Ladies and gentlemen, the secret is out so today’s videos we’re, going to share some of the valuable information where, unless you already know it, but if not continue watching these videos, because we’re going to give you websites of where to order pokemon cards they’re actually available. Right now i just checked an hour ago so before i made the videos, i double checked to make sure they are because you know at the end of the day, i really want you guys to be able to get some pokemon cards, and these are the websites That we actually ordered from and they were excellent, excellent, excellent yeah, the shipping packaging uh delivering and also, if there’s, any problems you can email them very responsive. So, while i’m talking about that cassidy, doesn’t want to do it. So she wanted to go ahead and do uh pack opening pack openings well, we’re, not gon na have too many, except for these two right. What you got you have ultra prisms. These are awesome, like ultra prisms, are so good i’m gon na tell you exactly where to order these okay, so you guys follow me on that one there and this one. We did this one on one of our videos go check that out. We did yeah so but because there’s burning shadows in here, so we love it yeah, exactly yeah it’s, really cool too so like there’s breakthrough breakdown is good. Um there’s, a uh shiny, uh gyarado in breakthrough.

So this is always good yeah, so it’s pretty yeah it’s. One of their top cars, pretty cool – and i don’t know if you guys notice. What do you think the new mat so got a custom mat it’s, pretty cool i’m, not very good, at designing it uh. I just feel like all of these are our favorites. Since we’ve been collecting pokemon cards, my favorites uh, i think that’s everybody’s favorite don’t, you think which one’s your favorite my favorite um. If i have a choice, i would say cosmic eclipse, but then i really love unify mine, then i love champions path because they got the rainbow charred and the shiny char. But i love unbroken bonds because they have some connections where the tag team cards are awesome. I know i like that too, but i cannot not get the chunk of true with the vivid voltage, but also the og charizard in the darkness ablaze when it first came out, so you know it’s hard. I can’t pick but yeah i’m, not gon na pick. I think all of them are my favorite, so i’m gon na be greedy, i’m gon na take all of them, so whatever i can find on the pokemon show i’m gon na get so anyways. I don’t think they’re here to listen to us talking, so why don’t? We open up some packs and i’ll go over where to get pokemon cards. Okay, you can start in what can we ask them a question? What question do you have, which one is their favorite? Well, they can put it on the comment below how about that.

So why don’t you guys, let us know what’s your favorite uh pokemon set. I hope it’s not like me, picking everything but anyways. So, while cassidy is opening cards, i’m gon na kind of mumble, jumble and kind of – let you guys know where it is i’m going to post it right there on the screen. So you guys can see the first place that i think it’s going to be awesome. That you can get a lot of pokemon cards that are great deal. Is the pkmn coliseum p k m n, which is pokemon uh That is actually with danny phantom? I don’t know if you guys follow them on uh on youtube and also he has an instagram but danny phantom. He runs the so right now they currently have some darkness ablaze, booster packs for four dollars and 49 cents, which is a heck of a deal when you can’t find them on the shelf in any of your local stores, and also, i don’t think cassidy likes This one, but they have steam siege packs, but that’s also 3.99, which is a great deal for uh for somebody that’s really looking for steam siege, but hey it’s, not the best pack but that’s. They are after it. Yes, if you can’t find anything that is going to be something that you can go and and get from uh from the coliseums over there very good deal uh. They also have some others, but definitely these are the two that i picked out for you guys uh.

