We pulled from the three, so we got five here. So we can kind of work out a better uh experiment, but let me put these boxes down here and we’ll do one at a time: we’ll open them one at a time. So then none of the packs get mixed up and we could do our experiment. Quite uh well so boom. Obviously, i haven’t seen these boxes before let’s get the plastic seal off and look at this. This is a beautiful box. English needs to step up the quality. Look at that oh full strength, and it takes a long time to get that out. So you get these packs out, look at the way they were stacked up. Maybe i’ll show you the next one, but then obviously we get the crowbar here and it comes with some energy cards and some trainer cards behind it, but there’s nothing, special let’s, throw this one in the bin and yeah. I might sell these boxes like these. So if you want to buy them, i’ll definitely list them up on my ebay in the future so boom we have six packs we’ll go through it quick. It is gon na be 30 pack opening, because we got five of these boxes so let’s see. So this would make up three booster boxes so bear in mind the pool rates um, so yeah shot. Hollows we’ll go for it nicely, so there there and there so that’s how we kind of do it, because it’s tiny star v getting so many hits per pack.

It’S so hard to sort it becomes a mess so boom. Look. We go like that. Oh darkly, i believe a dark, wet shiny card, so shiny’s there seeming up at the end, but just a rhythmic, regular v max all right. So we’ll probably go like that feed. These cards out, which one’s this one i know, it’s a small dragon pope but what’s the pre evolution, but we got a shiny card. Another one i’ve not seen before i’ve, never seen that one we’ve been seeing a lot of cards. I’Ve not pulled before from about 40 30 booster boxes that i’ve opened previously on this channel, but we got a secret card coming up. Um boom. Oh bull guy makes an appearance again so we’ll sleeve that up. We just got four links and a glossy card, so this is a secret card, so boom nice little pull there still haven’t got a lot of shiny, so is it guaranteed per box? Are we does these replace the out shiny because, obviously, in the last box we got the full out shiny, but boom hollows and the v max lapras, and that so yeah, like i said, the last three boxes had a lot of shiny in every single pack, so Let’S keep this one nice and tight before we flip it around and then we’ll go for it tightly. Let’S see the suspense so commons, there we’ve got three baby shinies. Oh so so we haven’t got a full art shiny card like this uh from the box, but we do get secret by the booster boxes, though secret trainers on extra on top of a guaranteed pokemon shiny, full lot um, but maybe, with these boxes, you’re guaranteed.

At least one of those or a full out, pokemon uh, but that’s, why we’re opening five today, so we can work that out together. Obviously, i haven’t watched many openings. I’Ve only opened watched, uh, randall swan, actually haven’t seen many people open these. To be honest, i’ve. Just been with the current like bricks and everything that this my delivery just got delayed so yeah. I might upload this one tomorrow, actually i’m uploading, the three pack tomorrow and then i’ll upload this one in a future weeks or something before the english drop before the english releases. Maybe next week, but yeah let’s go let’s, see what we can get here boom. Obviously, we got a lot of packs today, so i’m gon na go rush for him quickly. Just show you the hollows, the v’s and like that um, so just brush through, like the comments etc, because he wants to see those. If you want to see those make sure to watch our uh booster box, openings i’ll take more time with those, but yes title. I believe this one is i’m surprised. I know most names because my memory, isn’t good and obviously i can’t read japanese hold on there. We go oh no baby, shinies and indeedy, and that let’s go let’s, see what we got we’re running through this one quickly, but it’s, not as good as the first two boxes. Well, we only got one shiny one or two shinies. I can’t remember now.

Let me know down in the comments say box: two i’ve got this many baby shinies well comment. Maybe when we finish this one but boom, two hollows a ditto, and that so no flops in this one can we get it in the last pack wow. So we’re not guaranteed a full lot: shiny we’re not guaranteed a full out shiny, so we just did very lucky in the first box, where we got two of them, but let’s open this one. I forgot to show you how these look like inside. I never showed you i was always impatient, but look how neat that is. That is so good, so i could go like that. Take everything out, another crowbar we’ll have so many crowbars online might open a few more man. These are a great set and yeah just can’t go wrong. It’S going to be once english comes out, it’s going to be i’m going to be dreading this because english is going to make me broke. I don’t know how much i want to spend i’m just going to spend as much as i can as much as possible when english comes out well, i’ll try i’ll, try because it’s gon na be hard to get even product in the first place, but crowbar and Nothing in the first one: oh, not even a baby shiny there, and then we got a ditto. Oh, not even a baby shiny, the the gengar is the most expensive holo card.

