Mode and money drops much more malicious than just spamming. Youth explosives, gta online has always had a large group of degenerates, constantly ruining the experience for everyone, and you might see a news headline about hackers and gta online. They won’t tell you the real story. You only get the real story from someone in the community. Gta line’s issues are much worse than you thought it has a black market and it really opened my eyes as to how terribly scary some of this online coding is. I was unaware that playing any game from rockstar brings with it significant risk ever since gta align has come out, it’s been plagued by mod menus and the basement dwellers who use them to get the attention their mother never gave them as a kid. Hey how’s, it going guys mr boss, for the win here and in today’s gta 5 video we’re going to be talking about how cheaters in grand theft auto online could have a huge problem now enough from the clown. You might have recently heard that the creators of the luna mod menu have been issued a cease and desist from take too interactive rockstar’s parent company. If you go to our website now it redirects to this page, announcing that they’ve shut down all operations that are being forced to donate all proceeds to a charity of take two’s choice. I don’t believe that’s. Actually, what went down but i’ll go into that later in the video luna’s mod menu was a paid service it costed around thirty dollars and give you pretty much every option you could ask for from the basic stuff, like god mode, unlimited ammo on money drops to Much more malicious options like forcing players to join your game being able to join their game without an invite crashing their game and even grabbing their ip address and that’s.

Just a couple of options from the list of many. But now, when you try to visit their website, you can’t buy it anymore. It’S been taken offline, a lot of people looked at this and seen it as a win for the community. Finally, rockstar games is taking action against these hackers, and all of our problems have been solved. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Luna was just one provider among dozens that offer these mod menus it’s the equivalent to the cops busting, a drug dealer that’s great and all, but when there’s 20 more in the same blog, does it really make much of a difference? The truth is take. 2 can hire as many private eyes as they want to hunt down and serve these hackers with seasoned assists, but it’s not gon na fix the problem. It’S a band aid solution on a giant wound it doesn’t solve anything. The truth is both rockstar games and take two interactive are too cheap to actually fix the real problem. The only way you’ll ever see hackers being stopped as if they implement an anti cheat that isn’t dog and also start using dedicated servers. Gt online is peer to peer. That means one player is always the host of the lobby, and everyone else connects to them, meaning most of the instances in game are controlled. On the player’s end, not rockstar servers that’s, why all you have to do is type in a dns code back on xbox 360 to gain all these powers, like god, mode and billion dollar bounties.

If you played gt online, when it first launched, you remember how much of a wild west, it really was back then, but the hacking problem goes much further than just mild annoyances, like a hacker using god mode or spamming explosives on you. If you’re willing to pay real money for these menus, like impulse, luna or dozens of others, you can really take control and destroy someone’s life. The biggest problem gt online faces is actually rockstar’s own security, it’s bad every social club account has a hidden id attached to it. Some people call it a social club id and some people call a rockstar id. This id is tied to your account forever and cannot be changed. Even if you change your social club username, you will still have the same id, and this is where the trouble begins. Do you remember when i said rockstar id is hidden well that’s, not really true. It’S supposed to be hidden you’re supposed to never ever ever be able to see your own id or anyone else’s rockstar id, but i wouldn’t be here making a video. If that was the case. If you enter the game, a hacker can instantly pull your id and use it to ruin you, but i recently found a way you can get someone’s rockstar id without ever using a mod menu or even entering gta online. All you have to do is visit the social club website, pull up someone’s profile and then using google chrome.

You can expect element to find their id. It takes about 30 seconds and anyone with the internet connection can get an id. It really is that easy, and once someone has your rockstar id, they can do a lot of damage. The biggest and worst thing they can do is pull your ip address without you even being in their lobby, meaning if someone right now watches this youtube. Video and doesn’t like it, they can type in my social club name, grab my rockstar id and use it to get my ip address without me ever knowing or even meeting them in a lobby, and once they have your ip address, they can issue a denial of Service attack and leave you without internet connection for weeks if they wanted to or they can track your ip and get your city state, your internet service provider and even your zip code. Your zip code is a very small section of your city, meaning they can track. You to within two miles of your house with nothing more than the ip address. If you combine that with social media feeds and google street view, you can dock someone pretty easily and remember, we’ve all seen bigger youtubers get docks with way less information. So this is an actual legit security risk. If you even play gta 5’s single player you’re still at risk of someone grabbing your ip, because you’re still logged into rockstar servers. The only safe way to play gta 5 on pc is either using a vpn or to not play it at all.

