A ton of people are searching for it, trying to find all the latest updates news and all that stuff, and then a lot of people are also interested. Should i be looking out for these? Should i try and go to get? Should i try to go to mcdonald’s and pick some up the day of? Should i pick them up for resale? Are they going to go up over time? This is going to be a good investment. We’Ll be talking about all of that in today’s video don’t. You guys worry, but before we get to that instrument, real quick, if you’re not already subscribed, definitely click that subscribe button, really quick, it’s, fast, it’s, free, it’s, easy helps. You guys have today and all my latest content, and i would appreciate it so so much i’m planning on so much uh pokemon content, but also investing in sneakers all kinds of collectibles trading cards, all just different kinds of side, hustles ways to make money all that Type of content in the near future, so you guys don’t want to miss out on any of that. Also, the best way to help support my channel is smash that, like button really quick uh, it really helps me out so much to youtube algorithm, and i would appreciate it with that being said, first of all, let’s check out what this stuff is. So, as this article reads, mcdonald’s is from hypebeast.com, you know the most reliable of sources uh.

This reads: mcdonald’s happy meal offers pokemon cards in celebration of 25th anniversary. This is something that’s been rumored for a while. Now people have heard about it. This is something that’s happened before, and people are just kind of curious, when’s it going down. How do i get it? What kind of cards are we talking what’s going on so let’s read all about this. If there was ever a time to relive the nostalgic days of mcdonald’s happy meal, it would be now the fast food chain is expected to bring pokemon trading cards to its happy meals in celebration of the 25th anniversary. Obviously this is the 25th anniversary pokemon 1996 to 2021 there’s going to be all kinds of big, promotionals and stuff coming out this year. So it is going to be important to figure out which ones are going to be worth your time, which ones are going to be hype which ones are not so you know i get why people are really curious about this stuff. It’S also just really really interesting. Obviously mcdonald’s is a giant and pokemon is a giant. You put two things together. You have the opportunity to make something really really special if it’s done well, if it’s done correctly, uh the pokemon and mcdonald’s promotion is rumored to launch in february it’s february. So this is this is good and is set to feature 25 cards consisting of the different pokemon starters through its various series. Fans might even have a slight chance of picking up a pikachu who is a starter in pokemon, yellow to differentiate cards from other editions.

The cards will include a 25th anniversary stamp on the corner. I think that is a really really big thing: the fact that we’re gon na have uh you know 25th uh anniversary editions of these cards 25th anniversary stamp, so there will be a way to differentiate them. So that will make them somewhat unique. You know to to certain collectors and stuff also the fact that we’re getting 25 starters, obviously there’s, eight uh generations in pokemon eight times three is 24 plus pikachu, being a starter in pokemon, yellow that’s gon na give us the 25 cards uh in this series. So that’s great, that means we’re gon na get uh the gen one starters. Those are always gon na be big and popular uh, throwing a pikachu as well and all of a sudden. You have some cards that could be pretty interesting that as far as value, but just even as far as collectors, there are obviously there’s a lot of value and demand for gen 1 stuff. Also pikachu is always going to be an interesting card uh. I suppose mcdonald’s manager revealed that the happy meal set to come with four card booster packs. Each pack will reportedly contain four different starters, that’s good. You get four different cards uh, one of which will be a hollow and three non hollow. So i mean, if you’re getting a hollow in every single pack, you know maybe the hollows aren’t going to be super rare, but also uh.

It depends how much of each different you know. Maybe pikachu is going to be more rare, maybe charmander charmander’s going to be more. Maybe gen 1 is going to be more rare, like there still could be different populations of each card potentially, but that is good to know. So this means there’ll be a total of 25 cards, both hollow and non hollow, so this set will be 50 cards in total uh. The pokemon company has yet to reveal uh has yet to officially reveal the promotional set. However, some of the mcdonald’s stores have already begun advertising. In a recent conversation with uh employees. Pogi beach can uh confirm that booster packs can be sold separately check out the tweet below the mcdonald’s happy meal by pokemon trading card promotion will reportedly take place from february. 9Th onward is what this article says, but we still have more stuff to talk about. We still have more stuff to cover uh here’s, where we can take a look at this guy’s tweet uh. I didn’t want to go there. He said i went to my mcdonald’s for a coffee and they told me i’ll be able to buy the booster pack separately. As noted in my news story, this varies by location. You might have to go on the hunt. So when we take a look at that here is i’m, not sure exactly how well you guys can see this. I know i’m kind of in the way i can scoot myself over uh you can see here is uh, possibly the 25 cards.

I mean it does seem likely. Obviously you can see the pikachu. You can see all the different starters four pokemon trading game cards featuring pokemon from every region in every happy meal uh. So that will be cool um. I believe all the yeah as it says here, all the cards are reprints um, but they are gon na have that 25th anniversary stamp, so that could you know potentially add a little bit of value to them. It could make them a little bit more interesting um. So when we uh – but i did want to talk about these updated tweets from pokey beach, where he said he called and visited a couple of mcdonald’s today, all of them said they won’t be selling the pokemon products individually now uh, even though he tweeted out before That some of them said they would. I think this is a good decision. I think they kind of realized that uh go to any store right now. Target walmart wherever and you’ll, see the aisles ravage whenever new stuff comes in, you know they’re having a ton of problems with scalpers flippers all this stuff. You do not want people either just backing up your drive through just to buy uh pokemon cards and you don’t want them coming in your store. I don’t even know in states if you can even go into mcdonald’s or anything right now. I haven’t really tried uh but yeah you that would just be a mess and it really wouldn’t be worth it for mcdonald’s making.

