It is very rare that we can see that a previous concept was basically one to one carried over to the final model. That’S what’s happened here and we can see this single frame grille but mostly closed, because the electric vehicles obviously do not need so much cooling still there’s, like an adaptive cooling in the lower area and with the top rs model. There are also more carbon fiber situations, for example, right here, led lights would be standard, optional or standard here for the rs mode. You get the matrix, led, elaborated high beam function and optional optional, even optional here for the rs model, here’s the laser light, which actually doubles the high beam range. You can see these blue accentuations in and, of course, horizontally, drawn really cool we’ll soon. Also, take a look once again at this lighting effect with the cascading style. The length is at 4 meters, 99, 16 foot, 4 or 196 inches, and you get a base model which is called audi e, tron gt, and here the rs model. The top model is called audi. Rs e tron gt i’m, not sure why they did that, because when you just say like you know, gtrs would have sound cooler wouldn’t. It tell me in the comments, then wheels would start with 19 inch in the base model. 20 inch standard for the rs. These are the optional 21 inch wheels and you get different brakes as well. That’S a standard brake, then there’s a tungsten carbide brake like we know from porsche.

That is standard, then for the rs and optional. Once again, the carbon ceramic break – we can see behind these here and very interesting weeds, because the middle part here – or these here – these are some different air blades to make it more aerodynamic. They are not from metal, they are from a special plastic compound, really stiff and also resisting the heat. What a bold rear the light strip goes all over the vehicle looks really fancy and the only thing what i just said you see the rs got the special batch and also then your carbon fiber in the lower part other than that both versions will look pretty Much the same, but well i mean impressive appearance and if you thought wait a minute. These technology details. Didn’T thomas mentioned this in the recent porsche tycoon turbo s, review yeah exactly and the reason is the so called electric platform j1, how the ethernet gt and porsche taikan they are shared. Actually, so they share that technology. Just of course, the looks exterior interior and some of the details. They are definitely different more to that when we continue through the review – and these are the turning indicators, cascading style. I think this guy’s even more impressive, the cascading style here in the front that looks even fancier and also here at the side mirrors. So probably you just want to use the turning ink indicators all over the place just to catch some attention, then there’s.

Also a special coming home and leaving home function with a so called light, show pretty fancy it. You know it’s special to the laser matrix led, but you already get one in the normal matrix led headlamps. So what about the battery and recharging there’s one battery size, 86 kilowatt hours, net or 93 kilowatt hours gross? And here ac charging 11 kilowatts standard 22 kilowatt option. I think they should have made it standard and dc charging up to 270 kilowatt that’s. Of course, massive and the promised range is 488 kilometers or 300 miles. However, if you think about the porsche tycoon and our experience there, we usually had some 300 to 400 kilometers so 200 miles, plus, depending on temperature and use case and depending if you have the etron gt, quattro or the rs etron gt, either a horsepower peak of 530 horsepower or of almost 650 horsepower acceleration figures are then 4.1 seconds or 3.3 seconds to 1 kilometers or 62 miles an hour, and you can compare these power figures to a tycoon 4s and the taikan turbo top speed is 250 kilometers an hour or 155 miles. It’S the car key nice, you also, then, with the rs logo. If you have the rs version door, handles good quality and then frameless design. Of course, you can have also insulation glass for the side windows by the way, which is also here see this double layer. So for the side windows and for the rear window, that’s an option for the front window, it’s standard with the insulation, then door closing sound, actually quite nice, considering it’s frameless, then inside of the doors everything wrapped tightly from design, microfiber inserts right here, then also good Quality and styling from the inside door handle you have a nice tops here for the window, levers which have nice clicking sounds pretty slim door pocket each one gt batch for the paddle light, see here, that’s, cool right and then also the rs entry batch.

If you have the rs version steering wheel in this case, also with the rs batch flat bottom perforated sides, but this zero is also available with microfiber, which of course is better for the grip handle and so on and also than animal free. And talking about that, there are two different seat forms available: either normal sport seat already with integrated head restraint, and this one here is the sport seat, plus with a little bit more shoulder form in the area and, first time now, in a premium audi, we get An animal free interior – not this one – they showcase the animal skin here once again, because they’re not very consistent in their presentation. But, however, it is available with either a fabric on the middle part and then leather red on the outside or with dynamica microfiber. On the middle part and leather red on the outside, so there’s a special design package available both for the standard seat and also here for the sport seat plus, so you can get it animal free now, if you want but it’s, not standard that’s. Of course. The reason why people still buy tesla, because tesla is consistent in their sustainability approach and audi is not yet, but definitely a big step forward that you can get it now seating position. This is really tight kind of like you feel it, and also when you control the steering wheel up and down or in and out this is um.

