Ladies and gentlemen, behind this foamy curtain we have some new boys so far, we’ve had the original boys Music, who turned into the most cursed boys we’ve, had the most disturbing boys, the boys, jesus christ and, of course, we’ve had the most chunky boys holy. I did not know they could sing. You can still sing the boys now get ready for the most shredded boys, the most swole boys. Look how strong this pikachu is and he’s standing on this little uh pedestal. Oh he’s got two back stripes and a missing tail. I don’t know what’s going on with his face, but look how jacked he is. Unfortunately, i will have to put him down and i will uh tell you about that in just a minute after we admire his physique. I think this is his tail. This is just a shitty piece of wood that crudely cut all right. Well, okay, i think it’s, just a really shitty plastic, now take him all in because there’s some unfortunate law involved with these pieces before i even show the other ones there’s. A lot of i want to say – and i would appreciate it if you guys would hear me out so all these toys that we’re about to go through today. I have had a lot of requests to do a video on and i’d seen pictures of them floating around on the internet before so i just did a quick google search, and i saw some pretty shady shitty, like pre order website for them, so i bought them There and i’ve had them sitting here for a while, but it wasn’t until much later after looking into it that i found out that these designs were stolen.

So i mean obviously they’re not official to begin with it’s pokemon’s ip after all, but the original creator made them under creative commons license and they were never destined to be sold in the first place. So anyway, the original swole pokemon designs that these come from were originally by a malaysian guy called who came up with them as 3d printable figures so chan with 3d print. These buff pokemon and then hand paint them, but there was never any plan to profit from it. In fact, just like most members of the 3d printing community, he has the files available for everybody to download and print their own, and i just want to say at the top of the description below and in the comments. I’Ve left a link to his my mini factory, page, which, if you have access to a 3d printer, you can get the original files there for free and you can also support him via tips. So what ended up happening with these designs? Well, about a month after he posted the initial designs, some shitty toy shops in the philippines and taiwan and possibly other places, started selling them as their own, which is what i’ve come to realize, is what i have here today, which is why i think i’ve got Ta, do a little bit of this. Ah pikachu your poor, ankles, so yeah. I was pretty split on the decision to even do this video at all, and i don’t think i would have even bought these at all.

If i had known the situation, but all things considered, i’ve decided to make the video – and i would like to use the spotlight in this video to shine it back on the original designer and sorry for this very long rant. But i feel it’s justified to say these things and again go support this dude and do not support and buy these products like i have done so today. Now, without further ado, let’s go into them anyway, they are very cool they’re, a cool design, it’s just it’s, a shame that the full design and all the thought that went into making this comes from a dude who had his stolen and we’re. Looking at the stolen product, but uh yeah definitely don’t buy these guys, and i i really do understand that this is such a weird position to stand on while still making this video – and i know there’s – definitely going to be some of you who either have these Or are going to probably buy them from this video anyway, but hopefully this video can do more good for the original designer and you guys will go check out his facebook page or his social media or go to his my mini factory and give him some support. All right, so we have um come on this. This, oh yeah, that’s, how you know this thing: bootleg we’ve got charmander and his tail is ripping out through his shorts that’s oddly sexual.

I guess he doesn’t have much on at all. He’S got these washboard abs and my god he is big, although i think uh chuck, the charmander is my least favorite bubble, sauce, pretty badass uh. They did a good job, though, with this bulb, which you should not buy naughty naughty and lastly, we have a squirtle. So i think the the squirtle is the one that’s not his design because they started stealing it before his squirtle was finished, but i mean it doesn’t, really matter: it’s, just it’s the same body it’s, the same general thing, it’s the same theme. He started the whole thing and all the other ones are basically carbon copies uh, but here you go. Here’S squirtle do a little turn for a squirtle and here’s his his tiny little blue head with his squirtle squad. Gla you take those off let’s, see what’s under those glas. Oh so yeah. I apologize guys it’s it’s such a weird video. I understand the tone is very strange what’s with his tail. What is that? But let me go through these one. Last time there is squirtle here is pikachu. They yeah not a great job with the face paint on most of these uh, especially on charmander don’t like the charmander, and here he is spin him around he’s, big, big, big muscle boy and my favorite bulbasaur, but unfortunately uh. Yes, i am going to destroy them. All they also sent this, which i think is just like some other stolen garbage.

What the is this captain, america, pikachu it’s it’s, just like it, just screams, bootleg toy the the cape isn’t even painted it’s the same color as his skin congrats, though guys i’m sure you sold a lot of these. I remember seeing these everywhere when they were just going viral: oh ooh, okay, um i’m. My room is it’s. I smell something very strange coming from that. Oh okay, that is very that’s a thick odor, damn chinese asbestos sweet but anyway guys as cool as they are. Take my word papa mofo says: don’t buy them uh. What you should do, though, go support. The creator. Sorry, i sound like a broken record. Um max mofos, postcard collection. Today, postcard, shite, we’re, opening up shite we’re getting through this really shitty bundle that i hate love. The backs, as i keep saying, hate the fronts worst ever. This is official. This is real. These ones are good that’s, not even a screenshot, though, that one’s actually cool okay, yeah that’s that’s, something they’re all knitting yarn together, it’s hard to think that this is from the same series as this jesus christ, all right um. Thank you guys so much for watching. Anyway, guys, i love you, thanks for stopping by and uh click on a video on screen to watch something else.