I don’t know that i think the toys and happy meals sell for like a dollar, you know mcdonald’s doesn’t want to be a card company, they don’t want to be there the pokemon card shop and especially, if it’s uh, you know making it a worse overall experience For their customers, so you will have to buy an actual happy meal. I i think a happy meal like 350 four dollars, but then you will get a booster pack in each one. I think that is the much much better way to do it rather than having people just having to come through uh. You know and just be able to buy the packs individually. I think that would be a little bit dumb, so i actually like that decision from mcdonald’s um. He also says here uh calling his mcdonald’s. He said we will have the pokemon products next friday. This would put us at february 12th, so i know they said february. 9Th in one of the other tweets but that’s like a tuesday to me that was like. Why would they start on tuesday? It seems like a kind of random and weird day, so this is looking more like it’s going to start on friday, february 12th and again you’ll be able to pick them up in happy meals. It seems like you, won’t, be able to pick them up individually, so you’ll be able to get these booster packs again for like three dollars: four dollars, i mean, depending on how tax and stuff works out, maybe up to like five dollars, uh, and i do think Overall, in the end, that will be the best decision again as far as whether you should go pick these up, what’s gon na happen to them uh.

He also a big thing here. He said: please be nice to your mcdonald’s employees. They seem overworked and tired and don’t want to deal with our pokemon stuff completely agree be a normal person. You know this is gon na, be fun. It’S gon na be exciting, uh promos are super super fun and the 25th anniversary pokemon is meant to be celebrated, but again be a normal person like don’t ruin this for everybody else. Don’T make this something where they’re gon na regret doing this, and never do it again. You know there’s, always gon na, be those shitty insane. People don’t contribute to that don’t make it one more don’t, be one more that’s. The only thing i ask you guys, but in the end, is this going to be a big pickup? Is it going to be worth your time? Are the prices going to increase? Is the value going to be there now? The first thing is that, obviously, all these cards are reprints, so that is going to hurt the value a little bit. You know, you’re, not getting anything super super exclusive, not getting anything super super different. I do think that uh, the the 25th anniversary stamp, is going to be kind of cool and could be something that people look out for, especially on the pikachu, especially on the hollows, especially on the gen 1 starter hollows. So so that could be interesting to look out for, but i really think the play here is: if you’re able to get your hands on stuff early keeping your packs sealed.

I think people are really going to be ripping these open. You know they’re going to be trying to get all the cards that’s going to be really really cool, but sealed product is always going to be great, and if some of these cards do start to explode in value, say the pikachu explodes in value say the bulbasaur Charmander squirtle, whatever starts to explode in value having these sealed packs and being able to hang onto them, maybe for a couple of weeks, maybe for a couple of months you could potentially see a really really good return on that investment. Now again, i’m not saying it’s guaranteed. We have no idea how any of this is gon na go. But since this is such a low risk, you know it’s four bucks, five bucks, i mean if you went and picked up a couple of happy meals again, don’t be a weirdo. Don’T do anything crazy, but i think, like four three five happy meals that wouldn’t be too weird you could, potentially you know just be getting food for your family or something i don’t think that’d be too crazy. I don’t think that’d be like too absurd. I don’t know what the limits on this are gon na, be anything but like the guy who’s going and ordering like 30 happy meals like don’t. I wouldn’t be that guy, but you know for five. You know put up put like 20 25 bucks into this it’s.

Something where you could maybe see some decent returns down the road i mean uh, again, it’s, not gon na, be anything insane. I don’t think it’s gon na be like special delivery pikachu, where we see that turning from 20 bucks to 250 bucks in a couple of weeks. But that is like a unique card that collectors are going to want stuff and i’m, not exactly sure what the art on these packs is going to be. I don’t know if it says that anywhere um, but potentially it if the artwork on the packs and stuff is cool or interesting in some way. That could potentially add a little bit of value to it um, but this is gon na be an interesting event. I’M. Definitely gon na be keeping my eye on it. If i uh, you know if i hear that stuff still in stock and i’m able to get my hands on a couple of it again, i’m, not opposed to risking 20 25 bucks on something like this kind of taking a flyer and seeing what happens? I also just want to be involved, and maybe i’ll even open – some up on youtube, just to check them out and just have some of these cards, because i think it would be pretty cool uh and i’m. All about the 25th anniversary. I think there’s gon na be a really big awesome year for pokemon cards and i want to be involved. I think the community is awesome and i want to uh.

You know just continue to be a source of like given news and updates and all that stuff. But again the latest information is looking like if you’re interested in getting some mcdonald’s pokemon cards friday february 12th, again, nothing official yet but that’s our best guess i mean this. Guy’S talked to literal mcdonald’s employees, he’s got the sources that’s what it seemed like in happy meals, uh go out and kind of get started, but that is pretty much for this. Video today, guys definitely drop a like if you enjoyed it, helps me out so so much youtube algorithm and i would appreciate it leave a comment down below what do you guys think about this promo? Do you think it’s gon na be good? Do you think it’s gon na be trash? Are you gon na pick? Some up? Are you passing on it? Are you gon na buy some for resell and try to flip it even higher? I would love to hear your guys thoughts and opinions on anything.