Please install gk today academy app for regular updates. Please join our telegram channel. The link is given in the description box. The revision pdf are uploaded on this telegram channel. We have started a new channel civil succeed me you can subscribe to it if you find it relevant now. Let’S start road transport and highways ministry has partnered with which organization for geohazard management, so for this geohazard management ministry of road transport has partnered with drdo and why this has been done. This has been done to ensure road safety on national highways against the effect of landslides and other natural calamities. So the idea is to make sure that our national highways are safe. For this purpose, drdo is going to provide its expertise through drdo lab, and the name of this lab is defense. Geoinformatics research establishment that is dzre. This dzre is a lab of drdo. The rdo is defense, research and development organization. It is under mov that is ministry of defense. Recently, drdo was also in use because of rakshita. So rakshita is a bike ambulance which has been developed by drdo, and recently it was given to crpf. Drdo was also in use because of s double a w. So recently this was tested. Now what is swaw? It is smart, anti airfield weapon. So recently this was tested successfully with state amended lokayukta bill to make retired high court judges also eligible for the post of lokai. So first thing: first, we have lok pal and loki act of 2013.

As for this act, lok pal is going to be for union. That means for central level and local is going to be for states level. Now recently, goa cleared this lokai amendment bill to make retired high court judges as eligible for the post of local see. Previously, the condition was that only a retired judge of supreme court or chief justice of high court can be appointed as lokaio. Now it has been changed, it has been changed so now, even the judges of high court are eligible to be appointed as a lokai in state of goa. As per this recent amendment, so previously only chief sisters of high court were eligible. Now even judges are eligible. Chief minister of governs promote sawan recently mr savant was in news as he released a book on former govachi minister, mr manohar parker, and this book is authored by woman suma prabhu. The full title of this book is manohar parrikar of the record, which public sector unit has joined hands with himachal pradesh to improve the telecom connectivity in hilly area. So because of the rough weather conditions and slides. There is a problem of telecom connectivity in certain areas of himachal pradesh. Now, for that purpose, power grid has collaborated with himachal pradesh. State electricity board to provide telecom connectivity power grid is a psu that is public sector undertaking. It is under ministry of power. Recently, himachal pradesh was also in use because of india innovation index, so this index has been launched by niti io and, as for this index, karnataka himachal pradesh and dilli are top performers, so karnataka is top performer in the category of major states.

Himachal pradesh is the top performer in the category of northeast and hilly states, and delhi is the top performer in the category of union territories. The ministry of commerce and industry is going to partner with which ministry to improve the logistic planning in country. So for this purpose, commerce ministry is going to partner with ministry of housing and urban affairs. The idea is to focus on the logistic planning in 50 cities. Recently, this commerce ministry was also in use because of its focus on the national logistic policy. So what is this national logistic policy? As per this policy? The objective is to reduce the logistic cost to 10 percent by 2022.. Presently it is 14 percent. Recently, this ministry of housing and urban affairs was also in news because of pm swanetti. So this is a scheme for street vendors and recently this scheme was launched by this ministry of housing and urban affairs. For this pm, swanetti sid b is the implementing authority, which indian lender is the first to execute deals with the pricing linked to sofr. That has secured overnight financing rate, so it is state bank of india. So first thing: first, what is sofr it is secured. It is overnight financing rate that means rate at which one bank can borrow money overnight. Now, at global level, we have l, i b o r – that is london, interbank offer rate. So this is a reference rate for unsecured, short term borrowing in the inter bank market.

Now, what is the meaning of this term interbank suppose this is bank one. It need money, so it can borrow from bank two and if it is going to borrow it need to pay some interest also, so how that interest rate is going to be decided, it will be decided with this libor, that is interest rate, will be decided through This libor two important points. First, it is short term for long term. Banks borrow from rbi second thing is that it is intra bank that means between banks, so this sofr is a replacement of li bor. In this context, there is one more term m. I b o r m. I b o r stands for mumbai inter bank of ford rate, so recently sbi became the first to execute deals with the pricing linked to sofr. Recently sbi was also in use, as rbi gave the status of dsib to three banks. These three banks are sbi, sdfc and icici. What is dsib, it is domestic systemically important banks. That means these three banks are very very important for our financial system and if they are going to be fail, it will have a long term impact on the entire financial system, which organization has released the book on fecal, slurs and septase management in urban areas. So this has been released by niti io. It has released a book on fecal, slus and septase management in urban areas, and this has been jointly developed by nf ssm alliance.

