What i mean by kickoff is, i have the first product of the 25th anniversary right here in front of me. This is the mcdonald’s and pokemon mash up that they typically do and i’m super geeked up to open these Music, all right so before i kind of you know rip into these packs. I do want to let you guys know how to get these so i’m. Sure you can guess man, you just go to mcdonald’s and uh. Typically, these are given out with happy meals, but let’s say that you know you don’t want to actually eat the food. Some mcdonald’s will actually sell you these separate from like getting a happy meal or a meal or whatever. We did run into three kind of kind of issues and it was kind of weird so uh we called we called some mcdonald’s around us and they didn’t actually have the promotions yet. So that was strange and then the second mcdonald’s said that you had to get a happy meal in order to get one of these and then the third mcdonald’s actually just sold them to us. So thankfully that’s third mcdonald’s was able to just sell us a couple. So i do want to talk about the set a little bit as well. So, as you can see, i opened maybe one or two of these already and i was lucky enough to pull the pikachu on our second pack. We pulled this pikachu super dope.

The actual here, let me take it out of the sleeve here, the actual card’s amazing dude. Look at that hollow pattern, that’s, crazy and, as you guys can see, it does have the stamp for the uh 25th anniversary there, and i don’t know if you guys will be able to see this, but the set is out of 25. So what the set is it’s all of the starters from from all the generations, so that’s super cool plus pikachu, obviously, but it does come with four cards in each pack and you get one hollow from each pack. They come like this, so, as you can see, it’s a nice little design here, i absolutely love how this looks. Pikachu, looking really inviting there trying to give you a big old hug and they are numbered as well as you can see down here in the corner. So all of the ones that we were able to purchase, they all have the number one on them and they all have the deck boxes in them. So they have like a little um here right here. You can make your own deck box from the material that they give you in here. I think there is a number one there’s, a two there’s, a three and then there’s a four and you just get different accessories in those for different numbers. I think like two might give you stickers three might give you you know so on and so forth.

I think there’s a couple other things in there. I really wanted the stickers man, the deck box is cool, but i was hoping for the stickers but um. These are the ones that we were given and i’m super super happy to have any of them honestly, let’s just kind of open this thing up, man, you do get the pack right. There, amazing pack, art look at that dude. That is amazing man. That is fantastic and then, like i was saying you do. Oh and there’s a nice little game in there as well. Look at that that’s, pretty cool. I don’t really know what you’re supposed to do with that, but i’m sure that’s fun and then the little pre made deck box that you can make i’m not actually going to make this for you guys what we’re here for we’re here for the packs man we’re Here for the packs and the pulls, so let me go over this one more time with you guys super cool pack, art man, then here’s. What the back looks like very nice. I love the color scheme. I love the three normal starters on there from gen one. I say normal starters: my age is kind of showing uh and then the uh, the pikachu there as well. But enough of me going on and on about this guys, let’s open these up Music, all right guys. So we got our packs super geeked man, super geeked, let’s, uh, let’s start opening these things, man 25 years of pokemon.

Okay. So i see that right off the bat, the holographic card’s gon na be right up front there. So here we have a snivy very nice that hollow pattern’s, amazing dude, oh and we got another pikachu it’s, not a hollow pikachu, but i will take the non hollow pikachu all day, i’ve heard a couple. People say that the uh, the hollow pikachus, are actually super hard to pull. So there’s been a couple reports of that. I don’t know how true that is per se, but um yeah all right and we got piplup. I got ta figure out how to open these. A little bit better, so you can have a little suspense guys, but we got some pip up action there, groupie popplio and chimchar. Look at that piplup! Oh my gosh that’s, so cute dude uh. I love piplup he’s, like aside from like gen one he’s. One of my favorites man, i’m super pumped. We got him all right. Let’S, uh, i’m gon na open this kind of away from the camera, and maybe we can get a little bit of uh mystique behind it or mystery. If you will let’s see what we can do here, okay, so this will be the top card. All right let’s go through a couple of these man, so we got a froakie poplio oshawott, so cute man and we got yo cinderquill i’m gon na have to say man. It goes my for my favorites personally gen one and then right into gen two.

This was still during my uh. You know my childhood. For the most part, you know still played a lot of those games for game boy and all that good stuff, so man super cool to get him all right, guys. Another pack here, another pack, i’m gon na – look away, see if i can pull this thing out of here without seeing who i got it’s kind of hard to do that man kind of hard to do that all right put that in the back all right starting Off with a trico another cyndaquil, rowlet very nice and lit in all right, linton’s, not my favorite, but i will add him to the team for sure for sure for sure. Look at all these guys man! This is awesome all right, guys and last pack for this video let’s see what we get i’m like look away, see if, hopefully i just didn’t show you guys who i got there all right. Oh, very nice, bulbasaur very cool. We got chikorita, we got chimchar again and we’re ending with froakie very nice, so i was super pumped about that. I didn’t pull any dupes, so that’s, exciting i’d, say honestly, piplup’s, probably my favorite out of the polls we just pulled, but pikachu clearly takes the cake. Guys this card right now is selling. I don’t know if this is gon na be a continuous thing, but if you guys do care about the prices of cards and stuff like that, uh this card’s actually selling for 50 raw right now so that’s crazy.

I think we’re gon na send it in to get psa man, so we will definitely keep you guys. Uh updated on that we’re gon na have to send it like super mega ultra express you know, because psa is just super slow man, but i don’t know we might send a psa might send it cgc. I don’t know what we’re gon na do, but anyways guys that really sums up the video um really excited about the 25th anniversary man and some of the other products to come out. I know that there’s gon na be general mill cereal promo cards coming out and stuff like that too, i know a lot of people have their hands on those already. So if you guys, like content like this, if you guys are excited for pokemon’s 25th anniversary, like i am make sure to leave a like make sure to drop me, a comment which one of the starters are, you guys really excited to get and if you want To keep up with future content and see me kind of opening up some of the 25th anniversary items make sure to sub. Hopefully you guys are having an awesome day.