So we’re going to be talking about some new pokemon snap stuff. We have a famitsu article. We also got new screenshots. All this does is instill me with hype and joy, so that’s going to be really cool to break down. We also have some pokemon video game. Ups update stuff – i know it’s been going on for the last couple of days, but i do want to talk about just so. You know i know and also the pokemon mcdonald’s 25th anniversary promotion set. People are getting their hands on it and it’s some really exciting stuff, starting with the famitsu article. We don’t really have a lot of new new stuff there’s, a couple of extra screenshots which are really cool but it’s effectively. Just a printout of the trailer and the pokemon snap website, but again any little detail. Any little thing about this game just gets me so excited. I cannot wait, but we also have some extra screenshots that have come through now. Some of these are from the trailer that we’ve already seen, but just kind of keeps on expanding, keeps on growing what is possible in this world. I can’t wait to see what happens when the badoof try to sneak up on the dodrio nest that can only end in comedy that we get to take pictures of so that’s gon na be pretty cool. Look at some of these other screenshots games is wonderful. Everything is just going to be super cool about that and yeah.

I like it. I i’m just looking at this i’m just smiling i’m having a good time, and i cannot wait for these games to come out, but we got sleepy hippos. We got slacking just chilling. We got raichu sitting on its tail surfing around we’ve, seen that score bunny picture, but that just looks beautiful and it still holds up so lots of good stuff. And then this beautify, just chilling that’s gon na, be a fun picture to take. We got swanna with the ducklits hanging around and those screenshots plus, some of the famitsu stuff does show there’s a couple of new things we haven’t seen yet like tangrowth, just chilling there so he’s in the game. We also have some viper and artillery having an interaction for some reason, it’s going to be interesting to see how this game unfolds, but also looking at some of these pictures like yeah it’s not going to be jam, packed action packed 24 7. Everything is going to have some kind of magnificent reaction and response inside the game and i’m down with that you’re going to take some lame pictures, you’re just going to have a pokemon sitting there worth basic points and that’s going to be it most of the time. But i’m! Okay with that, because that’s also a part of the world of pokemon that’s, also part of the real world. Not everything is super, exciting all the time. So i think there’s going to be some charm that we can see right here.

Like 10, growth is just there being a tank growth, and this also brings me to another point, like i’m, not going through every frame of the trailer every screenshot doing all the digging to find out everything about the game to know the exact pokedex in here, because I just want the game to kind of do its own thing and i’m going to be down with that it’s not like. I need five of my favorite pokemon to be in here, or else it’s bring back national decks all over again. I’M. Just excited to see what ends up happening and i like that. You know there is value to taking lame shots of pokemon like. Ah, we got a one star, a palm, but then we have like the really cool interactions, so four potential grades for all the pokemon that are gon na, be in with all the other pokemon that we’ve been seeing so far, it’s gon na get pretty exciting, it’s Gon na get really cool so just a little bit of that extra new pokemon snap news has me hyped and we’re still waiting until february 26 to get our big info about what’s, going on for the 25th anniversary um. Also, when it comes this there’s a cramer event going on, you might have seen it through play pokemon, you might have seen it through the website wild area news. All of that fun stuff. I haven’t been covering a lot of the wild area news because it’s pretty uneventful and not that exciting also the game is hacked into oblivion anyway.

So none of these things really matter and just the same thing. Over and over again, we have a week like month, long wild area thing and then a three day, two percent shiny kind of okay shiny pokemon coming through. But this is kind of reminiscent of what we saw earlier in pokemon sworn shield, where some kind of event happens and then the rewards are even better, but this should have been every month. This should have been happening more regularly, instead of randomly in february to promote the new pokemon movie. Hey you get mediocre items. So if trainers collectively defeat kramer at more than 500 thousand times, you get a flame more of toxic orb and light ball, but you were able to get flame, orb and toxic orb through an event that happened not that long ago, and now you can also just Craft them through the chromomatic, so not really that much of incentive. For me to be honest, even gold bottle cap, three bottle caps and pearl strings like that’s that’s, nothing at this stage of the game, all i have to do is play some online. So if you did pretty much any ranked laddering throughout the last year and a half almost you’d have more of those items also same thing with the digging duo, all the guides. I’Ve done so i mean the rewards are pretty bad at this stage of the game and there’s still no real drive for it.

But if you want to participate, you just connect online wild area. News beat a cramer ant and then you’re eligible for the rewards, and as of february 5th, we were almost halfway there. So final push we’re, probably going to get. It might even be rigged like what we saw with pokemon go fest back in 2017, and then you just get a couple of okay items and the small chance at shiny cramer. Ant, like i said, not really too big of news for me, but did want to bring it up because people have been asking about it and then we have some extra excited like that’s that’s. The tone shift right now: it’s like new pokemon snap, super hype, mediocre pokemon, sword and shield event, as we wait for the 25th anniversary whatever and then back into it. Like the mcdonald’s toy event. For the 25th anniversary is amazing, apparently there’s going to be 50 cards in the set, so one of every starter, including pikachu, that’s 25. But you get four cards per happy meal toy or, like you, get like a little pack of four cards for the half meal toy one is hollow. Three are common, so there’s gon na be a hollow set, that’s going to be a lot more scarce than the common set it’s it’s, some pretty crazy stuff. Also getting these can be kind of tricky. You know, please be nice to mcdonald’s employees, they seem overworked and tired and they don’t need to be dealing with our pokemon garbage some locations might let you just buy the toys some locations make it to where you have to buy a happy meal.

Some might just be out of stock at some point, because the pokemon tcg craze is going on so much so. As noted in the news story from poca beach, this varies by location. You might have to go on a hunt depending on what you’re looking for, and that is one of the coolest things i could have imagined you get an actual pack of pokemon cards for this event, and it comes in a little box with the toy as well. This is like, i thought it was going to be kind of whatever just going off of the first images that we saw uh now i’m, all out of whack, like when i, when we first saw this like yeah that’s, the display that’s kind of cool we get Like a little toy, but then we get four pokemon cards, that’s that’s whatever and it doesn’t feel like you know the golden pokemon card or something like the 90s era: pokemon toys, early 2000 pokemon toys that we’ve seen in the past, never mind, though this is super Amazing, because you actually get like a little box it’s like a gift it’s like a present, it has pokemon cards, you can also get deck box in it. You got the stickers and then just has a pack of pokemon cards. So a four pack of cards that has one hollow for the starters and then just a ton of commons as well for this massive set. This almost seems too big for a mcdonald’s toy promotion, especially a modern one, where it feels like the toys are worth like.

Five to ten cents or something this is, this got a lot more legit than i was expecting so that gets me super hype, and i can’t wait to get my hands on some of these. They haven’t rolled out, yet some places have them uh. The reports coming from poca beach is that, like some places might be offering it tomorrow, the day after later this week next week, so you do have to call – or at least if you’re, going into a mcdonald’s just buy food regularly inquire about it. Don’T be a jerk and then everything should be good there, but overall yeah i’m excited for new pokemon snap i’m excited for pokemon, 25th anniversary stuff. If i get my hands on a couple of these packs, i’m also gon na be super hype and let’s just see where we go from here. So if you guys enjoyed this pokemon news, update i’m i’m optimistic i’m feeling good i’m feeling happy like this is what i mean when i say the pokemon company is on point with handling the franchise right now. So if you guys enjoy the video hope you all have a nice day.