So today i am doing my first impressions of my new alienware x17 r1, and this is my surface pro 1 and im going to give you a size comparison. So here is the surface for one. This was about five six pounds and its a ten inch model, but uh youll see how big it is as a side comparison. This were gon na is built really well. Has a nice almost like a its plastic but its a nice durable plastic. Okay, uh these! These numbers here are etched in this alien head is a led, such as the back here side panel. There is nothing here except the heckling jack on the side right here, and these are all fans right underneath there so heres the back. So you can see the profile of this, its actually quite thin, but it is heavy. So this weighs almost like seven eight pounds. Okay, so versus my surface pro one its surface row, one is actually quite heavy um, but here it is here the ports. You guys want to take a look. We got the uh thunderbolts, the uh jack. There weve got uh a usb ethernet, another uh usbc with uh hdmi there. We got a regular usb and again an sd card reader micro sd card and, of course the ac adapter goes right there. So, oh sorry, not the ac adapter uh. What is that? Oh mini display port, so this is where the ac adapter goes in right there.

So there we go, let me focus the camera thats, where the ac adapter is all right. Lets take a look, and when you open it there we go so here it is guys this is uh. There is the alienware right there. You can see the screen. It is a uhd 4p screen and if you look at this, this right here looks so vivid and nice and theres the keyboard. Now this is the rtx 3080 version. It comes with a power brick that im going to show. You is probably the worst part of this uh of this laptop, but everything else is exceptional. So here is the rgb keyboard, the um trackpad also lights up now you can actually adjust it. Have it turned off right now, but you can actually adjust it in the alienware fx in the command center, so theres the alien head? Now, if you look on the other side, the alien head can glow as well. So you can actually make all this really vivid in color and change and everything else as well um its not the default right now. All right so were in the desktop here and im going to show you uh the battery life on this is uh. I got three hours remaining well two and a half hours, but um thats at 87. Already so technically. Battery life is not the greatest on this machine, but its one. This isnt a machine that is going to be like used.

Portably portably, like a carry on laptop sort of thing. This is more of a desktop replacement, type of laptop guys so um. This is powered by, like i said, rtx 30 um 3080, so were gon na. Do a quick little uh benchmark here so ill be right. Back okay, so im going to just show you a quick web web uh, we go Music, Music, Music im going to speed this up Music. There we go thats the score im gon na move it down what gl look at that Music. All right stay tuned for more all right. So here is the alienware um command center, and you can see you can actually change the zones. The alien head, the tron uh coloring that basically the ring around the back. You actually change that, but the coolest thing is this: the rgb touch pad. It is really neat and it actually has a glass sort of like a glass finish on top sort of very similar to a Music surface touchpad. So very nice there guys all right were going to install and run its uh uh mega hashes, so thats coming up all right. So here is the nice hash, but it detects a txd rtx 3080 laptop gpu. As you can see, i have an i7 11 800. Each um eight cores cpus so yeah so were gon na run. This uh im gon na run it plugged in uh. If you actually ever notice, uh laptops will run at full speed if you dont actually have it plugged in so im going to show you what the power brick is looking like and ill be back all right, so heres, the worst part of the laptop this power.

Brick is huge, so it is a 300 watt power, perk thats why its got to be huge, so heres the specs there. If you guys want to read it um yeah 330 watts. There we go so it actually gives the uh graphics card. Quite a bit power power so ill be back im gon na get plugged in all right. So this is on battery mode, as, as you can see, i only get uh 19 mega hashes on that on excavator uh thats battery mode. Now i have plugged in so were gon na rerun, the benchmark. Okay, you can probably hear how loud the fans are its actually not bad. Compared to you know the worst. The asus tough actually had a way louder fan than this. Actually, its pretty quiet. Just more of a whooshing sound than a high pitched wine, so the gpu runs really cool. It runs like 60 59. Look at that really good for for that. So let me show you the benchmark numbers when i uh, when ive actually plugged it in so uh. Okay, so i get a 53 mega hashes now keep in mind. This is an overclock right, so if you overclock it youll, probably get you can probably hit about 70. 70. If you overclock it um, but 53 is what you hit uh, but let me show you the other ones, on the different 53 46, so its what on a stock build and no no uh, no um overclocking youre gon na hit about 53, which is not bad.

Actually so uh, but that is that puts it in the same uh park as a 30 70.. Now, if you overclock it im pretty sure youre gon na hit about uh 75.80, so all right stay tuned, guys ill, be back all right. Guys now were going to test the uh 4k capabilities of the screen, and let me give you guys a good idea uh. I have it at 8k. Sorry i said it 4k and its buffering. Here we go Music, so Music, so Music. So you, as you can see, the screen is really nice. Uh. The details are amazing. Its the best screen ive ever seen guys – and this is running at 120, hertz um. As you can hear, the speakers are actually pretty good as well. So um yes, stay tuned for my concluding thoughts on this. Oh uh. Also, the cherry mechanical keyboard. I do have to put a note on this. Uh is one of the best keyboards i have ever typed on so its different than any other um. Let me just bring up notepad any other keyboard that ive used. It reminds me of the old days of uh desktop computers, where you have the clicking sound, so thats exactly what this keyboard is. So when youre just typing, it makes a nice and theres a nice travel distance that it really is really nice keyboard, um, very responsive different than the membrane type type that you get on pretty much every laptop nowadays, like heres my surface um pro one keyboard, which I can detach, and this yeah its a membrane type of keyboard, its good, but it doesnt have that nice click like this and the travel distance on this keyboard is way better than listening.

This thing is good to get you by, but this is where you really, if you love type your writer, this is the keyboard, and when i pick this dell laptop up, i wasnt sure i was going to get that keyboard, but i did so, which is actually Really cool um, so mining wise. This is not really the best, but if you overclock it, you probably do really well on it um, but the theater itself its flawless. This is one this is my favorite laptop, so of all the ones that ive got. This is probably my favorite um, and the other thing is also um. Im gon na do some comparisons between the other laptops. I have uh, but this is. This runs really quiet, especially on battery mode, its very its very quiet, um vents it doesnt, even get it doesnt get that hot. Maybe around here is the hottest part, but the keyboard is warm its, not hot um yeah. Very neat, very good uh. If you have any questions comments, guys post below subscribe, the channel ill do a more in depth review and more uh in depth. Uh comparison coming up, but uh.