This is a smart robot vacuum, cleaner thats advertised as suitable for homes that have pets to pick up more pet hair and even has a built in laser beam which can amuse cats. With. That being said, i think, even for folks without pets, it could still be worth considering in the sense that, because its able to suck up more hair, it could also give you just a bit more of suction power. In addition to some of the other modes and functions, including a built in hepa filter on here, which can purify, the air seems to be something i think, generally speaking, that most folks would find value in as well as it has a built in security cam as Well, on the front of the vacuum, which is a feature that i think more robot vacuum cleaners should honestly adopt youre able to also see what the camera of the robot is seeing and control it. So, for example, if youre on vacation, you can set up the robot to clean on certain days and compared to a physical home security cam that can only stay in one spot. This can kind of drive around a room, so it combines multiple features in one from vacuuming up to 4000, pa of suction power, which is considered to be pretty aggressive for a robot. Cleaner security cam even has a night video recording mode in terms of resolution, its 1080p for that camera, its using a depth sensor on the side, so its not using a lidar sensor on this particular model, which is why the top here is completely flat.

The benefit is it can crawl under sofas and beds more easily. The downside is the mapping system, its considered quite good. It will detect objects and plan its route intelligently, but it doesnt have as much speed and accuracy as a true lidar, 3d sensor. The object, detection by the way works for products which are larger than one inch even has an air freshener component, which is pretty neat. Another feature, though, that this model doesnt have would be a mopping mode, so this is a robot vacuum only and it wouldnt wet the floor all right so inside the box. We have, of course the quick start guide. Everything is accented in this kind of gold shimmer and you can download the companion app called trefo from the ios or android app stores, and underneath we see that the robot also has a bit of a accent on the top kind of, in the shape of a Triangle no tangle hair adapter, which you can attach at the back of the robot very interestingly, the laser pointer is kind of a separate accessory which isnt actually mounted directly on the robot. But you stick it on using a 3m tape and it takes a separate single aaa battery. The same compartment here with the laser also contains a slot for the air freshener. If you want the room to smell better and it can take pretty much any just regular sponge that you apply some essential oil to, but you get a few pre included packets, lemon scented, but, like i said you can easily use any essential oil to change the Flavor, if you desire – and then it just tells you how to attach that little laser pointer last but not least, theres just the rechargeable docking station, which also has infrared so the robot can know where its located and automatically return to charge itself when its running low.

On power, like the design of the robot itself, its going with this gold accent, i do find it a little bit strange that this ac cable is white, since the dock here is predominantly black, so maybe if they can also color coordinate this, it would be even More attention to detail so the robot itself as aforementioned has this predominant kind of gold or copper shine on the front, which has this aluminum alloy surface? The body, though, is constructed primarily out of a polycarbonate plastic youll, find a power as well as a home key on the very top sensors, as well as a bumper to prevent it from hitting on something if it accidentally touches an object. What youll notice is that there is no conventional remote control included in the box, so you have to program it using the companion app on this model, something that i do like about the design here is you can actually lift up this metal lid and that acts As a door that hides the dust compartment, so its a model that has this flip open design, instead of mounted on the side which i do prefer, i think its a little bit more ergonomic just to lift this up when you are cleaning it – and this is What the compartment looks like and the also included hepa filter on the side here now on the very front of the robot, you also find thats where the camera lens is located, along with an infrared ir bulb, otherwise, on the very rear we have just the typical Kind of uh wheels, which are pretty heavy duty.

They can collapse and help it climb over carpets, rugs things like that, as well as the typical rollers and contacts here for charging. What youll notice is the side brushes? You have just one on this model, but overall it still does the trick, considering it will go back in its path and then kind of flip in the orientation anyways. The side brush by the way is just designed for collecting dust at the corners. It will push it inwards and then the dust gets sucked in heres a quick size. Comparison against xiaomis, dreamy bot, elton pro dimensions of the trifo ali, i would say, are comparable. So this is a pretty standard size, robot vacuum cleaner by 2022 standards. So lets take a closer look at the main ui here of the app. We can see the cleaning area the time as well as the battery percentage remaining, and we can also start the clean from here. Have it returned to the charging dock as well as under? More features you can find some designated cleaning modes areas that you can set up in the room that it wont go into as well as being able to manually control, move me around or to assign tasks. The robot, which will, as you can see here, open up the virtual d pad in which you can use to push the robot around kind of like an rc car. As you heard, the voice commands and speakers on the robot to also pop along.

