2021. You know what i’m saying, but for the each pack it’s coming to 1.79, so it’s, not too bad. So you know we just bought 100 to see the hype and yeah we’re gon na open a couple. It’S really easy, but it depends on your store. Some stores limit to five, but some didn’t have any limit because they had a lot of stock, so yeah we’re gon na open a few stay tuned, all right guys. Here we have it. We got the mcdonald’s, 25th anniversary cards comes with one booster right here and then a little mini game. You know match the pokeball to the pokemon and then it either comes with i’ve found a picture frame. You know you can put your favorite card in there stand. It up that’s cool, and it also comes with a card case that you have to assemble, which is awesome. You know you can put your favorite cards in here, not too bad, but yeah we’re gon na go right into the video since it’s 25th anniversary we’re going to go with 25 packs, which is crazy. I was so glad to be able to get some of these. All right: what is the card trick? I wonder. Oh they come out smooth yeah. It feels very nice compared to a regular booster. So i heard that the front card is the hollow, so we’re gon na put it in the back. Here we go. We got grookie squirtle wow, look at that squirtle that’s, awesome asawat and oh, we got osawa hollow first sleeve of the day.

Look at that mcdonald’s shine, awesome, psa 10., so basically we’re just gon na try to collect all the starters holographic let’s get into it. Next pack to the back, oh, we got pikachu awesome chest spin. I like that little anniversary right there rowlet and oh, we got a hollow squirtle, awesome, that’s, sick, all right next pack yeah. I wish i would put the hollow in the front i mean in the back be easier. We got pimple up, sable totodile and oh, we got holo rowlett that’s, awesome! Yeah! I want to get. I want to get the og starters charmander, where you at buddy yeah. These these packs feel good. I don’t know why. They’Re just i don’t know it’s just the texture. I don’t know how to explain it, but you guys will figure it out. Piplup, sable, chimchar and chimchar hollow cool cool let’s leave. It let’s try to finish a generation. I’M, pretty sure that is right. You guys tell me oh charmander wish it was hollow, though that’s cool, we got franklin torchick and ooh chespin hollow i’m liking the variety they give. I think there’s over 50 cards in this entire set, so yeah let’s, see. If we can get everything to the back. We got pikachu. We got ta, get a pikachu that’s, an og sabble rowlet, oh pikachu. I just called it let’s go. We got the pikachu holo card. Yes, sir, got ta sleep. This one, definitely for sure awesome all right to the front to the back snivy snovel score: bunny cyndaquil, yo that’s, a classic that is a classic.

That is a classic for sure. Awesome put it like that! Bulbasaur, oh look at that artwork poplio torchic and todal yo we’re going all gen 2 right now, let’s see if we can get a chickarito that’s awesome. Gen 2. no repeats. Yet maybe i just drink to myself. Trico fennekin! I don’t know why. I said franklin last time: chimchar and oshawott. I jinxed myself put buddy right there i’m telling you guys once you guys rip these packs. You’Ll know what i’m talking about it hits different for sure we got snivy chikorita, oh, i don’t think we have that one. Yet! Nice let’s go awesome, what’s next chicorito or trico to the front to the back pikachu sable mud kit and another grookie, two grookies in a row, all right let’s keep going here. Are we gon na do three cookies in a row what’s up trico, okay pop leo litten, um haven’t, seen him chickarita? Yes, let’s! Go we completed johto let’s, go we completed johto all right, let’s go next. Pack like i saw something i saw some heat. Are there any full arts in this, or is it just no it’s just regular hollows? What do you mean? You saw something popplio, maybe a charmander who knows that’s heat, oh cyndaquil, close enough all right. There we go. We got delt we’re doubling up over here there. We go, we got bulbasaur to pig litten and oh, we got fennekin it’s a cool. This artwork is so nice.

There we go come on, let’s get the originals come on original pikachu, chespin, oshawott and oh tepig. Awesome. We don’t have him yet we’re going down the line. We got all the starters. Almost. This is crazy. All right here we go i’m gon na pip, piplup, sable, mudkip and torchic. Yes, let’s go torchic, i think that’s, our first owen, yeah that’s, our first hoenn we’ll. Take it if you guys know the channel holan is definitely my my favorite one of my favorites for sure ruby version classic charmander. Oh, is this: are you coming charmander flanagan? Oh, this is all fire pack, oh score, bunny yo! This is my kind of pack, all fire that’s, what that’s? What we’re talking about right here, all right score. Bunny here we go like i said again, there’s over 50 cards in this set. The idea is trying to get them all hollow, snivy, chickarita, totodile and another fire linton yo. I think we have almost all the fire starters that’s crazy. Oh let’s see some water. I know you guys peaked. We got froggy, frocky, cyndaquil, score bunny and toe doll. I’Ll. Never be bad to get a repeat, toto, dial, he’s, just chilling in a puddle. You know super chill. Oh, i think i speak a little bit my bad guys. Here we go trico, fennekin, rowlet and chikorito let’s go. I really just want to complete the kanto, the ogs. Let me get the ogs, please! Oh, that rhymes i’ve, yet to see him trico, okay, fennekin, oshawott and cyndaquil another cinder quail there.

We have it we’re getting a lot of fire. You already know fire is the dominant, you know type so, i’m, okay with it there we go. We got charmander chickarita, oshawott and chespin nice all right. We got three packs to go out of 25 anniversary for the 25th anniversary of pokemon guys, thanks for watching let’s go back, pikachu, sable score bunny and another linton we’re gon na go right into the next pack. We got like three littens, so in the back bulbasaur tepig and oh tur twig, i haven’t seen him yet. Oh, we got a piplup. Did we get that one already? No that’s new let’s go peplup all right last pack magic. Can we get charmander? I see something red: is it charmander or is it cynical grooky? Oh squirtle, okay, pull out your buddy turq twig and chimchar awesome all right, guys, i’m gon na show you guys the polls real, quick, whatever we don’t, have double love: oshawa score: bunny, torchic to pig, feineken, cyndaquil, chesman grooky, all right, so we got grooky awesome, chessman, Cyndaquil to pig, fennekin, torchic score bunny, another cyndaquil, linton, oshawa, chikorita, browlet, squirtle, piplup, awesome, totodile, chimchar and last but not least, pikachu all right, guys, um. If you guys want me to find all the starters in the pack, i think i still have like 50 left or something let me know, smash the like button and comment below. If you want me to find all the other starters it’s a 50 card set, like i keep saying but yeah stay tuned, we got a lot going on in the channel we’re growing we’re almost to 1k.

So if you guys please subscribe, you know turn on the post notifications and you know let’s grow together, but yeah.