You see the porsche taikan we’ve driven many together on the show. It is a technological tour to force so much so it beat out the porsche 992 as the performance world car of the year in 2020, but that didn’t take into account the fact that the ticon turbo s is incredibly expensive, yet that what we’re going to learn Today was setting the stage for something that’s not quite rip your face off fast, but does leave a couple: more shackles in the budget. Music kicking things off with a headline, only one electric motor in the tycon behind me. But really we need to focus on the architecture of the vehicle, because that is almost identical to the 4s we’ve already driven specifically the electric motor and the inverter are the same from that car. Even the battery packs are the same from that car. So that means the standard battery is made up of 28 modules of 12 cells, each which translates to 79.2 kilowatt hours. The performance battery that’s 33 modules of 12 cells, each that translates to 93.4 kilowatt hours. Remember the whole discussion we had in our volkswagen 94 episode about the difference between a 6.2 and an 11 kilowatt charger that really doesn’t apply here. Well, it sort of does because there is an option for an 11 kilowatt charger, but that’s not what tycons are about. As we learned in our taikon turbo and turbo s episodes they have crazy, fast charging when you’re out and about in those level, three chargers and it’s all about the architecture.

The wiring in the car to be able to do that. This one is no slouch either in the standard battery it’s up to 225 kilowatts in the performance battery 270 kilowatts, but enough with all the eevee business. This is still a porsche, which means we need to tend to output, and that is broken out by standard and performance battery as well. In the standard configuration 321 horsepower in a launch control mode that goes up to 402. The torque in either case is 254 pound feet. Moving over to the performance battery side of the house, not quite what the 4s is, but it gets a bit closer 375 horsepower or launch control mode 469 horsepower in either one of those modes in the performance battery. The torque is still 263 pound feet, which of course brings us to the performance figure. 0 60 is respectable, 5.1 seconds and v max 143 miles an hour with that we’re kind of like the us post office. We still have to go through rain, sleet or snow. Four thousand seven hundred forty two pounds or, depending on how you express your weights and measures, two thousand one hundred fifty one kilograms. Now a couple of huge notes about that. This car has the performance battery. If it didn’t, it would be about 200 pounds less but let’s say for the sake of discussion. You were to graft on a normal drive system to either the small battery or the big battery that’s an additional 200 pounds on either one and thus would make it a 4s, but wait there’s more the turbo and the turbo s are just a shade under 400 Pounds heavier than this with that.

Oh, this is pretty good, especially when the sun starts to come out. This is definitely quick, it’s, not the rip your face off as the turbo and the turbo s. Those physically hurt your face as they accelerate. This is something that you would say is a fast car now, for obvious reasons, this is not about the sweet spot of where the torque comes in. This is more about the difference of it from the 4s in terms of acceleration. This is more akin to other cars that people have experienced rather than that rush, you feel from an electric car. Now this car is a german market car and no porsche has yet to hand any of these over to the us government for range testing. That said, i left the hangar today with 263 miles of posted range and knowing i got easy, 260 270. On a 4s i would say we’re going to go probably up to 300.. So yes, the most basic tycon does not have a front electric motor, but the rest of the underpinnings are almost identical to the 4s. You and i have already driven a bit of a refresher double wishbone in the front multilink in the rear 19 inch wheels are fitted as standard specifically that design in that color, but like every other tycon that can be changed, 20 inches or 21 inches the brakes. 360 millimeter diameter rotors in the front 358 in the back six piston calipers in the front four piston calipers in the rear.

One thing they do change is the color of the calipers in a basic ticon they’re black in a 4s they’re red. Now the aspect that stands out about brakes and tycons, whether it’s this basic tycon or something a bit more fancy like a turbo, is the regen 265 kilowatts we’ve driven a lot of electric cars before and i can’t say any of them can match that figure. Now, pressing on to an aspect that i find fascinating is a portioner, that’s, more partial to 911s, believe it or not, tycons they have a lower center of gravity and, yes, that has everything to do with the battery, but that also plays into the decision of pasm. Being fitted as standard but huge provision, there pass in the standard the air ride that is still optional, as is the four wheel steering, and i would argue, the combination of those two options are not just as important as they are to a 992. They are more important to this vehicle for two reasons: they mitigate the wheelbase and the extra weight. This flavor of tycon has an advantage over other flavors of taikon, because the combination of less weight over the front wheels means, as you get more aggressive into, turns like this. The car will not plow as much it’s big, but she won’t plow as much now. This will come as absolutely no surprise. The steering is a rather sizable difference in the move from 4s to rear wheel drive either way i can’t help, but feeling the steering here may be a bit sharper and in reality that may all be in my mind.

What really is going on by taking the drive wheels out of the front of the car? It highlights just how good the steering is in a porsche tycoon which brings us back to the raging debate. Since this car came out and all the comments i received in my episodes from tesla fanboys saying that this thing is a hunk of crap and the tesla can do this – that or the other thing better. Now all the respect in the world to elon and what he has built. I am a big fan. I come from the tech world, so i totally understand what this guy has created, but the reality is. This is a porsche first, an electric car second, and the way the steering is set up is probably the biggest evidence of that, and it enables one to drive this a porsche first aggressively on roads, meaning do more than just trot around town, as you would in A golf cart. Yes, it is indeed that time again to play your favorite game on the options game with today’s contestant, something that is very curiously billed as the most powerful basic porsche ever built. I don’t know, if i’d be bragging about that, but i see where they’re going with it whatever they want to call it. It would be the 2021 porsche tycoon, no turbo, no turbo s, no 4s don’t, even call it. The rear wheel, drive they’re, just called the tycon for a base price of nine thousand nine hundred dollars put another way, that is about half the base price of a tycon turbo s.

