But more importantly, was the success of red that online and that’s, something i want to focus on here in this video. So, if you’re interested in anything numbers related and want to see the current performance of audio as a title, then thanks for clicking on this video and welcome back to the show, if you enjoy this video at any point or if you just find it helpful. Let me know by dropping a like on this video and if you want to stay up to date and in the loop with everything red dead, redemption, 2 and red dead online, consider hitting that subscribe button with your bell notifications turned on, so we have a couple Of take two updates here, starting off in terms of units sold 36 million red dead redemption 2 units have been sold to date with 2 million in the last quarter alone, and this is, of course, for the full red dead redemption 2 game. Take 2 necessarily didn’t. Go into specifics on how many units of the standalone edition were sold, but just judging by the card player steam counts. And then we extrapolate that across xbox and playstation as well. Of course read that online did go standalone in december and a major reason for the more active players in 2020 as a whole was because of red dead, going standalone. The game is still five dollars for another week or so, and then it’s going up to twenty dollars in price and honestly, i got ta say read that online for five dollars as a standalone game is probably some of the best value you’re gon na get for Five dollars i mean i have almost three thousand hours played across xbox pc, playstation four, i can’t do anything else for five dollars for three thousand hours, so this is incredible value, at least for me and hopefully for a bunch of you guys as well.

Then, of course, it takes you also to say that more players were playing red than online and more new players since the launch in november 2018. Again, thanks to the red dead online standalone edition here, despite the naturalist being the game’s previous largest success to date, that they noted the standalone edition of red dead did an even better job at getting customers engaged and obviously that’s a plus for all of us players Who are playing right now if we expect and hope rockstar games to continue making an investment into this awesome open world now. Take two also noted that red dead had more players in 2020 compared to 19 2019 saw the gun rush, update, which was very, very small. We had the february 26th update, which introduced like the evans, repeater and things like that. The jawbone knife, the may 14th spring update, which brought the game out of beta, actually sorry that one had the jawbone knife new stranger missions, stuff, like that the nakadochis saddle edition. Then finally, we had frontier pursuits which brought new ability cards, the traitor, collector and bounty hunter roles, and then we had the moonshiner roll in december of 2019. Frontier pursuits and moonshiners were the two larger updates for the game that year and in 2020 we really only saw some new showdown maps at the beginning of march or like mid march time and then the naturalist dlc at the end of july, and then the bounty Hunter expansion at the beginning of december and then of course red that online went standalone at the same time as well, and it seems like rockstar, was kind of mimicking what they do with gta online.

Now, where you see two large releases per year, instead of a more frequent, smaller content drop like they used to do in the mid 2010s, more new updates are, of course, coming in 2021. As take 2 said, and as you know, we just made a video about this. We have confirmed new employment opportunities for solo players coming to redmond online and just looking at the leaks since the bounty hunter update. So far, the new telegram missions seems like the most likely candidate as the character j who sends us these telegram missions explicitly state that they are solo, work for players, so that’s kind of like lining up evidence here that we have to expect telegram missions to be The new content when we get these solo quote unquote, employment opportunities now take two is also seeking increased rockstar games, development capacity, basically meaning more consistent content releases and updates for both online titles between red that online and gta online and possibly future new titles as well. There weren’t any actual details, besides on what we just discussed, but something i think, we’re seeing in practice in game now is finally more outlaw passes coming at a more frequent rate before they were only saved for the release of a dlc, for example, outlaw pass one With frontier pursuits op2 with moonshiners, outlaw pass through with the naturalist and then outlaw pass four with the bounty hunter expansion and in between them, we had months of downtime before each new one and while i guess that’s still a possibility for that to happen in the Future outlaw pass four does expire march 15th and outlaw past five is already in the game.

It’S just obviously not unlocked for us players yet so it wouldn’t. Surprise me, if it drops the next day on the tuesday update march 16th, like if it’s, just a weekly tuesday update that would indeed bring outlaw passes up to the industry standard, with the trend of like the battle passes and the season passes, releasing them consistently and Having these passages be basically like a constant flow of content for players, so the developers and the publishers can continue to monetize their games in between the bigger updates they release and then one of the last points was recurrent. Consumer spending grew 30 percent. This quarter. So definitely an increase for red, then online. In specific, as with the bounty hunter expansion update on december 1st, we saw the daily challenge get a huge nerf in payout and the daily challenge. Streaks player streaks were taken away, and that was just in time for red that online going standalone to release as well, so comparatively to newer players. The veterans are extremely blessed to have all of that time beforehand. Since challenge streaks and bonus gold rewards were added to have been able to stack gold in that amount of time. Because, honestly, i don’t think we’ll ever see a generous system return to the game like that again now, we’re going for the long term, balancing here and it’s, just kind of gon na be the way it is from here on out in terms of outlook for q4 2021 right, then, online went standalone, so players were offered more opportunities to get involved with the title and to increase customer engagement and obviously take two is looking forward to rockstar games, putting out the next updates in 2021 for reddit online to further increase that customer engagement.

So good stuff, still going strong, take two always has good things to say about rockstar games and the performance of red that online and honestly there’s really no need to worry too much. You know, i think we’ll be looking at this game for a long time to come kind of like how gta online players like going into rockstar games, tweets, saying oh release, gta 6 where’s, gta, 6, etc. Give this game another five years read then online will still have content coming out. You know maybe once twice two times three times per year and there will be people asking for red dead redemption 3. In the comments of those tweets as well. It’Ll come full circle. Gta online and read that online are just total behemoths, they’re, really just going on forever, that’s something crazy that rockstar games and take two has been able to achieve with these open worlds, and especially the online counterparts of these open worlds. And i just wanted to get this video out today, so you guys can be informed on the numbers here how your potentially favorite game is doing at least it’s one of my favorites that released in the past few years as well and hopefully it’s. One of your tops as well, so if the game’s doing good for the developers, the game is doing good for the publishers. We can expect more money to be invested in these games. More content, releasing more outlaw passes, more battle passes.

Other content, dlcs rolls roll expansions. Maybe heists or something in general later, i feel like that’s, still a long ways away. We’Ll see what happens but, with all of that said, we’re going to wrap it up right here. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. Hopefully you all enjoyed the video today and if you did, hopefully i earned your like on it and of course, if you are new to my channel, i want to stay up to date with all the best red that online and rockstar games content. Consider hitting that subscribe button, so you don’t miss out on a single thing. We consistently talk about updates news, information, tips, tricks and even leaks and we’ll. Keep you guys updated here on the channel daily, so make sure you hit that subscribe button. If you guys want to follow me over on twitch, twitter and instagram, those are the best places to get connected with me outside of youtube. I practically live on all three of those websites and you’re. More than welcome to ask me any questions on there. You can follow me at hazardoushdtv and all my social media links can be found in the description down below with that being said, thank you all so much for watching everyone hope you all have a fantastic day. I’Ll see you guys in the next video tomorrow. We do have a new red dead online update, so within the next like 12 to 15 hours, or so i will have the next update video for the tuesday weekly update coming out so definitely tune in.

So you don’t miss everything you need to know about. The weekly update for red that online, with all that said, thank you so much for watching hope.