I know uh it’s a little crazy, i’m uploading kind of frequently lately well, the 25th anniversary of pokemon is what’s up and it’s got me going crazy. You know everyone’s opening card packs right now, they’re like impossible to find at stores, but because the 25th anniversary of pokemon is this year february, 9th through march, 8th mcdonald’s is going to have pokemon cards in their happy meals. Today is the seventh i caught wind earlier. This morning that there were some mcdonald’s already giving out the toys and sure enough. I went to mine and i asked, and they said they had just got them there today. So these are actually exclusive sets to mcdonald’s and i’ll talk a little bit more about them. Let’S just crack into it i’m gon na just show you what i got here as you can see. Actually these are the four actually five envelopes that i have and, of course this is the happy meal um. Obviously, i can’t show it to you that’s good enough right there. It comes with the ears that you can actually put on the top right there and it’s very, very cute um. This was a meal that uh i ended up. Keeping i bought five depends on your mcdonald’s, but um some will. Let you buy it for 1.99. It depends on the store policy, mine didn’t. Let me buy it. I had to buy happy meals, so i bought five happy meals and honestly i don’t eat mcdonald’s.

I don’t like mcdonald’s and i certainly wasn’t gon na eat five happy meals, so i had to you know, go around and find someone who needed a meal and that’s what i suggest you do if you’re also just in it for the cards like i am um. So yeah let’s crack these open. As you can see, i have five different envelopes. Three of them are labeled one, even though this one’s different color. I think that’s the exact same thing, and these are four, so i did a little sleuthing and found out um each one comes with like a special toy, a different toy so envelope one. They all come with booster packs and these booster packs come with four cards each as opposed to the 10 uh, the booster packs – and this is different from like previous mcdonald’s promos, where they had cards, because this isn’t the first time that they’ve had cards. This is different because they come in a booster pack, so you don’t actually know what you’re gon na get each one should come with a starter and three hollow or a starter one hollow and like three non holos and every holo version has a non hollow version. So there’s 50 cards total in the set. If you want to collect them all i’ll, probably just go for all the holos to be honest, uh, but yeah toy number one actually comes with a paper deck box which is kind of neat um.

Should we build it right now, let’s build it right now. Why not? I know you guys want to see the pokemon cards but see if i can do this quickly, we can put our we can put our cards in there. Oh yeah, look at that it’s a little card box a little a little paper deck box. Look at that! Oh neat and let’s open our first pack i’m, trying to make not too much of a mess and i’m gon na try to keep these, as these actually feel like paper thin, as opposed to like the plasticy material that the packs are made out of. I was trying to preserve one i’m: definitely gon na try to go, get more meals and obviously uh give the meal to someone who needs it. Oh man, and try to keep one of these shields just because this these packs are they’re nice, they’re, they’re, cool. All right, so we got the hollow oshawott, really cool and one thing to note. I wish i could zoom in, but it’s got the special 25th anniversary stamp and also every hollow foil is a uh specific to mcdonald’s. So these hollow foils are actually specific to mcdonald’s. So those are two really unique markers that i think are going to make these cars actually really valuable in the future. So if you’re buying these, for your kids definitely be sure to have them, take care of them uh, you can buy penny sleeves on amazon or on uh they’re, like these little things and some deck sleeves pretty much on amazon search them.

Local card shops whatever. So we got our hollow oshawott artist. Is ken tsukimori that’s an og? Oh, we got a trico, so they they’re, i think, they’re all they’re, all starters: okay, cyndaquil, oh hype and rowlet nice. Oh, this is sick. I’M. Loving this all with the 25th anniversary stamp. That’S awesome that’s, really awesome i’m, actually going to sleeve all of those but i’m going to just for now sleeve the the hollows up water pulse 20, very cool, all right another one of these guys again it comes with the booster pack. The deck box put this to the side let’s see if we can open these without i’ve been trashing, my packs on on uh in recordings, but in person, oh okay, that that was a better method right there in uh. Oh, this is a little bit cleaner. A little bit better: oh okay, a grooky, a grooky holographic, all right, grooky, holographic branch, poke 20, 20 or for 30 30 damage, and we got a a hall, a non holo grookie right after that. So these are all starters, sable, so yeah, basically it’s going be the the name of the game is gon na, be connecting all the hollows, and these are artworks. I just got reminded because i actually recognized this from one of the more uh modern set. Obviously litten is like the new one of the newest starters um. These artworks are all reprints, so the artwork aren’t new it’s, just the stamp and the hollow that makes it um the hollow pattern, the hollow foil.

