I would like to verse you in a bout of rock paper. Scissors don’t, be shy, put your hand up to the computer phone screen uh. Let me know in the comments if you won or if i won it’s gon na be one round only winner takes all right. Here we go rock paper scissors, whoa that’s, a rare burger that defeat i’m. Sorry that beats everything: okay, obviously uh. That was unexpected, but i don’t make the rules. Please paypal me ten thousand dollars premium trainer box it’s here. Ladies and gentlemen, all right, uh we’re, getting back into the blue, set the rapid strike master set pokemon card game premium, trainer box rengeki with the the blue hershey urshifu. On the front. There is some really cool, alternate arts in the blue and red box. These new ones, the one that we can get from the blue box that i want to get today, is the empoleon look at him. Look how much a downgrade these other prints are so i’m gon na try. My luck! I’M, not sure how these elite. This is really clean, though i love this look and it’s just this nice blue on the inside. It goes really well together, the white and blue okay. What do we actually get in here? Is this just a piece of card? Okay, now there’s something something in here. All right, let’s find out. We have oh, a tin a little bit of a reflective surface on that yeah yeah that’s to hold your counters and coins, which we have some of back to these little pebble ones, and we have a special coin in here.

It doesn’t have a shifu on it. We just get this blue v jesus. That is a big stack of extra cards and we get 15 packs to have a go at finding the empoleon. I don’t know how this is seated. Uh wait. Why is it harder to open these are harder than the booster box ones? I feel more resistance. All right, let’s check it out all right. That’S uh that’s worth a little some something we’ve got the horsey beltoying the snake straight away into the minecraft enderman, not impressed, but at least it’s a v, another pack um yeah, so uh the english elite trainer boxes. I think a complete random, which is different than a booster box, it’s kind of uh. It can be more fun. I think that’s how they’ve been lately anyway, because they’re more of a gamble where, if that is true, you’re not guaranteed uh any certain types or amounts of rarities, so i’m, not sure how it is with the japanese, but we’ll see what we can get today. We have snake strangling itself to death up next blue. What do you have for us yeah? These are definitely more resistant, packs, they’re, tougher to open than the booster box ones where, for some reason, flanks, the boys, the six in one pokemon and in for this one roller skate girl, um coroner karina another one. What will we get from this one? Well, that was clean one to the front flip it around let’s see we have uh.

I think her name is cheryl or something like that. So that’s with the c ch uh we’ve got uh heatmore, we have the fish. We’Ve got the fat cat, oh he’s, teasing, he’s teasing, we didn’t get any napoleons in the full booster box we open yet the moment. I request this body heavy penguin. I get a little glimpse. This. Obviously, uh is not the one that i’m looking for, but it could be an omen. Ask and thou shalt receive one to the front, come on alt art and paulian let’s. Do it let’s see what we get? We got a shink’s going down. The stairs we’ve got this uh cherum or, as i called him last time, surprised pikachu come on now. Ursulfu. Let me rub your little bare belly. Come on let’s, see what you got. You got any tricks up your sleeve fold, this sucker open one to the front. Flip it around what’s it gon na, be take your bets place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, all bets closed. All right, let’s see: okay, it’s marowak, look out. You don’t have boots on you’re gon na get your little bony toes, wet that’s a sentence. I didn’t think i’d ever say one to the front. We have the old man we have in this one, mr rhyme, now this image truly embodies the uk essence of the gala region. Okay, keep them coming, nothing super great, yet just uh some regular v cards, all right, let’s, take a look.

