We have four packs to open, uh, we’ll start with sword and shield no we’ll start with sun and moon darkness ablaze, sword and shield base darkness ablaze, let’s crack into sun and moon base and hey. I have a. I have a request for you as i crack. This open is uh. You know if you’re enjoying the videos it would be, it would be pretty nice if you could. Just you know, hit that hit that little subscribe button. That would be that’ll be kind of nice. You don’t need to do anything else you don’t need to like you, don’t need to comment, but uh. It would be pretty nice if you could, just just you know, just drop a sub that’s, all it’s it’s free, unlike pokemon cards, you’re spinned, Music and incineroar. As our final card darkness ablaze again, we want to pull another charizard, another v max charizard, because i’m greedy, if you haven’t, seen it i’m, going to keep plugging it. It is uh. It is my very first minute video, which i title, quick picks so it’s, the very first quick picks uh here’s, our fighting energy. I managed to pull one in a just in a random blister that i bought, which was pretty good. So you should check that out. If you want to see me, pull chairs there and then uh, you know after you watch me pull charizard for the second time in this video and see how my reaction differs with bundle b, Music and on the end.

Hebon doon here is the card for the eevee sword and shield the bass arena. Can we get the golden zesty and zamasunta in sword shield base? I can’t remember if that was like one of the the the money cards that you wanted to pull in sword and shield base, but we have a reboot hop off poke gear 3.0. What happened to 1.0 and 2.0 panoward Music, another naked jesus? They they print nikket. Like nearly every expansion, we have a oh, i twackied, the the tripod and moved the camera Music and a drapion. Oh we are getting unlucky here is the promo. You want to focus there. We go here’s, the promo ev. This is great artwork. This is really really nice artwork of evie um. I don’t like the artwork like the artwork, but i like the these, like the action that’s happening Music and our final pack for today featuring gmax charizard uh. Hopefully that means you know he’s in this. That would be, you know, vmax shares there. That would be. That would be pretty good co card tree to the front we get rid of the fire energy. It was your ring.