So it is present and it will tell you those voice commands as it is doing certain tasks. We can also start to see that the depth sensor being starting to kick on and working its action, so as its spinning in the room, its trying to detect the different walls. We can also have the robot start to do a full scan of the room in which well find the different parameters and map itself out in more detail. Usually that takes a minute or two for it to finish processing so, like we said, the accuracy is decent, but its not as fast as a lidar sensor, which will usually just spin 360 degrees and then captures everything on here needs to move a little bit more To get that path sorted, but overall performance is still pretty decent once the mapping is completed, and we can also begin the vacuuming from there as well as also change things like the intensity of the vacuuming again at that maximum strength, its definitely a little on the Louder side, youll for sure hear it in the room as its working its action, but in one of the more quiet modes like it is right now it becomes softer, but you can definitely choose between those different levels. Depending on how intense you need the clean to be so lets exit out of that manual control mode – and we start to see again the map here, starting to be populated, now with more details on the very top.

By the way we have some additional settings. A do not disturb mode which will basically disable all of the voice prompts, and it will prevent it from speaking to you as its entering different modes. You can also resume a room cleaning. So if you have this function, turn on lets say: the trash of the robot is full and you stop it. You dump out the trash, it will remember where last left off and continue there. You can also set up the automated schedules, so it will start to again clean during certain days and times during the week as well as quiet mode during certain hours as well. That will prevent it from waking. Others around you when its doing its vacuum, as well as check out different history and under maintenance. You can also see how long youve been using the different components inside, including the brush side, brush and filter, and you can see its estimated to last about 150 hours of usage before its recommended to then purchase a new one for the best effect under motion detection. Now this one here is really using the aforementioned security camera, which is triggered when the robot is on its docking station and being charged. Obviously, when its moving around its not going to activate the motion detection, since the robot itself will be moving. But if you are charging it and you have this function turned on. You also get alerts. If there has been motion that is detected, it will act pretty much like any other standard security surveillance cam in that mode, itll record about a 10 second snippet of the video and whats smart is the camera is pointing still outwards so when its being charged.

That part doesnt get covered up. The thing to note, though, is again: the point of view is rather low, as expected since its on the floor, so it may not always capture peoples faces unless its a little bit further away. If you have pets around the house, you can monitor how theyre doing and kind of speak to them. Pets can hear your voice, and in that sense it works quite well, since most dogs and cats will be a little closer to the ground. Anyways. The laser pointer is actually pointing backwards, so its in the opposite direction as what the robot is seeing and moving in in terms of the direction and thats good, because if a cat or animal sees the laser pointer, beam, theyre gon na always be behind the robot. However, that particular laser beam again its controlled just from the side, so you have to tap on that to turn it on there isnt a way for you to automate it from the app. You also can find my robot, which will basically prompt it to talk to you and tell you its location in that chime. So you can try and again find if its behind a sofa or somewhere that got stuck see what the camera is seeing just by tapping on start, video and youll see that snippet pop along there just on the very top, has a pretty good quality to it. You can also full screen if you want to have a larger view of what the camera is seeing right now, its still in the color mode, because we have sufficient light around us, but we can also toggle into the night mode.

It will be monochromatic black and white, but you can definitely see in the dark, which is neat even if everything else is turned off in terms of lighting and then heres the color. Now the aspect ratio tends to be shrunken down a little bit in the night mode, save a image of what the camera is seeing onto your phone just by tapping that key as well as begin recording video, which will also be saved onto your phones memory. So anyways lets do a quick demo now of just the robot cleaning itself, a little bit more Music repositioning my location, Music. It does seem to be rather effective when it comes to just the vacuuming power picks up quite a lot of dust as well as hair and overall, its doing a good job in terms of mapping its environment. It tends to go in a zigzag pattern by default and tries to avoid going to the same spot twice and even underneath some of the racks, as you saw there under sofas and beds. Now the laser pointer as you can see, there does also conserve on battery. So theres a standby mode where, if it doesnt detect motion, it will turn off. But if you have something in front of it, thats being waved or if its moving around thats when it actually turns on, we can see that now its going to be blinking so theres, a second mode just depending on which one you prefer allows you to speak To the robot, and so someone in the other room is able to hear you, but you tap on the map portion of the screen there to activate that microphone feature so, for example, hello.

This is a test and you can hear that works fine, just like most home security cams now. Last but not least, i will just mention that this particular model, like we said, does not come with a mopping function. However, there are a few other variants which does come with a water tank dustbin for mopping. So thats going to be an extra add on. If you choose so thats more or less it as far as our hands on review of the trefo ali, it has to be one of the more versatile and interesting robot vacuum cleaners that ive seen the design works quite well. The suction strength is great, but it has all these interesting add ons, which is kind of making it a bit more modular and fun. In my opinion, regardless of if you have a pet or not, it can be just a fun one to play around with.