There mcdonald’s pokemon guard. We knew mcdonald’s cards were coming, we did a video about it before i told you all about it. We didn’t have images the fingers are now out there. The cards are out, they are being sold in mcdonald’s. So now we can have a proper look at exactly what cars are coming and how they’re coming and the coolest thing for me and i’m sorry. I know this is a little bit weird, but the fact that we actually get booster packs makes me like genuinely properly happy, which is absolutely brilliant. Booster packs go to mcdonald’s get a booster pack. This is awesome. Now we have had some images of the cards being shared. These do originate from eric oshak and i’m. Sorry for the almost certainly terrible terrible pronunciation, but we now can take a good look at these mcdonald’s cards. Now i have had a few people get in touch with me about these mcdonald’s cars, giving me a little bit of information and just kind of updating me, i suppose, on exactly what’s going on with them and someone hayden lynch got in touch with me. Thank you. Hayden for getting in touch by the way right on a pretty regular basis. You guys get in touch with me to feed me information, make sure i’ve seen some stuff just to say hello, we’ll send nice words, even though i don’t get a chance to respond to everybody. Sometimes we are literally talking dozens and dozens of messages in a day and with the best will in the world, i cannot respond to them, and i really am sorry.

Please know that every single person that gets in touch with me to share news good for us, whatever it might be. I really do appreciate every single person that does you guys are awesome. But what is super interesting here is that we’re, actually getting this pikachu and the reports i’m hearing are that it is about, as rare as we were expecting. Hayden says that him and his co workers have opened 40 to 50 packs without pulling a hollow pikachu. Remember the entire set is available as both hollow and non hollow cards. So essentially in each pack you get a hollow and three non hollows, so you essentially have a one in 25 chance of pulling a pikachu. What that means is if you’re opening 40 to 50 packs, you should get one to two pikachu, but there’s, no guarantee that you get the pikachu. So you know 40 to 50 packs. It is statistically unlikely to miss pikachu, but it is certainly not outside the rounds of possibility so it’s one of those things where this doesn’t mean absolute panic, but it absolutely does mean that this pikachu really is looking kind of rare now. One thing i suppose is fairly interesting here is that some people have gone like eric, who we mentioned earlier, who have actually gone and completed the set. Now this is important because remember pokemon, no mcdonald’s sometimes do that thing where you can get. You know these. Two toys for week, one and these two toys for week, two and so on and so forth.

That is not the case here. You just get the packs and it seems like the cards are random, so you know eric’s gon na completed his master set of cards has gone and picked them all up so that that’s kind of cool. It is also interesting to note that these they are being printed with the set symbol replaced. So this pikachu originated, like we said before, as a promo card. Not only does it have the 25 stamp on it as we would expect, but it also has a mcdonald’s set symbol and a number out of 25 a set number for mcdonald’s rather than having the actual promo numbering it did before, and this is the case with All of them, so i don’t know, take the tur twig, for example, that came around in ultra prism. It doesn’t have the ultra prism, marking or set symbol. It has a mcdonald’s set symbol and it is card four out of 25. remember 25s. We got the free first partner, pokemon from each generation, eight generations, three eights to 24 at pikachu 25.. No, this will not impact their legality, not even a little bit. This will have no effect whatsoever on their legality. Remember a little while ago, pokemon officially announced the the legality of mcdonald’s pokemon cards is changing, whereas before they would actually be legal for a set amount of time now their legality is tied to the card they are reprinted from, so ultra prism has actually rotated out.

So this turtwig has rotated out before it’s even actually gone and been released, and this was actually genuinely relevant at one point, because mcdonald’s went and printed the energy evolution eevee the really good eevee, and this would have kept it in the format for longer and would Have made it genuinely metagame relevant, it would have made a huge impact on the meta. So, for that reason they went and um they went and changed the rules so, like i say these are eric’s images, not mine, but we can have a look through here at the set. We have bulbasaur and you’ll notice here that, firstly, they come in hollow and non hollow and secondly, you’ve got the what i like to refer to as the mcdonald’s hollow it’s, it’s kind of like lots and lots of tiny little squares, it’s very much. A kind of almost kind of like looking at a picture through rippling water, if that makes any sense, i love the holo as far as i’m aware – and please correct me if i’m wrong about this, this hollow is, as far as i’m aware only used on mcdonald’s Cards which is kind of cool we’ve then got a chickarita coming along, which i believe was the one that originated from lost thunder we’ve got ourselves a trico here was actually a promo card initially and we’ve got ourselves. A tour twig, like i said previously, featured in ultra prism we’ve, got ourselves a snivy which was a promo card and remember.

