Pokemon is doing a 25th anniversary, promo yay at mcdonald’s. So if you go get a toy or happy meal, you can get the promo pokemon 25th anniversary. They are actually coming out tomorrow, but we got lucky and we picked them up today. Yeah it’s, not what you guys think this is just apple, cider, okay, so let’s open some of these because we are thirsty. Yes, we are so here it is cheers to everybody. Hope you guys are all gon na score on those pokemon at mcdonald’s. I know i know those are probably gon na be hard. People are gon na, go scalping on this, so people are probably gon na, be like ordering 10 happy meals. Now we’re going to open these pokemon so i’m, just gon na yep, so i’m just gon na go through them and show you guys what’s inside here. So you guys can get an idea and when you guys go tomorrow to pick them up at your local mcdonald’s, you get let’s, see what’s inside all right. So this right here this is how it looks. We got pikachu right here. This is their 25th anniversary, uh logo. This is 25 right there, but that’s that you can turn this into like a box or something so that’s cool that is cool now here is the pack look, how cool that pack is so this this pack is actually like. Almost like a paper material, it’s, not plastic, like the packs that you usually open, so this is really cool.

I this gives me like vintage vibes. This is so cool, but i want to get more and i want to probably like keep one for unopened. I think that would be really cool but that’s that and then in the back you can see it’s just that you guys can take a look. We have squirtle pikachu, bulbasaur and charmander. Those are awesome. You guys let’s see what else comes in here. So we have one of these. I guess this is the the thing that you turn into like a box or something so you can. You know do this and put your pokemon cards in here, which i don’t recommend, but if you want to you go ahead and do that and then we have something else. This is, i guess this is also another little box that you can put in, so they you know, you’ll have you’ll, have tons of boxes. What do you think about this that’s? So cool? Look at that it’s like a coloring book or something so that’s cool. All right guys so let’s get opening okay, so here in this pack, there’s actually a pikachu. I think it’s, probably like the chase card, so i really want to get that there’s, also a charmander that i really want to get. But enough of me talking let’s open this up. Oh, i opened it the wrong way. So so so, if you get to see the holographic, the the fennekin, so this is so cool.

Look at that. You guys look at the texture on that’s amazing, so this right here you can see it’s 14 out of 25 there’s 25 cards, so there’s this card got ta catch up, but there’s uh there’s, the holo versions and the non holo versions. And then we have snivvy poplio and torchic. How cool are those you guys? That’S awesome, wow, that’s, awesome all right, let’s see here, let’s see what mommy gets chest: pain, pikachu, squirtle and chimchar ooh nice. Those are cute. Let me sleeve that one card, the holographic holographic chess bin – can you believe that pokemon is celebrating their 25th anniversary that’s crazy, that how old are you older than 25. – all right guys let’s get into this so here’s, the next one? Obviously, i’m not gon na go and explain everything. Oh, but there’s, actually different stuff in here. Look at this guys. This is a cool. This is different. We don’t have this so it’s like a picture frame yeah. So you, you can put your pokemon card in here and put it down and that’s cool, so it’s. Something like this! You guys can do something like this. How cool is that i’ll put that to the side now let’s open up this pack right here. So this time, we’re gon na, do it the correct way: we’re gon na open it from the back and then we’re gon na do the card trick. Oh god, how do you do this i’m messing up? But okay, so you go like this apparently and then you take the car from the front and put in the back.

Did i do it right? Oh charmander, that is a cool one. I love and i want the the holographic one let’s see we have ted pig, tee pig, epic and lit, and okay i was like is that the holo and oh froakie, yeah that’s cool you guys that’s a cool card. I love frogs. What does this one? Have? This is a different. I think, if you open that it’s like something you can put on your wall, wow that’s, cool, let’s check this out let’s see what this is. Oh, i think you might be able to collect them and put them on your wall. Look at that pull up flip flop. Oh pimples, peanuts, leave Music, all the hollows, so cool, so there’s a hollow included in every one, that’s, so cool. I think that’s it for the video. We just wanted to make something really short and sweet kind of show. You guys what to expect with these packs, and i think you guys are gon na enjoy these. These are awesome.