. Today is february 6 2021, and this set will come out february. 9. 2021. Some people have actually gotten this early and there’s. Some pictures here which i’ll show in a second but if you’re new to my channel, subscribe because i make happiness toy set videos for pretty much every set since the last five or six years. So please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already but anyways here’s. Some new information – and it basically tells us that there will be 25 cards in this 25th anniversary set, and these cards will be available as a holo and a non hollow version, so they’re a total of 50 different cards. So here are some league pictures and all of the names are here, so everyone could get credit. It says the mcdonald’s pokemon promotion has started at some locations. I just called my mcdonald’s, and they don’t have this yet, but i’ll keep on calling them every day and hopefully they’ll get them soon. It should start between today, which this was posted three hours ago to next friday. So hopefully my mcdonald’s gets it in the beginning of the week, so pretty much each like toy it’s, not really a toy, it will come in this pikachu box. It says there’s a deck box for each generation of starter pokemon and i have more pictures opened up as well. It says envelope number two comes with a set of 25 stickers for each starter: pokemon, pretty cool envelope.

Number three comes with the cardboard and plastic card holder featuring pikachu, and then we get a card pack with four cards and envelope. Four comes with four largest stickers of pikachu groogy score, bunny and sabol, and the four card booster pack here it is. We have pikachu squirtle, bulbasaur and charmander. It says each pack has one hollow card and three non holo cards. I wonder if certain holo cards will be worth more than others or if they will all be around the same price range, and here are some pictures of the cards, but i have better pictures as well, so the pricing varies by different mcdonald’s over here. It says a pokemon envelope will cost two dollars, so it really does depend i’ll try to get as many as i can. So. A bunch of people already have listings on ebay. So, for example, here is a picture. We have charmander chimchar and score bunny and you can see the little pikachu face logo with a 25 for the 25th anniversary. We have some more water type cards over here we have mudkip piplup, totodile, squirtle, oshawa and froggy. These are all the holo versions and all of these cards look pretty cool. We have church, wigs, navy, chespin, groogy, rowlett and chikorita comment down below. Let me know who your favorite pokemon is. I did reveal my favorite pokemon in another pokemon. Video in the past. Here are some more pictures of cards, and you could just search up this on ebay and go to these sellers.

If you want to get this well, this version doesn’t have the 25th anniversary sticker the swirl doesn’t, but this is a better look at some of the cards. I wonder where the seller was able to find all of these pictures. So here is a better look at the pack. Another look at some of the envelopes we have a total of eight different pikachu designs looks like we also have a little activity over here kind of reminds me of that who’s that pokemon from each pokemon episode. So you have a black and white or just a coloring page version of the pokemon, and you have to connect it to the silhouette. I always used to love in the show when they would do who’s that pokemon it’ll always be so easy, because it would be a character from that episode. Let me know in the comments down below, if you like that part as well but anyways. This was just a quick leak picture. Video, hopefully i’ll, be able to get these toys really soon kfc. China also has some really cool pokemon toys. You can check out my happy meal toy playlist over here and my pokemon playlist for a lot more videos.