If you are new here hi my name is fikemy and if youre returning subscriber or viewer, thank you. So much for sticking with me like super glue all this, while thank you so very much now from the title today, im going to be doing a gadget review again, i, like small gadgets, like i love things, that i could lay my hands on and are very Useful to me – and this one is not exempted now today – im going to be trying out the orimal light strong, fast earphone with mike. I saw this when i was on the orimo site and i think the strong bus is the selling point. So if youd like to hear my thoughts on this particular earpiece and im going to be comparing it with my very trusty oriental free pot to the tuba tuned edition now, if youd like to hear my thoughts on this particular product, then keep on watching Music. Now this is how the earphones come. This is the orimo conch oep e10 strong bass, earphone with mic. It comes in this sealable branded or resealable branded um nylon bag with the arimo branding and two faces. I think hes the face of the brand in nigeria. I think im, i think, yeah two faces the face of arimo in nigeria, so at the back is more information about the earphone itself. This earphone type is in ear. It has a cable length of 1.2 meters. Its frequency response is 20 to 20 000 hertz.

It has a sensitivity of 102 or 3 decibels. Impedance 16 ohms plug type 3.5 mm. Yes, it has a 3.5 mm jack. Now the earpiece itself is looks pretty standard. It looks like a pretty standard earpiece. Why? I like how sleek it is um. It has a 3.5 mm jack, like i said before, and the ear buds or the earpiece itself has this really comfortable air tip thats interchangeable. It comes with three different sizes, and it has this really nice conch, i think, thats why they call it the orion coin. To this crunch design on the ear like on the tip and it also its its its a single button earpiece, it just has this single button on the orimal branded um panel. I dont know what this is actually called, but yeah. This is the earphone. The only branding it has again is this orimal accessories. I think this you can tear off just for the sake of it, but its a pretty normal earpiece. Now my earpiece gave out on me so thats, one of the reasons why i actually got im not really want to spend so much on wired earphones, but all i can say just right off the bat is that this compared to the previous one i used. Is it it feels very sturdy? It feels like something that i paid more than a thousand naira for this retails for a thousand are on the origami site. So, if youre interested in getting it, please just do yourself a favor and buy yourself one now having a wired, earphone or earpiece is a thing of choice.

Ive always i always have a wired set. So when my previous one died out on me, i just had to get a replacement and, since ive been really loving, orimo products of recent. So i decided to add this to my cart when i was getting it and so far so good. This feels like something thats going to last a very long time. It actually claims to have more materials than or claimed to have used more materials than your standard earpiece, and it really feels good im not even going to lie. It just feels, like i paid more than a thousand naira for this. I think ive said that before but yeah it actually feels pretty pretty good, and the thing is, it comes with replacement earbuds if thats, something that youre interested in it just doesnt come with this one size in case these are too big for your ears and its Noise cancelling so once you put these in thats it, you cant, really hear anything anymore. So when i saw the strong pass, i was like. Okay lets see whether this actually works, whether this really has some bath and when i plugged it in trust me when i say this earphone packs, a punch like the boss is incredible. Im just gon na play something here so that i can experience the surround. Sound is loud, it has. This cinematic surround hd sound thats, just impressive honestly, i didnt think i would get this kind of quality from an earpiece and the thing is as much as i love my free pots too.

This little guy here has more bath. Let me put this in here and let me experience the two side by side. Ive done it once im just going to do it again, so my bluetooth is on im just going to put this in here im going to disconnect this and im going to play. This has a very soft, almost natural sound. It just makes me feel like im in a very comfortable space listening or watching this movie, but you see this guy. I havent been to the cinema in a while, but this earphone is giving me cinema vibes like its giving me. The hd surround sound quality, nah nah nah for a thousand naira. This is this is a steal like this is an absolute steel. So if youve been looking at this and looking at it as a cheap earphone, please dont um once again, this is the orimo conch oep e10 in ear wired earphones. So do yourself a favor and get yourself one anyway, thats all for this video. This is very good handy on the go. This is very handy on the go as well, but if you, if i had to choose, i wouldnt actually, but this is a very good sound. This is very, very, very good sound. So if youve been wanting to get this particular earphone and you think its cheap, please its not get it enjoy it experience it and then thank me later anyway, thats all for todays video.