We will check out the best linux distro for beginners. You must have heard about ubuntu, no matter what it is, the most popular linux distribution overall, not just limited to servers, but also the most popular choice for linux desktops. It is easy to use, offers a good user experience and comes pre installed with essential tools to get a head start. Of course, ubuntu managed to simplify the linux experience years back, and that is the reason why it is still so popular, even with several impressive linux distributions available right now, ubuntu offers a very convenient installation procedure and ensures the best hardware compatibility when compared to some other Non ubuntu based linux distributions, the original ubuntu relies on the gnome desktop, even though it is easy to use. It may not prove to be a familiar user interface if you’re coming from a windows platform. In that case, you can try out some official flavors of ubuntu, like kabuntu ubuntu, to get a windows like user interface. Ubuntu has great documentation and community support ubuntu forums and ask ubuntu, provide appreciable quality support in almost all aspects. Regarding ubuntu, you should find easily find answers to common issues, and even if you notice something new, the community will help you out with troubleshooting. Linux. Mint is arguably the best ubuntu based linux distribution suitable for beginners. Yes, it is based on ubuntu, so you should expect the same advantages of using ubuntu. However, instead of gnome desktop, it offers different desktop environments like cinnamon, xfce and mate.

In fact, linux mint does a few things better than ubuntu, not just limited to the familiar user interface, which will be a bonus for windows users. It provides impressive performance with minimal hardware requirements, especially with xfce or maid desktop environment. It also uses the same software repository as ubuntu. You don’t have to worry about the availability of software to install linux. Mint is an amazing windows like distribution. So if you do not want a unique user interface like ubuntu, linux, mint should be a perfect choice. The most popular suggestion would be to go with the linux mint cinnamon edition, but you can explore whatever you want: Music, Music, Music, zoran os is yet another impressive linux distribution that offers a similar user interface to windows. It may not be the most popular choice but being an ubuntu based distribution. It is perfectly suitable for beginners, while offering many cool features as well. Zoran os is an ubuntu based distribution, but feels highly polished. In my opinion, it is perfectly tailored for former windows users who want a similar, look and feel, but something beautiful. No wonder why zoran os is one of the most beautiful linux distro out there. The ultimate edition of zoran os is worth spending. If you need all the pre installed, goodies, fun, games, office, suite and some additional features, but the free edition works like a charm as well. You will also find a light addition, which is suitable for old hardware that needs to be revived Music.

Music. Now that i mentioned a beautiful linux, distribution above elementary os is actually the most popular good looking linux distribution that takes inspiration from mac os, even though it is not a mac os clone. In any aspect, it tries to focus on the user experience similar to how mac os does or showed. If you are coming from the apple ecosystem, you would love to try elementary os for sure again. It is based on ubuntu. So you get all the benefits of it. Along with a rich user experience. Elementary os features the pantheon desktop environment. You can immediately notice the resemblance to the mac os desktop. The operating system is zero intrusive. So you can really focus on your work. It comes with a very small number of pre installed software, so any new user will not be repulsed by huge bloat, but it’s got everything you need out of the box. The app center is also unique when compared to other linux distributions. You will find some elementary os tailored applications and can choose to pay the developer through the software store as well experience wise elementary os is really a great piece of software Music. If performance or hardware requirement does not bother, you deeper mos will be an interesting pick. It is known for its eye candy user interface – that is one of the most gorgeous linux distributions out there. Of course, it suffers from performance issues if you do not have a decent, modern hardware configuration, but if it works well on your system, it is easy to use and offers plenty of software tools to get started.

Some might mention that, just because it is a project based out of mainland china, you need to avoid it: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music and that’s it.