Second place that i got is the poke mark. Usa, it’s, p, o k e m a r t this place is, i mean i order a lot of booster boxes from them very legit, darkness ablaze, booster box. They have a pre order. Well, it says late february, so 149 booster boxes. I know the price went up, but hey 150 bucks pretty close to the msrp that’s a good way to get some. If you want darkness ablaze, unified mine, unify mine, packs their 36 loose packs for 249 uh that’s. Also, i believe, that’s a really good deal right now, when you can’t really find them on the shelf. They have the sword and shield three pack blisters right there, that’s 12.99, what a deal um that’s the three items that i picked from next up. I have g, a m e nerds with the z, so it’s n e n e r d, z, dot com, uh break points. If you’re you guys looking for break points, those packs are going up for 4.97, so break point packs great deal 4.97. If you’re. Looking for booster, i mean not booster, the uh, the etb, the elite trainer boxes, they have champions path, it is over msrps, but if you can’t find them at the store uh it’s 74.97, they have vivid voltage box for 64.97. They also have the hidden faith. So 184 dollars it is insane, but they have it and they’re selling it.

So a hundred and eighty four dollars for some hidden fates. So what else you got there cassidy you opening some more yeah, okay, well, yeah let’s! Get that one open for them here. Let me help you out a little bit here, which one oh porygon, z, yeah, that’s, so cool. Did you get anything out of that? No they’re, all green, oh that’s, sad! Well! Maybe you’re gon na get lucky with this box here here let’s go ahead and get you opening this one here you got those so i’m saving this one for last uh, pineapple, collectible, yep, it’s kind of weird name, but pineapple I have order from these guys, for i don’t know so many different orders. They are extremely extremely amazing when it comes to packing. It is definitely a plus on their packing. They have vivid voltage and darkness ablaze check lane blisters. These are going out for 5.95. So obviously it’s a little bit more than your loose packs, but it comes with the promo card comes with the the pack, so it is definitely worth its value, especially when price is going up and they have not raised their price, so it’s still five dollars and Ninety five cents for any of these check, lane blisters, if you um, want to spend a little bit more. They also have some team up uh blisters as well, and they also have the roboclash if you are a fan for a rubber clash.

Cassidy’S, looking at me funny with those um, oh that’s, a white pack, okay and then um, the darkness ablaze bonus blister pack, which is 6.95 it’s a little bit more. But you get two packs in there: the sword and shield and the darkness ablaze pack so, which is pretty cool. Did you mess up no it’s three, because it’s um breakthrough? Okay, there’s, no special when it’s white, uh, oh and, of course, like i promised you guys where to get the ultra prism, three packs the hint guess what it is. The last one here, the ultra prism, three pack, blisters are going for 18.95 and twice is climbing. On this particular set burning shadow burning shadow with the white pack, so i definitely urge you guys to go check that check that out, because these packs are flying off the shelf. Quick, so i’ll put the links below it’s going to be all there. You guys can go ahead and click it and get it. Hopefully, you guys enjoy the information that i’m passing out, and you know, like i said, i’m here – to share all the information that i got help you guys get some more pokemon cards and you know have a lot of fun and enjoy enjoy the hobby. Of course um, are you guys ready for the 20th? I mean the no, not the 20th 25th anniversary uh the cereals are coming out, mcdonald’s doing their little um. I think we’re gon na be eating mcdonald’s, pretty often so yeah no it’s, not so healthy, but you know it’s mcdonald’s at least we can get the pokemon cards yeah.

It looks good for collection, yeah, so we’re gon na be doing that and um. You know we are definitely ready for shining fake coming out yeah, you know so anyways. Last pack, i want you to open it last night, all right last pack and she said i’m gon na open it. So the big boy is gon na come out of this pack and it’s white pack, all right, we feel it. The magic is coming out. One two three four and i’m gon na put that in the front with the fire energy electric all right, i’m wrong. Again, i feel like we get a lot of electric and where charizard is and where we have charizard, we have a lot of electricity. So let’s see oh more porygon huh, we have four guns and who look who’s here: charmander and portland whoa. There is so many porygons. Today i mean they all coming out to party in the very last card and if you guys are ready hit that like and give us a comment below whatever you guys want to do to support us, we love it. We appreciate it and thank you guys so much, but the final card is zygarde. 100. All righty hey. I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you have not subscribed. Please subscribe to our channel. We do try to put up some videos every single week to enjoy the fun between cassidy and i uh. We definitely love you guys and i think that’s it for today.