Hopefully you guys enjoy yourselves and hopefully, by the end of the video you consider yourself. Part of the man army as well today is the drop of the brand new 25th anniversary pokemon promotions at mcdonald’s that’s right, as you can see on the screen down here below, we have some of the brand new pokemon promotion items from mcdonald’s and uh. They are pretty pretty cool, um they’re a lot smaller than what i thought they were gon na, be i don’t i don’t really know what i was expecting to be honest but uh when i saw how like they were just they’re, they’re, actually kind of packaged nicely. I’Ll be honest, um, but they’re they’re very thin. I kind of figured with like the um. Some of them come with um like a card picture frame, type thing or they’re supposed to. I kind of thought they’d be thicker than this, but this is what they come in and today we actually have 10 of them um. I spent a little time going around to a few different mcdonald’s in my area and just grabbed two or three from each uh. Trying to leave plenty for others, because i don’t want to be that guy. You know that snags all of them and goes but um. I think i’m. Okay, because i’ve seen already tons and tons of pictures on uh. You know reddit on twitter on even here on youtube of people just going through and buying case after case of everyone or every um mcdonald’s, that they go to and um it’s kind of sad that people are resorting to stealing all the the stuff from for kids Meals honestly to go flip and reset retail and resell, so i just picked up ten of them from, like i said, like four or five different um mcdonald’s to leave some for other people, so you guys will get to see a nice little taste of what is In these promotional packs and decide for yourself, if you just if you want to go out and see if you can find them, i suppose, because a lot of people are already telling me that their their places have been sold out, but they should be a fun Little thing anyway, i believe they’re going to be going on for the whole year.

So i honestly don’t see people scalping these for very long, because there’s only 25 cards in the set there’s 50. If you want to collect a master set, because each of the 25 cards comes in a non holo and a hollow variant, so 50 cards in total, technically you can get but there’s only 25 variations of the art styles, so uh 25 actual cards and each booster Pack should come with four cards, one being a guaranteed hollow, so let’s go ahead and crack this open and right off the bat. You can see there’s like a little maze in here and again. These are designed for kids, so let’s just let’s. Keep that in mind here, as you can see, um oh it’s got like uh, i think that’s, the um answer, that’s how you do it, so you actually have the maze down here and then you have the answer up here. If you want to do it but kind of a nice little little folder on there, so all of them come with like this, i think it’s a deck case or something like that. You can make a deck case out of it and it kind of shows you how to build it and put it together, but uh. These are actually kind of nice. I i’m kind of surprised. I think it comes out like this. There we go so it’s, actually kind of separate right here. The pokeball kind of it’s like giving it the 3d effect um, and you can kind of fold them in.

You got the joe toe starters over here: the 25th anniversary logo um very nice. So you fold these over. You can fold this down and fold this in like that to create the bottom of the deck box here, so you can see, got a nice, nice little deck box and then this is the top of it, which you can fold these over fold. These down, like that, so you have the 25th and the pokemon sign on there and then, when you put your cards in, you just slide this on over the top and there you go there’s your deck box, however, which way you want to do it. So you get that and you get of course, the pack, the booster pack, which is, i think, the thing that everybody’s going for anyway um very cool. This is not like a typical booster pack. This is honestly. This wrapper is paper um. It feels very much like paper and it kind of gives that quality out to it so it’s very cheap, but it should hold the cards nicely. Hopefully, they’re not damaged or anything like that, but it does say four additional game cards. It has the 25th anniversary stamp down here: bulbasaur squirtle, pikachu charmander, very nice little calming background honestly. Um it’s got the pokemon company international on there, the actual official pokemon stuff, so let’s go ahead, let’s open it up it. This is 100 paper yeah. That is definitely paper. Oh in the uh holo card, apparently is right there in the front so uh.

Well, we get a grookie to start off with and, like i said, every pack is supposed to come with one holographic card and then uh three non holographic cards and all 25 cards in the set, because you can even see down here. Let me see if it’ll focus a little bit um, not really this one says 8 out of 25, so all 25 cards come in the hollow and non hollow set so well, and that made sadie made that easy right there. We got a grookie, a hollow and non hollow. We’Ve got the tepig and the totodile, so our very first booster packs are going to be a little mix of everything got some gen 8. Some gen was at 5 and some gen 2 with this one being our holographic pull for the first booster pack, very nice we’ll set those off to the side and uh which one i do a white one we’ll do a black one. Next let’s see, if there’s any difference in them at all. I don’t think there will be. I highly doubt it anyway um. Oh, maybe a little bit this one’s a little bit different and then it’s got a different like coloring activity on it. You know don’t matter, it’s, not a big deal. This one has the kanto starters on it, so maybe we’ll get a deck box with all of the different uh. Starters is my guess, but uh. This is the exact same up.