You know, like the lower part, this clip, i would call it. This is the mechanism that porsche is using and audi usually does not so definitely here for the first time, you feel that this is basically an audi porsche interior overview. Also very spectacular and yeah reminds us really a little bit to you spaceship alike. Nice illumination here with the e tron badge and then the ambient lighting right there, and also towards the inside of the doors that’s really lovely. Of course, different colors are available carbon fiber here for the rs interior. We have a 10.1 inch touchscreen right here and some audience to that and 12.3 inch digital instruments right there different stylings also, you know different views available nice shifting pedals here too, and you can change something with the recuperation, for example, and take a look at the Stingray heated steering is available easy volume control at the steering wheel, left side, you control the digital instrument and the view, and so on now there you can already see some. You know recuperation modes being adapted then towards the middle part here, and this is like, thank god they did that easy climate unit. This is also different to the porsche tycoon for the user interface. I would definitely prefer the audi easier to put in the temperature and nice clicking sounds more details to the screen, rear view, camera greater resolution, and you also have this 3d view. Yay that looks fancy right.

Oh here, you can also see how the car looks like when you have the grill in vehicle color. So this is not that this vehicle, you know we also have different wheels, so they don’t adapt the visualization to the wheels. This is also not the rs. We can really live with that, so this is then, when it’s, not the rs model, uh yeah, definitely very interesting to see gps looks like this typical audio style. This is the you know the range we have at the moment. This car is not fully charged, but you know that would be like the promised range see this. You know. Proximity outline the audi virtual cockpit 12.3 inch and you can change the views. Have the map all over the place like this, or you can also individualize what you want to see right here, so this is all possible like this. Of course, not the real consumption figure at the moment is a show vehicle and this hasn’t been properly driven on the road, but they can see. You know how it can browse through this and once again, the user interface definitely easier and better than in the porsche tycoon. That’S actually very well done, then rear doors, same piece, i’m studying also nice with the microfiber inserts, and you see there are not any gaps. Left or something so, a perfect build quality, even though this is here yeah one of the very early vehicles you can see here in this foot area they use so called food garages same way as porsche does what they do there.

So the battery is placed in the bottom, but there, where you have the your feet for the rear passengers. They left some space that you can really put your feet there and don’t get any problems. There is this some kind of single seat design, but there is an emergency middle seat, so you can drive with three people in the rear, but of course not the most comfortable one it’s more thought out to be that you have two people in the back. The question is: does it also fit for taller adults? You know we have a long wheelbase of about two meters 90 and together with the foot garages that that indeed, you know, makes it possible that also tall people can get in the rear. Headroom wise. I mean no one would probably put up the spine all the way. Then i would hit the ceiling here, but when i leave my spine relaxed like this, i exactly fit in like this it’s, also the same as in the porsche tycoon. Well, since this weaker has some kind of a spaceship atmosphere, i’ll use my white lightsaber to check out the trunk 405 liters in the capacity and the length is just over a meter. The width in the more narrow part there’s a little bit more than 80 centimeters, and you just get more width right here and short height here, uh 45 centimeters. I can put a backpack in here and you see you do get a problem when you have it like.

You know pretty much in the front this way. I think it will not close let’s see no doesn’t, so we have to put it more to the rear. Like this, and then it should actually work yeah and the same we also had in the thai gun. So you see it’s not a fast back atmosphere, that’s why they also will do the the taikan cross tourismo that you have a more practical opening, but here they went for a more you know, shallow normal sedan, trunk experience and then here in the front we have Another 81 liters, so you can use it for some storage but, of course, would be handy to put the charging cables in there and now to our conclusion. For today, with the all new audi e tron gt. Well, i think we can all agree that they stayed with the concept. Look, the concept, car look really paid off, it’s an awesome design so sporty so bold and really makes this transition from a classic supercar to an electric supercar. I think pretty easy when you think about the comparison to an audi a7 by the way, this one here is a little bit wider, a little bit flatter, but it has almost the same dimensions. It’S. You know like with porsche a little bit the question of like panamera versus taikan, here a7 versus the e tron gt, and i can tell you that driving fun wise. This will be basically the same like we know from the porsche tycoon because they share the same platform, so it will be.

Definitely. I can really promise you a great driving experience, lotion of gravity, 50, 50 weight distribution and, of course, really powerful. As for the drivetrain one electric motor on the front, one electric motor in the rear, the rear one, then, with a two speed transmission, again exterior more rectangular. Look if you compare it to, for example, to the ticon interior, also with high built quality and also reasonable space inside finally there’s. Also, an animal free version available just a little bit of pity that they didn’t make it standard just an option or a you know, design choice to go for, but porsche did actually the very same. So that is hopefully, then the next step to make it also. The standard choice overall, very interesting to see it right now here in the final version, really looking forward to drive it for you, together with you so far, there will be the comparable version like the titan 4s and the taigan turbo here with the e tron gt. Quattro and the rs etron gt if there will be more versions, a more powerful version, probably not, but i think we can also calculate with real driven only entry version at some point. Then again, at the moment, about 100k in the entry price 140k for the rs model, so there might be some cheaper version available at the later stage, but so far, of course, we’ll keep you updated when we have the driving review ready.