That makes it very unique now we’re gon na open another one. This also has the deck box. So i only i got three of one and two of number four envelopes number four um i went in, i made sure i tried to get like different ones, but they didn’t have number three and two for whatever reason. So just you know we may do i’m. Gon na get more of these packs, so i’m, not gon na, be too careful with you with these rappers right now, but oh yeah hollow bulbasaur. I really like that foil paper, it’s, really nice. Actually, the 25th anniversary stamp again bulbasaur with razor leaf. Okay is: did that happen with the other, with the other guy two: did we? No, we got a trico okay. That was just dumb luck. We pulled bubble hall of bulbasaur and then bulbasaur and then in that last pack we pulled holo grooky and then grooky right after that that’s so funny, okay, another sawble, all right i’m gon na sleeve, these guys up real quick. So i don’t forget Music boom. I was gon na save these uh packs to open them at a later time. Uh, like just stockpile them and then like do like a big opening with a bunch of packs everything i could accumulate for 20th anniversary, but i just decided i’m gon na. Do it now, because i kind of want to get the word out there, that this is happening? I mean i’m, not the only one talking about this.

Surely, but if maybe you watch my channel and you don’t really like not really into the pokemon that much now you know ooh this one came a little all messed up a little messed up: it’s, okay, pikachu! We love you uh. So what what’s this one number envelope number four i’ll tell you guys what comes in the other envelopes uh as well? Well, it’s like a little frame for your pokemon card. Oh that’s, neat, oh that’s cool! These are made out of paper, but you know it is what it is: bulbasaur the artworks aren’t, the like um, their first appearance by any means i think pikachu’s got to be in one of these sets so like pikachu is going to be. I i’ll i’ll make sure uh yeah four booster packs. Each will contain four different starter pokemon yeah i don’t yeah. The cards feature all 24 starter, pokemon plus pikachu’s. So if we can get lucky, we’ll get pikachu that’s going to be the sought out the sought out. One for sure, okay, all right and eventually i’ll get a play mat that is actually pokemon so for our oh well, whatever we’ll, just we’ll open this one right now and then we’ll we’ll build this frame and set them up in anticipation for our pikachu right there. So we’ll go with um the one that we pulled out first, but i hope you guys are enjoying this, and this is like useful information to you.

Let me know in the comments, if you guys even knew that this was happening uh. Let me know if your mcdonald’s has already started giving out giving them out. Have you already bought any and i’m gon na? Do a pack trick on this one so that we get the uh hollow last, so the hollow’s on the bottom so i’m, just gon na pull up from the bottom and put them to the to the back uh, oh cool, so we got charmander again i’ve seen This artwork, i actually have this one. I forget what set he’s from, but we have charmander, we love gen. 1 starters. We love popplio, really cool starter from sun and moon chimchar and a hollow to pig or tet pig. I don’t know how you pronounce that that one’s really cool. I, like that one, a lot very cool put them in a sleeve, keep my cards nice and protected i’m, a little bit uh excessive i’m – probably not even the most excessive person but uh in terms of taking care of cards but yeah. So this is gon na. Be the last pack again, i hope that you guys uh have enjoyed this. I know my production isn’t, like the best and my like lighting, just got a whole lot darker for some reason. I don’t know why but we’ll manage we’ll manage and uh. Here we go. Last pack let’s get that pikachu man let’s get that pikachu. So far our hollows have not been repeated so that that’s good at least all right.

So we have piplup. I love piplup. I love all the starters squirtle we got. We got the whole gen 1 gang let’s go i’ve, actually never seen that artwork before i know it’s a reprint because they’re all reprints but i’ve never seen that one digging it digging it mudkip, okay, ooh, a holo, fennekin let’s go really cool all right. Well, that was all four packs. Wait. No, i opened five packs right. Oh wait. Wait a second one, two, three, four five yeah i did. I opened five packs. I just can’t count one two, three, four, five, all right. So these were our hollow hits in the pack. So far at least we didn’t get any repeats, so that’s that’s a bonus because um, you know i don’t i don’t want. I mean i i’ll eventually trade and luckily i’ll have people that i can actually trade. These with but uh yeah at least i started building out this set without getting too many repeats. In fact, even from my non hollows, i don’t think i got that many repeats uh, but the hollows are gon na, be where it’s at those are gon na. Be the real investor uh friendly cards? If they do, you know it’s speculation if they do retain value, but they may i i’m probably never going to give them up actually really quickly i’m going to tell you uh what was included in the other boxes. Envelope 1. Is the paper deck box envelope? 2 is a sticker sheet with 25 stickers.

That has all of the starters and a pikachu number three is the frames. Number four is large stickers of pikachu grooky score bunny and sabo, which obviously pikachu the mascot of pokemon, and then those are the the other. Three are. The starters of the most recent pokemon games. Sword and shield makes sense, makes perfect sense. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed the video. Let me know if you did in the comments below if you found this information useful, if you even knew this was happening. Tell me what you’re excited about looking forward to this 25th anniversary of pokemon, because there’s so much more to come: there’s stuff in cereal boxes, there’s, uh, new promo cards, the jumbo starter cards um. Those are a few of the things that i’m excited about, but yeah. Let me know what you guys are looking forward to and we’ll we’ll be staying in touch on this channel for sure, because i’m, just gon na be opening card packs from now on and i’ll. Slowly but surely i can’t say this enough i’ll.