There i’m, not gon na, show you guys how to build another one we’re just gon na get into the booster packs here, but it looks like the booster pack is the same as the original one. I need to like open these backwards, so we don’t see the card um. Oh right, off the bat. There is a really big white nick on that one um we’re going to take the front card to the back and see what we get trico fennekin my boy, fennekin uh, lit in the kitten and reverse lit, or a holographic in there too. So uh we’re two for two on getting the hollow and non hollow versions in the same pack. I wonder if maybe that’s how it’s supposed to happen. I doubt it but uh. Maybe all right, let’s see what this one has to offer. So same thing maze, um same deck box, sleeve stuff. I just have a feeling that’s what they’re all gon na be with. I don’t know what the deal is with um they’re supposed to be like a card frame. I saw in the the picture of the promotions of the po, the mcdonald’s poster of all the promotions. It had a uh like a little card picture frame in it, so i’m gon na have to figure out how to do that. Maybe if i figure it out in editing stage, i’ll put it in. You know the video here, but bulbasaur popplio, mudkip and rowlet.

So no, we are not guaranteed to get a holographic of one of the cards in the pack, but that is cool all the same. We got ourselves a rowlet, very nice, honestly, i’m kind of hoping to get hmm. What would my top three be? I would like sable i would like fennekin and probably bulbasaur. Those are probably my top three. I want to get out of this opening or in general. No, no real reason why this is probably my three favorite starters of each type, so we’ll see oops. I keep opening these backwards. I don’t know you guys, probably already saw it but let’s see we’ve got piplup cyndaquil that one looks really good. That is really good. Artwork and we’ve got a tert wig, followed by the tertwig holographic, so uh we’ve, three out of the four packs we’ve opened so far, have had the holographic card be represented by its non hollow counterpart in the packs. One of them did not so it’s kind of strange, but uh we’ll keep keep going on all right. Music, oh – and i just realized this one had the hoenn starters on it, so i haven’t even been paying attention that we might be getting all the different starters. Um in these packs, here too, all right, let’s toss that to the side, one to the back let’s see what we can get bulbasaur papulio, mudkip and cinderquil, not a bad one at all, not a bad one.

I’M thankful at this point we haven’t gotten any repeat: uh holographics still early on. You know it’s always possible, but uh that’s. One thing you definitely don’t want to happen when doing these uh kinds of openings and trying to collect sets here you don’t, want to see repeats. I got ta stop opening this way. You think i’d learn at this point, but i haven’t yet all right. Oh charmander, nice little char, char, chikorita, rowlet and charmander again, so there we go another one represented by both the hollow and non hollow in the same pack, but still no double ups. I’M. Thankful for that continue on. We i mean we do have 10 booster packs. So i mean the chances of um. Getting no repeats is pretty decent. I think it’s going to get a little bit harder once we kind of go on a little bit more. All right, let’s see what we got here, one from the front to the back, and we have a trico fennekin, rowlet and score bunny there we are score. Bunny is a nice pickup representing gen 8 nicely the galar region we’ve got quite a few uh rowlets. Now, though, now really looking at it all right, let’s put that off to the side, maybe if it will all right here, we go i’m. Finally, learning as we’re getting close to finishing this opening to do it. This way here we go. Oh, we got a snivy that’s, a nice one, a sobble there we go that’s, the one i want the hollow of oshawatt and froakie.

I honestly kind of forgot: froakie existed, oh man, don is probably gon na, be one of the the better pulls um for these. I think froakie is a fan favorite, so you know because it leads into grey ninja great green ninja greninja. I don’t know why i said it so like oddly i’m running out of space up here, to put all these packs or not the packs. The the cardboard all right see what we have down in here, one from the front to the back flip it around. Oh wow there’s a pikachu in here i kind of forgot that there was a pikachu there’s, definitely some smudges on this card. That is entirely unfortunate, but uh there’s there’s. Definitely like some stuff on pikachu’s forehead. There uh we got a squirtle, tertwig and chickarita. That did we get that one already. We may have gotten this one already. I really don’t know i can’t. Remember, um we’ll go over all the hollow poles here in the end as we approach our final pack and uh, i know like i said: a lot of people are going out and buying as many of these as a can. I would caution you all to not ruin it for all the kids and stuff, because again, this is a promotion to get kids the younger generation into the game. I am doing this video mostly to show you guys what’s in it, so you guys can see, and also i have a son myself and he’s going to love these cards i’m, trying to put together a binder for both of us.

So hopefully, hopefully we can do that lit in the kitten and the final poll is a snivy holographic. I think we pulled that one as a hollow um, not sure, but we are about to look because out of our 10 booster packs, we got a snivy chickarito froakie score, bunny charmander, cyndaquil, turtwig, grooky, rowlett and linton, so no no double ups at all whatsoever. That is a great sign and uh a pretty good haul. Unfortunately, we did not pull any of the three cards that i wanted, but i’m not gon na complain. These are really cool all the same um. Hopefully, you guys are interested in collecting these as well, and if you are comment down below that, you are, let me know which card you are most looking forward to getting and uh if you’re not interested in these i’d be very curious to see why you are Not interested in these so comment down below it, doesn’t matter what your opinion is just comment. Let me know what you think about these and uh we’ll see how popular they get, but that is all we have time for today. Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t forget to hit the like button. Uh share this with all your friends. Let’S get some eyes on this video, so we can show everybody exactly what is in this mcdonald’s promotional set and uh. If you are not already like, i said the beginning of the video, hopefully you want to become part of the minuteman army and you hit that subscribe button today, but that is all we have time for.