The united arab emirates and china have joined hands with space veteran the united states. For decades, scientists have been using mars, like environments on earth, to test out new technologies and theories. This before crude missions eventually take off to the red planet. Here’S a report dawn breaks across a red desert. These are astronauts clad in spacesuits, testing, mars, bound technology and here’s the futuristic 2.4 tonne inflatable habitat. It protects the astronauts from harsh conditions, but this is not mars. It is the arabian peninsula credit, the arid landscapes resemblance with mars. More than 200 scientists from 25 nations chose it as the ideal location. The reason for weeks of experiments there are places which have twins on mars areas that are also strikingly similar, not only from how they look, but also in terms of the mineralogy, the same grain size distribution. Many other aspects as well, but the deserts of oman are not the only red planet like locations. Scientists have used to test mars bound technology. In spain too, in 2018, the field tested a uk built rover prototype nicknamed charlie. This was in spain’s tabernace desert. Many of earth’s deserts can be key to finding evidence of past life on mars simply because their rocky surfaces preserve organic materials. Crucial for study you go out into the real landscape. You’Ve got wind. Of course, mars has wind. We just learned about the last dust: storm and you’ve got the sun moving around you and you’ve got little gravels that move and it’s all more natural, more chaotic, more dangerous and uh, not as well as controlled as you are in a lab.

In 2018, israel simulated life on mars in the negev desert, a team of scientists spent four days. They carried out experiments and lived in a specially designed mars habitat just like d mars, an israeli project to test out equipment and gather data, one that could be used to plan a future manned mission to mars. We are getting ready for the first day in the habitat, say hello to all the ramonauts hello guys in 2013, ecological experts at a university in the netherlands planted 14 different types of plants in pots. They were filled with artificial, mars, moon and earth soil. The soil had been produced and provided by nasa nasa used a mixture of elements that exist on earth and it appeared that the simulated mars conditions came up trumps and then there are non profit organizations like the mars society. Its mission is to raise awareness and advocate human exploration of mars. They are not affliated with nasa or the u.s government. Everybody says we should practice before we go to mars, but some people say we need to practice on the moon. Well, you could practice on the moon, but you can do it at one. Ten thousandth, the cost in the desert in utah what’s really important, is to have a crew that is resilient for a long term mission in space, especially when nasa plans to send humans to mars by the 2030s bureau report. We on world is one we on world is.