We are back to being completely overloaded with a ton of pokemon card news. I won’t waste your time, so let’s jump right into it. First, big piece of news is that logan paul is back doing pokemon card booster box break. Why does this matter? It matters because the last time logan paul live streamed. A first edition booster box break. There were over 300 000 viewers and it brought a massive amount of interest back into the hobby. His announcement, video showcased that he spent over 2 million dollar purchasing up a bunch of first edition booster boxes from other collectors in the hobby. I actually noticed quite a few of the collectors that he was purchasing from and they were definitely super reputable. I saw tca gaming zng emporium collectors cash. These are people that i purchased pokemon cards from in the past before his plan is to open up more first edition. Booster boxes live, anyone can participate, so that’s pretty cool. If you want to purchase a pack inside of one of these box break, then there is a link down in the description to the very first auction. I think it’s already going live for in gold in auction. Is the website that he’s using for these auction, breakings and golden auction is very reputable? I purchased cars from golden auction before they are a large auction company, so they’re taking this very seriously any card that gets graded from a logan paul box break and is sent to psa, actually comes back with a unique logo that says that it was a part Of a logan paul pack, opening, which is pretty neat a little bit unusual, because how is that any different from any other first edition pokemon card, the only difference was that logan held it or opened it.

Does that really add additional value to the card? Maybe i’m? Not convinced that it’s that big of a deal, but these box openings seem to be something that’s going to be continuous he’s got a very large position in first edition base head booster boxes, he’s got a ton of them honestly, i’ve, never seen that many first edition Based booster boxes in one place, so very cool – am i down for this i’m totally down for this i’m cool with seeing a first edition base set booster box open up once a month that seems fun. I don’t know how long it will last maybe i’ll move on to jungle or fossil, but once again i’m totally down for this. I have no issue with that. Some of the other side of the comments are clearly stating that a lot more people are going to be collecting pokemon card prices might climb. It is what it is. I don’t think that it’s right for me to get keep the hobby i’m not going to prevent people from joining the hobby. If these booster box break bring more people into the hobby, then i’m, all for it. Second big piece of news is that mcdonald’s is back. Doing a promotion with pokemon cars mcdonald does a promotion with pokemon cars pretty much every year, but this year is a little bit unique being the 25th anniversary of pokemon. This is the largest pokemon and mcdonald’s promotion. I have ever seen we’ve seen collabs in the past, but yeah this one is extremely large starting february 9th.

You can pick up a booster pack of unique mcdonald’s promo pokemon cards with every happy meal. You actually do not have to purchase a happy meal to actually get one of these unique promo packs. You can just buy them directly from the mcdonald’s. Every mcdonald’s is a little bit differently, but your mcdonald’s will most likely allow you to just purchase the packs without having to buy any of the happy meals, so that’s, pretty cool. Every single mcdonald’s promo pack contains four pokemon cards, one hollow and three non holo card. All the cards feature one of the starter pokemon. They are not using the original starter pokemon card art. The art feature on each of these cards is going to be the last time these cards were printed. So the last time pikachu was printed the last time charmander. The last time grooky was printed that’s. What we’re going to see on the actual artwork rather than the original vintage art you’re gon na see some of the newer ones. They all have the 25th anniversary stamp. Every single pack contains one hollow and three non holo. The holo is going to make it very difficult and challenging, because realistically, that means that this set contains 50 pokemon cards, 25 holo version and 25 non holo version with every pack containing one hollow the most desirable one will probably be the pikachu, then charmander, squirtle, bulbasaur And then the rest will be pretty much equivalent, so in general these are going to be pretty darn desirable.

Will these be available globally? Will these be available at your local mcdonald’s? I honestly don’t know i don’t even know if my local mcdonald’s is doing this promotion. You have to realize that, even though it said that it’s going to start on february 9th these promotions tend to be very ad hoc. What that means is that some mcdonald’s restaurants might start earlier than other. Some might start later. Some might not even do the promotion, so i don’t know you’re gon na have to check with your local mcdonald’s to see if they have this promotion going on, but i think these cars are very cool. The holographic patterns on the mcdonald promos are actually pretty darn unique. They have some very cool, psychedelic design, very colorful, very vibrant. These are all starter pokemon, so there is no duds in any of these packs, usually for the mcdonald’s promos. You have some desirable ones like evie and pikachu, and then you have some less desirable pokemon card, but i think all these packs are gon na be hot and it’s gon na be a lot of fun to find these i’m gon na have to try and find Some on my own, but i think these cars are gon na, be very collectible. These. This is gon na, be a fun set to collect it’s, an actual like large set. I mean it’s larger than detective pikachu in terms of size of the set so yeah. This is gon na, be a fun hunt, something that we can definitely do while we’re waiting for shining fates and more products to come out so i’m.

