This scenery looks a little different just because i’m doing like a little makeshift video, real quick things, might start getting a little weird on the channel because i’m going to be in the process of moving. Just for any of you that are curious on why things might start looking weird, as you can see right here, though, these are the special 25th anniversary anniversary cards that, like um mcdonald’s, is doing a release of, i believe, they’re not technically supposed to be out right Now but i have friends that work at mcdonald’s, so i kind of got some early we’ve got some other stuff for future videos, as you can see back here that will open up and many more stuff. So if you guys are excited to see anything that you might see back here or just other pokemon openings in general go ahead and consider subscribing because we are going gon na be doing all that stuff on the channel. We might even do some gaming, but i guess we will get right into these. So when you open these up, i guess there’s four different things that you can get this one is gives you your cards, the most important part you’re. Looking for that, uh 25th anniversary pikachu and then in here we’ve got like some little boxes. You can make like card holders. I guess so you bend this and make your little card holder let’s, see. If we can do it real quick and this thing will bend too let’s move all this stuff out of the way.

This thing will bend too. I believe, and it creates like a little sleeve thing for your cards, so that’s kind of cool, and i believe this goes on the top of it. Can we get it on there we go so now. We have ourselves like a little pokemon box that we can open up and have our cards in so that’s, pretty cool um. Each of them come with like fun little things you can do, because i mean it is a mcdonald’s toy and you’ve got like some uh. Some mazes in there i think that gives you the answer: wow cheating and then uh yeah. It explains what we just did right there, so you have your own little uh pokemon case, so that’s pretty cool all right. So these are the most important things they come with: uh four cards, pretty sure it’s, actually just three cards. It might be four. I could be wrong um that one i opened up a little bit to kind of see what was inside of it we’re just going to go ahead and open up. All of these, i believe we have one more that’s one of those packs i’m, not sure what this one is: we’re going to go ahead and open up them, open up all of them and then just do the packs so there’s, our pack that we’re looking for And then inside of this one we’ve got looks like this might unfold all right, so it’s like some cool scenery, pokemon scenery and then we have.

Oh, we have a bunch of really cool stickers that we can go ahead and place on that scenery, that’s actually really neat. Those are all stickers, pretty cool there’s some duplicates but like i like the same pokemon but they’re in different positions, so that’s pretty cool. So i’m, guessing you can just place those stickers on the scenery. However, you’d want put your water types in the water and then you’ve got this little thing that looks like you could color pikachu and some pokeballs all right. This one should be another one of those uh here’s. Another pack right here, we’ve got another one of these things. These boxes to put cards in that you can create we’re not going to do that. One because you already saw me do that, but then on this. So i guess they are a little different on the insides. You have this to color now, so i guess it’d be kind of cool to have all these colorings and it’ll, give you some nice artwork and then here’s another one. I only have four of these, but i will be getting my hands on more. So if you enjoy this – and you want to see more of these, then please leave a like consider, subscribing so that you can see me post more of these. So we have another scenery. This is a slightly different scenery. I wonder if we get different stickers, if i can open them up here.

We are. This looks like the same stickers, but either way i mean i’d love to have multiple of these all right. So there we are for another one, and then you have yet another cool thing that you can draw on there and again it says the answers which is cheating see if you can figure that out, but yeah all right. So now what you’ve all came here for these packs now, i believe, there’s a lot of popular cards in these packs, but everyone, i believe, is trying to get their hands on the uh 25th anniversary pikachu. I have no clue how rare it is um i don’t know if there’s a card trick or not, but i believe there’s just four cards, so we’ll just open up front to back so right here is our. We have this nice, 25th and anniversary uh thing on all of them too. So that’s how you know, but we’ve got this nice froakie that’s cute up next we have bulbasaur and that is such a cute. Bulbasaur again you’ve got that 25th anniversary logo on it. Now we have a chest spin. I believe all this artwork is exclusive to these cards. I could be wrong. I don’t know too much about this, and then we have our score bunny. I believe all these cards are really worth keeping. So, as we saw, the froakie was our very first card that we saw and it looked like this so i’m guessing that would be your like rare, so we’ll try to put that card to the back.

I think that’s what we’ll try to do for the next ones. We’Ll put that up here see if we can open these. These are a little weird to open there. They are all right and then we’ll put the very front card to the back. There is a pikachu that is not the pikachu card, but that is a 25th anniversary pikachu. We have a sabble. My girlfriend really loves this pokemon and then we have a mudkip one of my favorites and then we have our really cool looking chimp char. So obviously, i actually really like all of these cards, but obviously the ones with this uh you can’t call it a hollow. I don’t think, but the ones with this uh design on them are like the super special ones. So so far we have chimchar and froki put those up here we have two more to open. We just got ta. Remember that that front card is our best card all right. We have a really cute pickle up, a fennekin gym jar it’s the same artwork as our cool one, and then we have a litten. That is really nice. I do. I do really like that, like sparkle, too it’s like it’s, almost like a confetti there, you go trying to figure out what i’m trying to say, and here is our last one again, if you like this video, i know i’m saying it a lot and you want To see me, do more of these, all you got ta do is subscribe.

You don’t have to turn on the notifications as long as you obviously are wanting to come back and see these videos all right, here’s a snivy, but i will be getting more of these. So people want to see more of this on our journey to get that 25th anniversary pikachu. Then you just go ahead and subscribe and we will be opening more of these on the channel i’m hoping to get a lot more of these, and then we have a froakie. That is our second froakie still a cute froakie. So we got our two froakies, our chimchar and our litton i’m. Definitely going to sleeve all these up too, because since they’re, the 21st 20 21st 25th anniversary uh pokemon cards and these are pretty sure, i’m pretty sure these are exclusive to what they’re doing with mcdonald’s um. These are going to be pretty valuable in the future. So anyone who’s getting their hands on these. You definitely want to sleeve them up and soon you’ll be like wow i’m, getting a crap ton of money off of my old pokemon cards. Alright. So if you enjoyed this video and you’re looking forward to seeing any of these get opened or anything in the future, we are planning on pre ordering the next pokemon um cards go ahead and subscribe because we’re doing a lot more pokemon content on the channel, along With gaming, we might do a little bit of uh animal videos, so if you like animals, we’re gon na do some of that as well.

But all right, thank you for watching. Please consider subscribing give the video a like comment.