What is nf ssm? It is national, fecal, slurs and septase management. Now niti ayog is an executive body. It is the successor of planning. Commission prime minister, is the ex official chairperson of niti io. Recently nithya was also in news as it launched dz box, so it is india’s. First indigenously developed digital storage platform. Name of the platform is dizzy box, which country has decided to pose oil and gas leasing in alaska’s arctic national wildlife refuse. So this decision has been taken by the new u.s administration. New us president is mr joe biden. The previous administration, led by mr trump, had issued leases in this region, and this area is considered as sacred by the indigenous people, and the name of this indigenous community is gwichin. Recently. Usa was also in news because of paris climate deal as usa, decided to re zone. It usa was also in use because of who, as u.s president joe biden has decided to rejoin this organization. Apart from that, it was also in use because of keystone pipeline. This pipeline connects us and canada recently u.s canada and mexico, but also in use because of usmca, that is u.s canada, mexico trade agreement. So this is a successor of nafta answer in comment box. What is the full form of nafta recently? One more trade agreement was in use that is rcep. Please answer whether india is a party to this agreement or not. What is the name of military exercise that would involve the assets of indian army, navy air force and coast guard, so the name of this exercise is kavach.

It is a large and joint military exercise that will involve the assets of nanami navy, air force and coast guard, and this will be conducted under andevan and nicobar command. Please note that this anc, that is, handyman and nicobar command, is the only joint service command in our country. Recently, this andaman and nicobar islands were also in use because of submarine optical fiber, cable connectivity. As this islands. That means islands of andaman and nicobar are connected with the mainland through this submarine optical fiber cable, the socioeconomic survey report of which state or union territory has been released recently, so the report of socio economic survey of delhi was released recently. As for this report, 10 percent of the children between the age of 6 to 17 are either the school dropouts or have never attended formal schooling on the accounts of financial disabilities. That means, because of poor financial condition, delhi government was also news because of its decision to set up tamil academy. It was also in news because of decision to set up company account, so these were the most important questions. Now we are going to cover important news. Events so first is standard chartered bank, so this bank was in news because rbi imposed a penalty of two crore on this bank. While this was done, this was done for delay in reporting of frauds by standard chartered bank. The headquarters of this bank is in uk to be specific, it is in london.

Next event is chintak batak, so it was a conference come review which was organized by ministry of ports, sipping and waterways, and this was organized at kach in gujarat. Next is one china policy, so as for one china policy, china claimed that there is only one china and taiwan is a part, but recently this policy was in use because u.s administration invited taiwan for the inauguration of u.s president joe biden that’s why this policy was In use next is dalan walla police station, so this is first child friendly plus station of uttarakhand, and it has been set up in this dhalanwala police station next is wipro. So recently we provided news as it became the knowledge partner of madhya pradesh. Recently, madhya pradesh was in news, as it became the first state in our country to provide power subsidy to farmers through dbt. That is, direct benefit transfer nexus, ravi gayakwad. So mr gaia quad was in news as he was selected for nielsen mulder nielsen mandela. World humanitarian award next is konark temple, so this temple is in odisha. It is also known as sun temple why it was in use, because odisha government is going to start project for its beautification nexus aura credit card. So these credit cards were issued by access bank and the unique thing about these credit cards is that these do have health and wellness benefits. That means bank will provide these health and wellness benefits as well. Along with these credit cards.

Next is global firepower nations index. So recently, this index was released as per this index. Usa is on top position. India is on fourth position. This is a index about military strength. Next is mr narendra chanchal, so mr chanchal was in news as he passed away recently. He was well known, indian singer, who specialized in religious songs and hams last is indian science. So it is a ott channel. What is ott, it is over the top, so it is a ott channel which is managed by vegan prasar. So this ott channel has been started by science and technology ministry, why? It was in news recently because it has completed two years recently. This term ott was also news, as inb ministry, that is, information and broadcasting ministry is going to regulate otd platforms like amazon, prime netflix. All these are audited platforms. So first question is chintan. Batter is a brainstorming conference com review meeting, of which union ministry second question is which country successfully test fired a nuclear capable surface to surface ballistic missile named saheen. Three third question is cci, that is, cotton corporation of india is a mini ratna company under which union ministry fourth question is: what is the venue of first halo, india, janska winter sports festival? Fifth question is: what is the name of ott channel managed by union science and technology? Ministry sixth question is which state has launched the door delivery program for the supply of russian to general.

Public seventh question is which species found predominantly in north america is recently found to be at the verse of extinction. Eighth question is first virtual. Export 2021 for research and development has been organized recently in which sector now one important point is that this time i have included the questions from past as well. Next question is: what is the name of automobile fuel that has 20 ethanol and 80 gasoline next question is what is synchron sun, which was in news recently. Next question is couscous, the staple food of which region has been included in the unesco cultural heritage list, and last question is which country has rejoined the paris climate agreement, so that was all for the day.