Happy meals had just started at our local happy meals at our local mcdonald’s today and um. So i called ahead and made sure that we got a couple. Happy meals see what’s in they aren’t putting them in any kind of happy meal box, or at least not yet maybe it’s, because it’s the first day, but they did tell us that there’s been. I want to open. I want to open it demand for them so that the only way that you can get the um pokemon card packs is, if you buy a happy meal, they will not sell these two individually. Okay, let’s open them. They’Re both number three, oh here, let’s, take your food out too. I bought this number three on them. Oh yeah, this okay, it looks like we both got number three all right show them what’s inside that’s, the coolest pack i’ve ever seen. So it looks like we’re. Definitely keeping this pack so the packs that they have it says there’s four cards, four in there and there’s nothing i’m. Definitely gon na, be so careful with this pack. What else comes in here? I don’t know it looks like they got uh. Oh, they got look at these stickers. Those are pretty awesome. Oh, it was mannequin yeah, the pokemon that come in thinking what these ones were and we were like and they got like a little like thing here. Yeah. I want to open it. I want to open it.

I have to be so careful dang, it ripped that’s scary, so the pokemon that you get in these card packs are all the starter, pokemon regions and oh that’s, what it says what they are. Oh, these are the ones that come in the pack. Yeah are you sure yeah there’s panicking right there, oh and they’re hollow or maybe there’s, just one hollow you get. I don’t know. Hmm. I got four cards yeah. We got sable. First, try two fire types and two water types: sable totodile, charmander and manikin there’s, only one hollow which is fennekin, and i like the the sabble the best, because this one just is an awesome one. So these are the newest ones. These look like they come with. Like a 25th anniversary logo here – and you can only get these cards at the mcdonald’s – the mcdonald’s you’re – probably gon – na get at least one of these from one of these, so you’re probably going to get one of those so here’s another sticker sheet. This is what region is this. This is a lowland region and then i’m not sure what this one is. Oh there’s, a gem jar i knew chimchar was one of them and that’s our holo chimchar bulbasaur chickarita chimchar, oh, and we forgot to. We got two chip. Jars, we got two chip, charms really, oh, i guess we did same pack we’re, definitely keeping these, because these are way too hard.

We got a charmander, no, no that’s, not the same. Oh i see we got one hollow and one non hollow: okay, yeah and that’s. In one pack i don’t know why we didn’t get any olin ones and then here’s – and this was a short video, so you know because we’re so you know we’re just opening these we’re not eating the food till after all, right we’re, gon na. Are you hungry? You ready to eat some lunch all right.