Candy push active earbuds that i have right here. Uh these particular earbuds did catch my attention based off of some of the features that it does offer so were going to take a look at the features were going to try them on, do a little fit test and shake test as well. Just so, we can make sure they dont come off and yeah well be able to set them up and take a look at one of the features that did intrigue me when i, when i was looking at these, but lets go ahead and read off some of The features that it does have so it does have the it does, have the hands free voice, control um. They does have 44 hours of total battery life uh. They have an update feature through the skull candy app so that if any new features come out, you can have them pushed out to the earbuds themselves and theyll be able to update. It does have a ip55, sweat and water resistance, and the feature that i like the most is the tile feature. So these earbuds, you can actually register through the tile app and if, for any reason, you misplace one of them youll be able to locate them using the tau app now youll register each one of these each one of the earbuds as a separate bud, so that Theyll be available to you through the app and you can see where each one of them are or where they both are.

At the same time, all right well lets go ahead and get started with the unboxing and yeah lets. Take a look at them. So lets go ahead and get started with this. Um lets open these up and all right. So, as far as what comes in the box, all right so as a get started, little booklet, it actually does give you the controls, uh, the voice controls and the button controls, because each one of the earbuds does have um does have buttons on them all right. So the next thing we have are the well its its the case. Now it this these particular earbuds do come in different colors. I chose um the dark, blue and green um. I didnt really want to do the um. The orange i did want to be a little bit different and yeah try these out. So these are the earbuds all right lets. Take a look at them. Lets take them out real, quick all right, so it does have the over the ear uh over the ear loop for extra uh extra support, which is awesome thats. What i like all right lets put these to the side. Real quick now lets. Take a look at this whats in here all right, so all right, so we got some extra um ear tips, um thats nice, its nice to have just in case you lose them all right. So we also have the one year warranty global warranty and the user guide attached to this, its awesome and the usb type c connection for the charging case.

Now the charging port seems to be right here all right, so this is where we would connect the usb type c and so its usb type c to usb type a from what it looks like all right. Well, these are the earbuds um. It does have like it does look like it does, have some juice on them. If you uh take a look at the the lights uh, so it does have a little bit of juice on them, so ill be able to uh pair them, and you know just take a look at the features that it does offer all right. Lets. Uh lets set it up all right so now that we have these lets, go ahead and open them up and um try them on all right, all right, so off the back. You can already hear that it tells you the um. It actually tells you the battery. The battery life and what percentage its currently on its a good thing, we left them on and uh charged them up and yeah theyre at 100. Right now, all right uh so lets go ahead and do a quick shake test and just to make sure that theyre um theyre gon na stay on lets just double check. All right cool all right lets! Do this: okay! Okay! Well, as you can tell theyre theyre not going to come off um, i do feel that they are snug and the loop uh that the earbuds come with uh for the ear support its um.

It helps so it theyre definitely not going to come off alright. So lets go ahead and listen to some music, real, quick im gon na put some music on and were gon na, see how it sounds. Put the volume up a little bit more okay, i mean it sounds good. It really sounds good theres, a lot of clarity. Theres theres a good like theres, a good amount of like treble theres, a good amount of bass. Okay lets try something else, something that has a bit more bass here: look: okay, okay, okay, now now the music sounds great um, its its definitely um. The sound quality is definitely on point um. I would definitely recommend it uh now, just so that you guys can kind of see how this looks. So if you guys, dont already have skull candy uh products, its its gon na just show you um its gon na show you the head, the earbuds that you have or the headset that you have and then, if you scroll down, youll, actually have the the different Settings for um listening experiences, so youll be able to go from music. You can go to podcast and then youll be able to go to movie mode and then finally uh you can do a custom eq. So you can, you know: um set the settings to whatever youd, like to your preference. Whatever sounds better for you, so um im glad that it it actually has the custom mode uh.

Just because not every not every earbud or headset does have um has a custom custom, but it already has like preset uh listening experiences or modes um now, one of the ones. One of the features that is pretty cool is that it does have a stay aware mode. Now you can turn that on or off at any time you can actually use the voice commands in order to do it or you can just do it from the uh from the application itself. So basically, what stay aware is, is i mean its kind of self explanatory, its similar to the transparency mode that the airpods do have and it amplifies the surroundings when its currently on so youll still be able to hear some of the cars hear conversations or hear People – and you know just whatever background noise is – is already there, but it just amplifies it a little bit more so that you can. You know as as assess, stay aware all right so now that were done with the testing uh. One of the things that i did want to show you guys is the tile app and i find it pretty cool because i already set it up, so i already registered both of these and im gon na put one away but um for this. For this experience, i just want to make sure you guys, like youre, able to hear um when im looking for one of these. So this is the rape, okay and work.

So, as you can tell on here on, the tile lab, youll be able to choose between left and right and right now, im just going to search for for the right one, even though its literally right here but whats cool about it is when you click find Hit find so you can actually hear like a little chirping sound and that thats just so that you can have extra assistance in finding them. And when you look at it, you can see that the signal is very strong, so obviously youre it because theyre right here, but if they werent, if they were a little bit further away, uh the string, the signal strength would decrease and then, as soon as i Get closer, it would increase. Obviously, a lot of you guys already know how this works, because maybe you guys have some um some tile products that you guys currently use um so, but i do find it helpful that you that you can do this uh similar to how apple has their find. My find my device find my iphone stuff like that. The skull candies work with the towel technology so that you can find them if you misplace one all right. So as far as anything goes, i i do recommend these um. I do like the sound quality. I do like the additional support that it comes with with um with the loop uh, so it gives it extra support whenever youre exercising uh doing any type of sports uh or just you know out, and about uh.

One of the things that i believe to me is a bit important is always just you know how um, how portable it is now, yes, its small uh, but in comparison to the air pods. You can already tell that theres a big difference, so these will definitely fit in your in your pocket. Um i mean. Obviously i have i hooked this. I hooked this to uh to my belt loops, so you know i just never use it, never lose it and you know theyre easier for me to get to and if you compare these to the bose soundsport, i probably still choose these over the soundsport just because I i just dont like the shape and how, how big and bulky it is, and then these are the raycon air, the aircon earbuds case wise. I mean its definitely smaller similar to the air pods, but either way i mean. I would probably just put this in a backpack if need be ill put it in my pocket, but i can only see myself putting it in in a backpack of sorts, so i can carry it around or whatever. As far as that goes, i mean i do recommend the the earbuds they sound great uh for what theyre worth um. They are currently selling for 79.99, so thats still within a good range and if youre trying to stay uh like if youre like really budget conscious, then i would definitely buy these uh similar to like some of the other ones, that i that ive uh, that ive Checked out, i try to stay within within the budget if im not ready to spend like a hundred or more dollars on a pair of headphones, or especially like 300 or whatever.

If i can get good quality, um good quality of sound, a great product just from uh spending like 79 or stay within the range of a hundred dollars, then thats perfect for me uh, so overall yeah, i would definitely recommend them um. If you guys have any questions or if you would like me to kind of go over a few other things regarding these, these specific earbuds, something that maybe i havent gone through yet uh feel free to leave them to leave any messages in the comment section or, If you want, you can always follow us on ig on uh at one tech reviews, and you can always dm us um. You know well put up new content on there and that way, youll be aware of all the new content. Thats gon na be put up on the youtube page uh the youtube channel, sorry uh, but either way uh definitely subscribe. Follow us on ing and yeah check it out.