Collector chat today with you guys with my cute little pin. Oh first let’s look at the box here. It is it’s got the three birds at the back. Oh it’s got an eevee. Let me catch you. Okay. Here we go Music, it is, oh, you have to open it like this. Ah ready, oh let’s see it’s the three birds with a cute eevee corn here, let’s, take it out. Music here are the cards and the ebay pin and inside tune. These packs lost thunder and three of these packs ultra prism, sun and moon, fake light. Oh, and what else we got some pencils evie after pencils, so exciting yeah, and what else do we got in here? Oh, my goodness, it you get some stickers. Okay. Moving to the back ah whoa, the best, i guess – and this notepad isn’t it cute well it’s, not pikachu yeah, so cute Music, what else? Oh, a little binder it’s an album album! You can put cards in there and i think that’s it that’s it for now. So these are the packs we got we’re gon na open them right now. First of all, i’m gon na open in their aurora. Oh, does it matter one two, three, four: all right for energy custom, catcher hit mom dog, so cute mcgoona, pound door, decklit traco, so cute, look at this chansey, oh my god, that’s, so pretty and a scary looking wiggly tub, and that was it.

Okay, your turn. Okay, i’ll do something let’s do this fades collide should be three from the back xy uh, oh uh, there’s, no energy. I think. Oh okay, that’s cute latino spirit, link, helix fosso, almanai, n meow, larvitar burme, the green one. Oh look: it’s got all three bronzer on the reverse, it’s a explode, and i think this one is a hit whoa that looks like it might be: a 4. that’s nice nice next i’m, going to open the ultra prism with olivion art on it. Let’S go one. Two: three: four Music it’s, a fighting energy pony with high tea she’s having high tea right now; unit energy, luxio, Music, Music, footbags, yeah it’s, like so cool it’s, also a bronzer uh. How do you pronounce this ara quantity? Is that an ultraboost? No, i don’t know what that is, and what do you got? You got a hit. I think. Oh, what is this? Can you guess what that is? It’S a v max, oh it’s, evie, oh it’s, a evolution. Is it levion? Is it a leafy on pack? It was a levion pack, it that looks is wow. You got all the custom with allocation art. I got leafeon with the leafeon. Oh did it come from the alakazam, no yeah, oh wow, what the yeah wow that’s. So pretty i mean i’ll get a lugia on the lost thunder and i’ll get a decision. Oh yeah let’s put it here, nice all right, i’m gon na open this lugia i lost thunder.

I would love to pour lugia. I shouldn’t have done this spoil myself. One two: three four it’s, a green car it’s like energy. What is this Music hair cross? Pincer memory, energy, stun, fisk, Music, trigonal, Music, that’s, a cute looking slope, oh with a little kind of art, is that with a little runny nose and we get a unknown. Do we know what character it looks like it’s, a mix of a few it’s o all right last pack? Okay, here we go. This is the base side. I believe, with this seizure got leafeons, not a four, so i don’t think i’m not spoiling myself Music. One. Two three: four: Music leaf: energy poison, jab barb team skull, grunts passing in litten, pharaoh, parrot low pop Music bomb; sweet; oh reverse, mourinho, your favorite show no it’s, not except where is my favorite cool and that is it that’s our collector chest, opening yeah, not bad.