There is a little bit of overlap. The snivy here is actually the same one that came here or is coming around in these first partner packs as a jumbo card with the 25 symbol on that is the case for a few of these we’ve got the chess bin, which originally came around as part Of the x and y trainer kit, which is a little bit of a deep cut there from pokemon, i appreciate that we’ve got the rowlet that originally came around. I believe that’s one of the rowlet that came around in sword and shield, which is rather lovely and then of course, we’ve got to have ourselves a grookie as well, because it’d be weird to not have a groo key and that was again a promo card. So they’re all the grass ones moving over into the fire. We have the charmander. Now this is a charmander which was originally brought around. I believe it was in burning shadows, which was you know, one of many many many many many sets that did actually have a charizard in obviously the charmander and the pikachu that they should be the most sought after among them, but make no mistake: it is pikachu Number one and charmander number two we’ve got ourselves a cinderquil here that originally came around in lost thunder we’ve got ourselves a tour chick here that originally came around as a promo card love the artwork on this one we’ve got ourselves a chimchar.

This again came around from ultra prism. We got ourselves a tepig that was black and white promo zero, two first stepping ever and a fennekin which came around again in the kalos starter set, which is very, very cool. These are cars that most people are willing to bet. Do not have we’ve got a litten here now. This is just one of the ones that originally came around in the sun and moon base set. If you were playing at the time, you’ve probably got a billion of these lit and lying around, but not with the mcdonald’s. Hollow we’ve got a score bunny. That was a sword and shield promo and those are your fire types and then finishing off with the water types. We got ourselves a squirtle here, the one from unbroken bonds adore the artwork we’ve got the totodile that came around in phantom forces. We’Ve got ourselves the mudkip, which was an x and y promo card, a piplup that originally came around in ultra prism. I love how kind of defiant or confident or call it what you will piplup looks in this particular artwork. It is awesome. We’Ve got the oshawott that came around as a black and white promo. I believe this is the first offshore, whatever the froakie that again came around in the kalos data sets all three of them from there. We’Ve got a popplio here that originated in the sword and shield. Oh sorry, sun and moon base set that’s kind of important and saw ball that came around as sword and shield free the promo.

So again, the first one ever and then, like i mentioned before that pikachu, which i said was a promo it’s, not a promo it’s, the one from unified minds. So apologies on that one. I was thinking about the pikachu and the mcdonald’s promotion, which did originally come around as a promo. You had my apologies, but when i said it was a promo that would have been a message that flashed up on the screen being like what’s he’s, an idiot. What he’s wrong about this, or hopefully a message which is slightly nicer about myself, so there we go. Ladies and gentlemen, this is this is really exciting stuff. We now have confirmation of all of the cards which are going to be in there and the fact that they’re going to be coming in these lovely little packs, and i for one, am absolutely delighted. There are a couple of people that have got in touch potentially to hook me up with mcdonald’s cards. If anybody can please, please do get in touch at the wassie or an email at ptcgradio, because eric’s gone and got a master set of this. I i would quite like to have a master set as well remember. This is starting, i believe the official start date is actually today the 9th of february. As i record this, no as you watch, i recorded it yesterday, don’t tell anyone, but i edited it today. So you know call it call it even no word on every country here yet, but generally speaking, european countries tend to get them a little while later so i’m crossing.

My fingers at the uk gets this as it stands at the moment. I don’t believe that has been confirmation but i’m, a positive dude. I live in hope now as a quick little side note from future wassey. I made this video because i was waiting for the official announcement and then i thought well, you know maybe they’re not going to do it or it’s going to be a little bit late or whatever, but no as soon as i finish, the video they go make The official announcement just essentially saying because it’s meal time that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating 25 years of pokemon starting today, mcdonald’s happy meals will include a 25th anniversary special edition, mcdonald’s booster pack of pokemon trading card game cards. Each of these packs includes four exclusive cards: you’ll have the opportunity to collect cards featuring all 24 first partner pokemon from the many regions in the pokemon world, plus pikachu. There are standard and foil versions of each card and all the cards support the pokemon 25 logo. In total, there are 50 cars in this set, so have fun. Collecting and trading with your friends. These cool, pokemon tcg cars will only be available in mcdonald’s, happy meals for a limited time. So don’t wait to start your collection, essentially yeah, like everything we just said in the video. Go us okay back to pass wassie. So there we go. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s. What we know sounds fun right honestly.

I want to know what you think about all of these cars about promotion as a whole about, basically anything. You want to tell me i’m here to listen. I, like the messages, so let me know in the comments section, go nuts be nice and then make sure you, like this video subscribe to this channel. Follow me on twitter at the and twitch for some live action at, slash, ptcg radio. If you want to support the channel, get some bonus, podcasts and all that good stuff head on over to patreon.comptcgradio, where you can do exactly that, but by far the most important thing is always look after yourself till next time.