It’S honestly amazing how the best selling entertainment product and biggest online game ever for seven years going has had this shitty of security, even free to play. Games developed by small studios have better security than a multi billion dollar aaa studio like rockstar games, with the backing of a major company like take two interactive, and if you think that’s all they can do with your rockstar id you’d be wrong. They can also use it to join your game, whether it’s a private session or not. Oh, no, okay, look! Look! Look! Look to the hacker that just joined my session. Okay, whoever you are just just just shoot me – please they can use it to pull you into their session without your control. What, oh tell tell me, a hacker just pulled me into a session it’s just dead it’s dead, okay, okay, okay, uh, the hacker just put took me to kyle perrico, honestly, i am ready hacker bring it on epstein. I am so ready. They can even spoof your id as their own and possibly get you banned for what they do with their mod menu. I have had all of this happen to me in the last couple months and is the main reason why i quit live streaming. Grand theft auto every time i went live, i put a target on my back for every viewer watching that had a beef with me. Hackers were even able to mess with you, even if you didn’t play gt online.

This issue has been fixed, but i still want to talk about it because it shows just how bad rockstar security is. This is a clip from episode 106 of dark viper’s, how the speedrun ended series for some reason. The original video was taken down, but thanks to wayback machine, i was able to pull the video back up for you guys what the i’m not doing anything i’m, literally pressing, no buttons. So what do i do barrel? Do i just go play 5m? What okay? Well? Yes, what you just seen as a hacker using the same rockstar idea, have been talking about and kill him and destroy his speedrun while he’s in single player, and you might wonder how that’s even possible it’s possible, because these tools have been in games since the very Beginning rockstar added these tools way back then to track cheaters, i guess even back, then they seen the attacking problem coming, considering they added tools in the game to track cheaters, but they don’t use them. In fact, the only people that use these tools to track cheaters are cheaters themselves, but thanks to rockstar adding these cheaters had the power to do this. For years now, the problem is fixed. As far as i know, hackers cannot mess with you in single player anymore, but they can still use all these tools and more in online. Yet another band aid on the problem. A quick google search revealed the gta online black market.

There are dozens of menus, ranging from 20 dollars to hundreds of dollars, and people are getting rich off of this. If they aren’t selling you a way to get players, private information or forced join their session. They’Re selling moderate accounts with millions of gta dollars and even offering protections against other hackers doing the same to you, it’s pretty bad when the only way to play gta online safely without your rockstar id ip address and everything else getting pulled is by paying for protection By using a mod menu and becoming a cheater, i swear it’s just like a mob protection racket. The impulse menu protects you from being caged and trapped pet cloning, which is a method to crash your game. Oh and look rockstar id joining. This is just one example. Two take one menu also offers force joint protection, and you can even block reports which makes the in game report feature useless. You can spoof your ipa address and your rockstar id, so other hackers can’t invade your privacy. These are all the paid menus. I was able to find on the first page of google. Do you ever wonder why there’s so many different menus to choose from it’s, because hacking in gta online is easy all thanks to rockstar’s bad security, i’m convinced anyone with minimal coding knowledge can make their own money for gt online and it’s been like that for years? But rockstar does all to fix it and when they do decide to do something about it, they don’t tighten their security and fix and patch things they just use.

Yet another band aid patch. Do any of you remember the insurance fraud hack back in 2016.. If you don’t, hackers were able to spoof your rocks their id and make the game think you’re blowing up personal vehicles, so within minutes your entire bank account would be drained from all the insurance premiums and to top it off when you realized this and left the Session and went to another session, you would be put in bad sports for destroying personal vehicles. Now, how did rockstar decide to fix this? Well, they just removed insurance premiums altogether when you destroy a vehicle on pc, there’s, no charge and there’s no bad sports penalty. That is how rockstar games goes about fixing a major security issue. Rockstar security is so bad that when gta 5 first launched on pc thousands of players, login details were leaked, including my own, so you would try to log in and play the game. You just spent 60 dollars on and some changed your password and most people use the same password for everything. So if they have the blog and details for your social club account, that means they most likely have the login details for your email address, meaning they had access to everything linked to your email, like a bank account a paypal or all of your social media. Hey guys, a quick warning, some just hacked my social club account. So if you have a social club account change your password, because apparently there are over 2 400 accounts compromised, there’s, a paste bin out there with every single login and everything like that, which is great, because today i had the entire day off, and i thought i Was just gon na pull a spending plan gta 5 on my pc, but unfortunately something attacked my account.