Let me press on to the color. Have ever told you. I got a buddy of mine that has a mother in law it’s, one of those mary kay representatives. She doesn’t have one of the cadillacs but believe it or not. They had a pontiac for mary kay. Well, this is exactly the same color, so that’s kind of a odd way of saying this is a pink porsche. They call it frozen berry. The reactions have been all over the map. I’Ve had people look at, like, oh, my god, that’s a great color and then my hanger neighbor here he’s like that, is the worst color i have ever seen on the planet uh either way it is an additional eight hundred dollars. Uh, then the interior. This one is blackberry with a two tone: slate gray, even though there is a contrast with a sort of pretty and pink exterior it’s, not enough of a contrast either way. This is not a cheap option. Four thousand one hundred and thirty dollars then move on to the sport design package, and this gives one the opportunity to select the trim on the air dam, the diffuser and the side skirts. In this case, not much creativity did black, but there are other selections on offer either way. Six thousand and forty dollars uh. Then the electric sport sound that’s, something we experienced on the tycon for a same price. Here five hundred dollars and the performance battery we’ve been discussing five thousand seven hundred and eighty dollars, then the sport chrono package.

This is different on a tycon than it is on, say a 992.. Instead, what they do is they add two extra drive modes, a sport plus at an individual mode. Then the knob on the steering wheel to adjust those drive modes. Then, of course the ubiquitous chronograph on the top of the dash. That is 1 320. Then arguably, the most important option in this specific car, the 4 wheel, steering with the power steering plus the 4 wheel, steering transforms this vehicle and kind of the driving we’re doing today, even with all that rain, one thousand six hundred and twenty dollars. If you want the four wheel, steering one must have the pasm air ride, so yeah passim is standard, but the air suspension is required for the four wheel. Steering two thousand two hundred dollars then an option. You guys know i love the head up display. Then the four zone – hvac system, that’s additional money on an 80 000 car 990 dollars. Can we fix that all of the tycons we have previously featured on the show did not have that secondary display over on the passenger side? Well, this is the first car that finally has it. So i guess we had to put up with pink to get the secondary display either way. It is one thousand one hundred and thirty dollars. It is a very neat touch. I don’t know if it’s necessary, but it’s quite a party trick. I know my nephews would love and then the roof remember how we discussed in the first tycon episode that in europe the slip top was fitted as standard, but in the u.

s, the glass roof. That was fitted as standard, and i really love that idea. Well, apparently, the americans are now following the europeans where the slicktop is fitted a standard starting with this car, and that makes its way to all tycons. If one wants the glass roof, which does not open, that is an additional one thousand four hundred ninety dollars. The only other thing we have to add to this is the destination and handling von zuffin house in deutschland 1 350, which brings us to the full retail price of 106 480 dollars for the 80 dollar taika. Unlike the steering and acceleration, i can’t honestly tell you there’s a huge difference in the brake feel or the pedal modulation. This feels very much like a tycon and for the avoidance of doubt that means there’s a bit of an on off switch to it. Now one does have control over that, like all other tycons, the regen can be switched on and off manually, you and i have been doing it with a regen on throughout this entire episode. Now, out of all the times you and i have experienced this icon in their brakes. This is probably the most real world scenario with all this water on the road and my feedback is it feels eighty percent like the brakes of a performance car twenty percent? It feels like a green car truth be told you, and i knew this was coming in the dead giveaway was when someone in zuffin housing had the bright idea to call an electric car a turbo.

Yes, the internet went crazy about that, but all they were doing was messaging, that this a porsche with an electric propulsion system will be a porsche like any other and on offer in different flavors. That are named the same. So my guess there will probably be a gts coming up down the road here, but you and i now have had the opportunity to sample a couple of different flavors and it’s similar to the flavoring say in like the 992 world, a 992 now there’s, a turbo And a non turbo turbo and they all have the same personality they’re great, but they all have the same personality it’s, just the turbo s, it’s literally the volume turned up to like 115, where years ago you would drive like a 911 turbo and the thing wanted To kill you where the most basic 911 it didn’t want to kill you this. It doesn’t have quite that delta, the the turbo s absolutely rips your face off. This, however, occupies two disparate positions. In that same universe, first would absolutely be out of all the ticons. We have driven this is the best daily driver for no other reason than the lower weight and then the second. This is a bit more subjective and depends on where one lives. This is the best driver’s car out of all the ticons again. For the same reason, less weight which pushes us into the wish list – and you probably know where i’m going with this – can we have a tycon that is lighter 4 500 pounds for the lightest tycon that that’s a bridge too far, 5600 pounds for the fastest icon, That’S a bridge way too far.

What i’m thinking is let’s, try something that just doesn’t exist. How about an ev? I don’t care, if it’s a four door or a two door, but an ev that’s, 3. 000 pounds 3 200 pounds granted. I know i’m asking for a lot here, but imagine the performance of a vehicle that weighs 3 000 pounds with instant torque that has the driving dynamics of a porsche that would literally bend the space time continue. I know i’m going off on a tangent here, but that’s what i’m putting on the wish list, which of course brings us to the point where i ask you to opine in the comments below or via social media moto men, tbl word: moto man, tv homework, facebook, Twitter and instagram what should be added to that wish list or you’re just going to go with my super duper, gt3 lightweight, porsche tycoon or other coming porsche ev. That is not an suv comments below now.