So if you pull that definitely check on ebay, what’s work it’s about five pounds. Last time i checked, we got something here: boys and girls. Yeah. We got double whammy, yampa, shiny, triple whammy. We got a rescue ram and a krameron full art, so that was a good pack. We got all three. You can pull now there’s three slots to pull something good and we got something in each single one of those. I always wanted that and we did it in this video, so that was cool. Oh, i see a full up border again. I think we got a yes skyla, so this is a trainer for the way food collectors. This will be on my ebay, i’ll actually learn. My wifey was this week. My guy aiden was like oh wait: food it’s going to be going up in price i’m, like what the hell’s the way through i had to google it. So if you’re away from collector there, you go boom and yeah boom. So now on to box number four and we’ve done three boxes in about seven minutes, guys make sure like and subscribe. If you’re new here we are smashing it right now, so yo guys comment down below. Should i keep these sealed or should i open them? Let me know, but let’s see what we’ve got today in another six packs. Sorry it’s messy here, that’s just shiny stuff, for you all our shiny star, v videos end up like this, but have you got anything we’ve got indeed shiny, double whammy we got here.

We got a rescue, ram, amazing red and just a dragon pop v max regular v max. Oh no baby, chinese gengar it’s there and we’ve got crowbar there in the crowbar v box, but it’s a regular crowbar and you can pull the crowback v max, but obviously the v in um japanese is the promo. Oh, this is car call, i believe, i’ll be surprised if i get my names correct um because, like obviously a lot of its new pokemons, a lot of it and obviously it’s in japanese, so i can’t read it but hold on lights, gone down: oh school bunny, They’Re getting a lot of good baby, shinies and boom boom. I see something there, but i don’t know what it is. What could this be hold on? I want to say to charizard, but i don’t want to guess myself last time i guessed myself, i pretty much. Cried but it did so v max, not even bad, not even bad. I got my heart. My heart was going there. Can’T even lie ditto v max. Oh, we got something here. Nope nope, though yeah i got my my mind, stopped for a second. I was like wait is that charizard all right? I saw the v max texture, but i don’t know i can’t really tell from the size if it’s, a charizard or not, but ditto v max is one of the most popular ones as well. I think it comes. Second, after sheriff’s out in this set, let me know if you agree with me or not um, but last box no let’s go let’s, go there.

You go get rid of this paper, trash, recycle that and last five for today i might open two more just for the bands. We’Ll see we’re going to do off this video, but let’s go full apple. I believe, and just a center scorched there, Music boom boom and boom. So nothing in that one. Just a really regular v let’s go! Oh, i can’t see if i messed up there or saw something: oh uh, your mask, is it your mask and then there’s? Is your mask and then it goes to glarion rodriguez, so glare in your mask. Maybe let me know if i’m correct, but just a center scorch femax, but let me know if i’m getting the name spot on in this video. I think i’ve had no all the pokemons by now now. Obviously i played sword and shield so that’s. Why i’m familiar with a lot of the characters, but then as well as i open a lot of packs and cards, but for links v there wait. Did we get so this one? The skyler? Did we get a lot shiny as well in the same box, i wasn’t paying attention there. Oh i’ve not pulled this before, but this is fire hold on hold on boom boom. I know i didn’t keep any of the like evolutions of rilaboom, but maybe i should have i think in english. I am that’s what my plan was in english. I am but finally pulled this really boom i’ve not pulled this before um.

Finally, we’ve got something for my collection. All these other cards, you see we pulled before so i’ve obviously kept it. If i want it for my collection or not, but this one – i have never pulled before so yeah shout out bubble pro for the care pack of these summery ridges um, but yeah. This is gon na, be going off to grading in my personal collection that’s. Why? I put a separate condition: a little i don’t know: it’s got like edgeware on the top, like i don’t know. If you can see that, but uh either way, i’ll keep it in the collection. Why not uh, really cool card that i don’t know? I didn’t really see that before so, but that artwork and the baby’s shiny it goes sweet, then the real boom for the baby shinies in my personal opinion, but the last pack. What have we got? Oh i’m doing this so bad um boom boom and just oh. So, no so to conclude, in five boxes we open you’re not guaranteed a full or a shiny, full lot in a box, but from four boxes we did get Music bull, guy and skyler. I believe and i’ve got ditto v max and a camera for a lot shiny, but as well as we got five crowbar shiny cards. Oh look how thick these are. If you want to see what comes inside, these make sure to watch our other video i’ll put it on the end card, so these are the baby chinese i’m, going to sleeve them soon, as we’ve done this video, but um just go for them.

For you go rest around amazing red there, russia ram again um and yeah – nothing too crazy, but that rila boom is beautiful. I really like this thriller boom, so if you’re new here make sure like make sure to subscribe i’m going to open two more so i don’t know why i just love chinese style v. I can’t wait for shining fates, so i shall be opening two more of these. So in total we open a round number of 10 in total and you’ll see 10 on the channel, so you’re going to see more shiny stuff v and more of these crowbar boxes make sure like make sure to subscribe and yeah.