so that i can hide the hollow all right.

So on this pack we got a grookie, a popplio, a rowlet and then a torchwig very nice. I really liked her twig very cool, not getting duplicates so far. Okay. So then this is pack number six. Here we go with the johto starters on that box. I’M. Really hoping to get a mud, kip that’s, probably the one that i want, the most all right: okay, a regular bulbasaur, a fennekin oshawott and a snivy all right i’m, getting all of the getting all of the grass type starters. Pretty nice number. Seven! We go back with the gen 3 starters now. These packs are kind of like papery they’re, not the kind of plastic that, like normal, pokemon packs, are made out of you know they got them. They got ta make this stuff really cheap. Okay, grooky tepig. Very nice background on the tepig. I think that this was a lot of these were originally promo cards that were hollow, got a totodile and then a froakie awesome man getting lucky with this. I think at this point, i’m gon na end up getting all of them. I mean i don’t know how many um wait: let’s see, there’s let’s see there’s eight generations, three starters, so there should be 24 hollows that you can get um, plus pikachu so 25, so there’s 25 holo cards that you can get and 25 regular cards. So since i only picked up uh 11 for opening, i definitely am going to have to get more.

Oh there’s, my first mudkip uh, so i’m gon na have to get you know. Okay, my first duplicate is a torchwig i’m going to have to get more packs of these. I didn’t really, like kind of i didn’t count it out when i was thinking of how much to buy at once, and i asked them if there is a limit. They said nope, okay, yeah, going straight into the hollow here, got a grookie, so really finishing all of the grass types. And then i have just two more than i’m going to open for this video and i think i’m going to get more and i will probably open those in future videos, maybe kind of add them to other openings, because there will be regular card openings coming up Soon see if i can get a mudkip in these last two trico, another fennekin, a score bunny and then another snivy, all right, yeah, so getting tons of grass types um, i haven’t gotten any fire type hollows, yet yeah, so i’m gon na have to if i’m Opening 11 there’s 25 and i already pulled two duplicates i’m gon na – have to get you know. I think, next time that i go as long as there’s no limit i’ll pick up like uh, i don’t know, like i don’t know like 15 of them. Maybe i don’t that’s a lot, but ah there we go a charmander, a chickarito that’s, a first a rowlet and then a popplio which is a new one, very strange, no hollow uh fire types, just lots of grass types here are my two duplicates um.

Don’T really know what i’m going to do with those yet put those in a trade binder or something. But even though i didn’t get the mudkip i’m very happy about getting the pikachu that’s, really where it’s all at so again check out this uh confetti, foil that’s. Always on these mcdonald’s or general mills um, i think it’s a little bit different on the general mills, but the nice hollow that they have pikachu uh froakie sable popplio got tertwood grooky snivy trico bulbasaur, not bad, not bad, so yeah, that is the mcdonald’s promo card, Packs for today, uh good luck in acquiring these. Remember that you don’t have to buy the food to get these um it’s a lot cheaper. That way – and you know if you don’t, like mcdonald’s and you’re not going to eat the food, it would have been a waste anyway. Don’T bother buying the happy meals and then like donating them. Let’S try to reduce food waste as well as exposing ourselves to other people during the pandemic. All right hope you, like that opening stay tuned for more pokemon card.