This is amazing, say here’s a brief history of security breaches and how rockstar games decides to handle them. Thousands of social club login details get leaked to pastebin rockstar’s response. The rockstar games. Social club has not been compromised, the company told kotaku. However, it appears that attempts have been made to access user accounts using email and password combinations from an unaffiliated compromised website or database elsewhere on the internet. Yeah blame it on another website. Even when people confirm they used a unique password and email on their newly created accounts and still got them hijacked good move rockstar. It should be noted that one of these hacked accounts we called about uses a unique password that is not used on any other service, meaning that it is not stored in rainbow tables that we are aware of. It is designed in a fashion which is effectively impossible to brute force within the time frame that it was hacked and perhaps rockstar was compromised and just to rub salt in the wound, when people would call rocks their support to tell them that their account just got Hijacked support would read a scripted line every single time and hang up on the customer’s face. Can i put you on hold sir yeah go for it? Okay! Thank you. Okay. Third, thank you for holding yep. Your case has been logged for further review. Our understanding is that there is no further help we can provide at this time and we will need to end this call.

Thank you again. Hang on don’t, hang up on me. Wow, the case has been logged for further review. Understand is that there is no further help we can provide at this time and we will need to end this call. Thank you for contacting rockstar support, okay, so you’re handing up on me too. Is it standard for support agents to hand up after saying that lying because i’ve heard it three or four times yeah? It is it’s standard. We have to okay all right. Well, i understand that’s the type of treatment, a customer that just paid 60 gets. Players are modding accounts on old generation consoles and transferring those characters to the current gen versions. What does rockstar do and all character transfers permanently? I guess flagging accounts with 30 billion dollars in two minutes play time was too much work. Players accounts are being drained and sent to bad sports because of the insurance fraud hack. What do they do? Disable insurance premiums and bad sport penalties red dead online has hackers spawning in kkk members and spoofing official rockstar messages with hateful racist comments. What does rockstar do they just blacklist the kkk model in game? Now? What do all of these stories have in common rockstar games? Never actually fixes the problem and tightens their security. The pc version of gta online has been out since 2015 and six years later, the game is still full of hackers. Rockstar does a lot of short term fixes but never actually addresses the problem and take to threatening menu creators with lawsuits isn’t going to solve the problem, it’s kind of hard to serve someone a cease and desist or a lawsuit when you don’t know who they are? Where they live or have any info to go off of so take two will pay private investigators around the world to hunt and track them down and trust me.

It takes a long time to track someone down illegally it’s impossible for take two’s private investigators to find every single coder that creates these mod menus and with the luna creators getting hit with a cease and desist it’s. Just gon na make these other coders hide, which leads us to luna mods dozens of news sites reported that luna mods was hit with a cease and desist order from take too interactive and that they were forced to donate all their profits to charity. However, i find it very weird that luna never actually showed the season assist letter from take two. After all, you can’t get any legal trouble for showing it and take two has a track record of making public statements and taking a victory lap when they do issue a cease and desist to a hacker group. They did it for open. Four, even rockstar games themselves commented on the situation, but this time not a peep every article written about it hasn’t reached out to take two or rockstar games for a comment. I even went and reached out to everyone that wrote an article and asked them if they reached out to take two. The writers that did actually reply to me confirmed that they never reached out to take two or rocks their games for comment. Some of them didn’t. Even have contacts to reach out to the others that did just didn’t care to get a comment. Yes, that is gaming journalism in 2021.

In fact, the only source of these articles that they have is the luna mods website itself and i don’t think take two hit them with a seasoned assist. I don’t think they’re even contacted by take two. I think this was all an elaborate hoax by luna moz themselves. There is a lot of unanswered questions like why hasn’t rockstar take too commented on the story when they have a history of doing so. Where is the cease and desist letter? Why would take two force them and how would they force them to donate proceeds to charity? Where is the proof that they actually donated anything to charity and what charity was it? Why would take 2 only hit luna mods the seasoned assist and not other providers? If anything, they just put everyone else on high alert and made it way harder to serve them. If anything, this is probably an exit strategy for the team behind the lunar, and it makes sense if you think about it, they had over 40 000 customers that all paid for this ongoing service. What is the best and easiest way to quit, working on a menu without raising suspicion and making the entire community an enemy lie that you were taken down by take two? After all, people can’t request a refund if they were forced to donate all the proceeds to charity. I just don’t believe take two serve them with anything. They usually always comment these sort of things and none of the articles even mention reaching out to them.