I appreciate you being here today. Thank you for all the support you guys are bringing to the channel. We are almost to 200 subscribers. That is amazing to me. If you like what i have to say today, please consider subscribing to the channel smash that, like button, it only helps the channel grow and it helps me create more content and bring it to you guys via this platform. So in today’s video, what we have is not just one but two of the 25th anniversary: happy meal, mcdonald’s, uh, pokemon, booster packs. If you will or booster packages um, these are completely sealed. We are lucky to be able to have two of them. These do not release until february 9th, so we are having them. I were able lucky to be able to open them two days before release day so really excited about that today. So without further ado, let’s get ripped all right, you guys, so here we have it. We have two of these beautiful, looking pikachu mcdonald’s packages, then i think there’s the pack should be inside of these packs um, but they look really cool, in my opinion, a huge shout out to a family member that was able to find these for me, especially to Create this video, especially to make this uh video for you guys to see what is in these packs that are set to release on february 9th, so we’re gon na go we’re gon na go ahead and open these up and see what we get so what we Know is that there is 25 non hollow cards and 25 holographic cards, including a pikachu holographic that will have the uh po the logo, the 25th anniversary logo, as you guys, can see there.

Now there is more things: i’ll post, a picture up here that comes with this promotion from mcdonald’s um. Just you guys know you don’t have to buy the happy meal to get these. You should be able to buy this uh, i think. Is there a dollar? Ninety nine cents, just the packs without buying the happy meal. Now, if you want to have yourself, you know some mac chickens, then you’re more than welcome to do that and buy the happy meal with them uh. But this just throwing that out. Those of you guys know uh. There is a pikachu frame, as you can see in this photo up here, as well as as well as some stickers simply just there’s a handful of different types of items that will be available, not just these packs, but these specifically are the ones that will have The booster pack, where you get the holographic cards, the specific packs so um yeah i’m, really excited for this. So let’s go ahead and get started. Let’S open, uh, the first one up. So all right, let’s go ahead and see what this bad boy’s had to offer. All right, so it seems like right out of bat, that is the pack that comes in there, uh, really cool. Looking art uh. I really like that. They put all four kanto starter pokemon in there, it does say, comes with four cards and uh it’s, a very thin. You know booster pack compared to the uh normal ones, as it only has four cards, let’s see what else we’re getting here.

So this seems to be a deck box. Actually, i think yeah. So this is the top, and this is the bottom of it. So let me go ahead and try to build it. Real, quick. It looks like this is the bottom and seems like you got instructions on the back here on how to do it, so it looks pretty self explanatory. So again, these these are packs, do not release onto february 9th, which is tuesday, um i’m. Recording this on saturday february 6, so tuesday, this release and you should be able to go to your local mcdonald’s and be able to just order a happy meal. Just tell them that you’re there for the pokemon toys and they should be able to give you what they have and keep in mind that mcdonald’s does open really early, usually five or six. Some of them are even open, like 24 hours, so it’s worth a shot. Calling beforehand and finding out what are their hours, so you can get there before anybody else gets there and you get unlucky and you don’t get any so um let’s put that there really cool uh box in there. Then there’s like a little game with pikachu. In that one that’s pretty much it. What comes in this pack is gon na. Put that aside, all right now, moving on to the to the good stuff. Now these cars should all have the uh 25th anniversary logo on them. But what we are looking for is that holographic pikachu – i didn’t want to rip it like that, but i guess it came a little bit a little bit too strong on that end.

All right so let’s go ahead and just do it. This way all right put that aside uh. I think i saw hollow on the back here, so what i’m gon na do i’m gon na do three into the back. So that way the hollow is on the top here. So our first card of this bag, it’s snivy, really cool, and then we have a poplio, really nice mod kit, okay, moving on to a holographic fannikan, oh look at that hollow on the background. It’S. Definitely a different texture than the holographics that we’re used to seeing uh the texture looks really a little bit different. If you compared look at this pikachu, it has like more of a little bit of a different texture on this holographics. So there you have it. Fennekin is our first car so, like you can tell, as you can tell it’s three three uh non hollows and one hollow on each pack, so we’re gon na put that aside there all right, let’s move on to our next box. Again, we have the same booster pack and the same exact uh deck and there’s a different coloring book there. So really cool. Put that aside. All right here you go. Should we get a charmander? Can we get a squirtle? Can we get a pikachu? That is what we need all right. So let me just do this: instead, let’s see they’ll come out without open there, we go all right there, we go so again.

We’Re gon na do three and two the back here we go our first one up. Is people up all right and we got a fennekin again that’s the non hollow and we got a score bunny regular and a cinder quilt holographic i’m, not gon na complain. That is one cool. Looking pokemon and look, it looks amazing, really good condition. Centered is almost perfect. I really like this card. I really like how the holographic on it stands out a lot really cool 25th anniversary logo down here, amazing, looking cards. So again you guys you should be able to score these on tuesday if you are trying to get your hands on some really cool 25th anniversary car, so yeah that was the pokemon uh mcdonald’s happy meal promotion going on for the 25th anniversary of this year. I really hope you guys enjoyed uh the video, a really quick one today. So again, thank you guys for being here.