We’Ve got the crazy water. Scroll we’ve got the frillish something something like that: uh timber building, a house shanks artillery the octopus pokemon come on ashifu. What do i got? Ta do i’m gon na give you a second belly rub huh you like that let’s see what you give me for that let’s see. If i get cursed, all right, we’ve got uh. Is that one doppler stupid bug we’ve got the berries, we’ve got remembered and artillery doing some um stacking tricks. We’Ve got this little sucker stretching his legs and we have uh tapu bulu. Can we start a petition to remove all tapus from all future tcg products? I swear to god if the next japanese set releases and there’s more taboos, i may quit all right, let’s see what do we have in this one? Do we have something drumroll, please? Well, no it’s it’s! Just technically. I thought it was maybe something more big fat head v max victini, no more rare than a regular v max and we’ve already seen him. This is shaping up to be a dud box. Let’S see i’m, not sure what i’d want more. I guaranteed secret rare or complete random luck. I think i like the random luck with elite trainer boxes. I hope they’re geared that way. All right, we’ve got a weepinbell and we’ve got a fan, not a fan, i mean well, it is it. It is a fan. I’M, not a fan, but this this is a fan but i’m, not a fan of of this okay, three packs to go.

I think it might be time to take a look at this brick. What do we possibly have? What is this and yeah? You could have guessed that we’re gon na open it. I never ever opened these the energy bricks and, yes, i could look on the box i’m. Just curious. Have you seriously just is this whole thing energies, or is this somehow have trainers in it as well holy all right? You get every energy type it’s, just a ho. That is a massive brick and let’s find out what we get in this all right here we go we’ve got urshafu. Is this like a you get a half deck here? Is that special art for this he’s doing a kick? I think it might be. Well, you just get this special card, then the rest is just garbage. Yeah, okay, oh we’re, back to these the ones that look fake, the gx’s that they don’t put any holographic in because they just dump it. In a box like this that’s weak. These have value i’m, not going to put the values on screen because we’re going to get all the yeah some. I think those have value as well. No values coming on screen i’m, not even i’m, not even bothering it’s all energies there’s. Some good value here, though, to get this box for competitive it’s. All you need it’s, a big trainer kit, this sucks don’t, do this pokemon come on. I don’t mind this boy, though.

If you look down the bottom, every card in that has, like its own number, see out of 33. again good value, though it’s nice. If you want to actually get into playing the game. Of course it is in japanese, so not for me in particular, and we’ve got uh jolicent. Is that his name, uh and and and the ball level ball money? That’S? What i like to call that money ball with jonah hill, two packs to go. Are you going to surprise me blue ursulfu tower we’ve got the bug. We’Ve got the crap we’ve got this. We got that nothing come on. Yeah! Okay! Well, actually, like i said, i kind of hope. There’S no uh hit there’s no secret because it means that jesus. What am i doing? It means that they are complete random and you can have extreme luck or shitty luck and i kind of like that makes it no, no it doesn’t there is. How do i do this? How do i do this? Every time i have a knack for opening the last or second last pack, with the big hit in it all right. Well, there you go there’s a cheryl. If that is her name, a full art trainer. My dream is still to compile a bunch of full art, trainers and frame them all. If you look down here, 81 of 70 secret rare baby and there i was leaning on the side of complete random for the trainer boxes, and then she reared her beautiful green head of hair, which is now making me assume that these boxes you’re guaranteed.

One of those good hits so uh. We still have the red one to open the ichigi and we will do that in another video, but it is time for max mofos, postcard collection, it’s, the segment where i’m opening up pokemon postcards at the moment, i’m going through my most hated lot. I don’t know what i’m pulling um until i get them out. I’Ve been doing two at a time to get through them, because jesus they’re, all the exact same ones. These are besides the back. I i really like the back some of the worst things. Pokemon could ever like nintendo you’re, proud of putting your name on this let’s. Take a look. What we have today, what is th. This is even what this is. Who approved this you’ve got this small little box on there. You got a slope bro png there. Another like it’s, just it’s, an eyesore, okay that one’s good that one’s good. Why wouldn’t you just make them all like like if you’re gon na focus on doing screenshots from the anime just do this. This is fun, but even these i usually don’t like, but after seeing so many of these i’m happy to welcome this there they are, and they shouldn’t be allowed to take residence in this beautiful book. Thank you guys for watching. If you’d like to support me by buying the maximo for merch, look at that max mofo merch, you can get decked out in that with the link at the top of the description below or you can go to max dot shirts with a zed dot cool.

If you buy anything else from that website, that is not my match. Remember to use code mofo to save 10 and as always, click another video on screen go down.