All for it. Next, big piece of news is that general mills, a cereal company, is also doing a pokemon 25th anniversary promotion. If you were to purchase cereal boxes in retail stores over the next couple months, you may see pikachu on the front surprising you with a promotion that contains three pokemon cards inside of select cereal boxes. Inside of these cereal boxes, you will find yourself a little booster pack containing three pokemon cards. The first one is going to be a pikachu promotional card with the 25th anniversary stamp. This one is going to be inside of every single one of these general mill packs, and a lot of people have been asking me if this pikachu card is going to be something that’s going to be hot, desirable and expensive, and i think it will most likely Not be many of those things and a big reason for that is because it’s gon na be available inside of every single one of these cereal boxes, it’s gon na be inside of every single pack, so it’s, not a super rare card. The holo pattern is unique. The 25th anniversary stamp is unique, but it is a reprint pikachu we’ve seen this artwork before and the fact that’s inside of every single one of those packs makes it so that i think it’s a little bit less desirable i’ve been seeing prices for this card really Really uh sold for ridiculous prices up to like 50 60 70 for this pikachu card inside of the general mill cereal boxes and i think honestly just wait.

A second hold on as more of these zero boxes are shipped out and you can find them inside of big box retailers, you’re gon na be able to really see the prices for this car drop. Honestly, i think it’s close to to being a maybe a five to ten dollar pikachu promo card, rather than something that’s 50, 60 or 70 dollars. I just don’t see the desirability for a general mills promotional pikachu card, even if it has the 25th anniversary stamp on it, that just doesn’t do enough for me, but you also get some other pokemon cards inside of these general mills, cereal packs. Every single pack contains three card, the first one being the pikachu that one is guaranteed. The next card, you’re gon na get, is you’re gon na get a random hollow pokemon card. This is a little bit unique because it is a unique hollow pattern and the final card is pretty much gon na, be a dud it’s gon na be a random common card from some recent sets and they are indistinguishable from the set cars, so they literally just Took cards from the print run of different sets and just shut them into these packs, so the most desirable card is going to be the pikachu card, even though it’s going to be inside of every single pack, it is by far the most desirable card from these General mill packs overall, if this is something you want to collect, i would say be patient about it.

I don’t think these are going to be super desirable, super, expensive or super hard to find. So just take your time find some if you want to purchase them. Singles you can, but you’ll most likely be able to find these cereal boxes in store, so just be on the lookout and don’t go too crazy, buying up ebay listings for fifty dollars for these promo cards. Last piece of news – and i saved the worst for last – and that is the pokemon company – is really really behind right now, in terms of supply, i’ve talked to a couple of game store. I am in contact with them and pretty much. The discussion that we had was that pokemon distribution chains are pretty much running dry on supply, warehouses are out of stock and game store. Shelves are empty with pokemon cars. It is incredibly hard to find pokemon card products anywhere right now. Most game store shelves are absolutely empty with pokemon product. Any pokemon card products right now on a shelf is considered good, anything anything at all, doesn’t matter. If it’s a booster box doesn’t matter what set it’s from. If you have any seal products on your shelf, it will sell out right now, because people are just ravenously looking for something to buy and open there’s. Just so little pokemon card supply right now, and this is going to continue pretty much. The conversation that i had was that this is something that the pokemon company is aware of and they’re working to fix, but it’s going to take them a lot of time.

Basically, the projection is that this continuous lack of supply is going to continue for the next year year and a half until things start to ramp up in terms of pokemon production. So what does that mean? It pretty much means that every single set for the next year is going to sell out it doesn’t matter what’s in the set it doesn’t matter how hot the set is. We can have all those discussion about how popular set is, but it doesn’t matter right now. There is so little supply in the pokemon card is company is so behind on printing that any pokemon card product that is on our store shelf or anything that’s on pre order will sell out within literal hours i’m, not trying to hype it up i’m. Just trying to be honest: normally i am very patient. When it comes to purchasing pokemon cards, i might wait for sale. I might wait for wait for a good deal right now. I have to be a lot more strategic. If i see something available – and i know it’s going to be something that i want to have – or something i’m going to open up for the channel, then i’m going to pick it up pretty much right away. There’S just no thought about it, doesn’t matter. If it’s on sale, doesn’t matter, if it’s a little bit above retail price, i’m gon na pay for it, because i know that there are so little supply right now that it’s pretty much what i have to do.

This is a little bit disappointing, because what that means is that it’s, actually gon na push out some hobbyists. There are people that want to enjoy pokemon cards on a budget, and i understand that is extremely difficult right now, with how little supply there is and product prices are starting to really skyrocket, it doesn’t even matter if there’s a reprint for any of these sets they’re Going to sell out in literal minutes, but this is not something that’s going to be a forever it’s going to be something that’s temporary for the next 15 to 20 months or so, but definitely pokemon cards are in hot supply right now there are so little of It even if you wanted to order more booster boxes from distributors – they just don’t – have them available at this moment, so it’s an extremely tricky situation, i’m, going to continue to open up what i can for the channel we’re going to continue to pick up stuff, and I know it’s going to be certainly difficult, but yeah. If you have any steel products at all, you’re going to be expecting to see prices climb on your seal products because there’s just so little bit out there and the pokemon company just can’t, keep up with demand. So i’m gon na expect to see prices continue to climb a couple. People think that prices have peak, i beg to differ. I think prices are going to continue to climb for the next 12 to 15 months before supply gets things back in order all right.

Everybody that’s the end of today’s video. Thank you so much for watching. Are you guys excited to see some first edition? Booster boxes be open? Are you going to be checking out your local mcdonald’s to see if they have some pokemon cards available because god knows that’s? Probably the only place that has any pokemon cards in february that’s pretty much it for today’s video. Thank you so much for watching. Let me know down in the comments what your thoughts are.