But before we proceed, i would like to thank keep hifi for sending over this review unit to me in exchange for an honest review kudos to them. Really, you should check out their website. They offer international free shipping on their products, moving on to the packaging and accessories heres. The box inside this box, with its minimalist packaging youll, get the two pairs of your usual blonde. Elongated ear tips, the rounded ear tips, your usual blonde pouch or sack some user manual, and the cable and the drivers itself im happy to tell you guys that this isnt, the proprietary connector anymore, compared to the previous siblings of blonde. It is now nx7 or tfz. Connector compatible, which is mostly found in tfz and nice hdk iems. I will be showing a picture here for reference moving on to the fit and isolation, so the fit and isolation in my experience is very good um. It sits flush, but do take note that my ears are on the bigger side, so um the fit may differ or vary depending on your ear and your canal size. Its shell is slightly heavy when lifted quite uh hefty, but it is very comfortable when fitted in the ears, because i, as ive said before, it is flush in my ears, unlike the blo3 that needs some tweaking in order to get a good fit overall, fit and Presentation is good for its asking price. I also do like this purple colorway as well.

It is glossy and it is kind of giving that cosmic vibe to it. Now let us move on to the sound. So if youre familiar with blonde, the uh dbl07 still has that blonde sound signature, which is that warm bass warm soft base. But this time the upper frequencies are a bit different and i must say i enjoyed the experience on this. The blonde blo7 still has that blonde house sound to it its. U shaped, leading to the warmer side of sound most of the time, but can be w shaped surprisingly on some sources as its vocals and instruments can sound a little bit forward or linear than usual. On some setups ive tried, particularly on neutral sources. Moving on to the lows, the lows are elevated and soft. Sub bass has greater quantity than the mid bass. The decay is slightly slower than usual, but it isnt as boomy when compared to the blo7 or the bl max. I have tested and reviewed on my page the end the texture is medium to below average. Overall, the lows are present: it packs a good sub bass rumble and can cater edm and bass heavy tracks quite well, but i do like it more if it has that mid bass. Punch moving on to the mids speaking of the mids are mostly recessed, with rare instances of linearity on particular songs and sources. Theres, a presence of meat based bleed on lower mids, making the presentation of it a bit warm bodied and can be sometimes blurry for male vocals and instruments.

Upper mids are much elevated compared to the blonde bl max, but not as elevated and aggressive compared to the blo5s. As a result, the upper mids have that superb clarity and sparkle to it, which sets it. Apart from the previous blonde iems, i have tried and tested with some occasional peaks on selected tracks, notably on ariana grandes tracks and k pop tracks, but it isnt as aggressive when compared to the blo5s. As i have said, overall, the mids on the blo7 are warm its nice and maybe it has the best mids from a blonde iem. I have tried and tested, but i havent tested the blonde a8 prometheus, yet so uh it can be on par with that or it can be just below that iem when compared to the competition. Moving on to the highs, the highs are boosted yeah. It is boosted with a tinge of brightness. It is well extended and has good amount of air detail. Retrieval is just adequate to below average to my liking for its asking price, but it will be enough, or maybe more than enough for most individuals who listen to their music casually, despite the fact that it is raised, the presentation is smooth and it has that proper Amount of presence it isnt too peaky, but yes, it can sometimes sound um slightly picky on some tracks. As for the sound stage, the sound stage is wide with average expansion. It is wider than deep.

The separation is just average, with instances of congestion in busy tracks, particularly in jpop and metal tracks, but it isnt worse or it isnt that bad imaging is also average. It is accurate, but not that precise and can present instrument and vocal positioning decently with the right amount of imagination in your head. So should you buy this blonde blo7? Well, if you are coming from a blonde blo3 or an iem that is too bright, or maybe you just want an all rounder comfortable fit with the blonde house, sound, the blo7 can be one of your options as it can cater most tracks. You throw at it not to mention that it is very easy to be driven and can sound good with the smartphone. Yes, it is very easy to drive Music, but from an audio file or an enthusiast perspective. This still needs some improvements or polishing, particularly on its detailed retrieval capability and its technicalities, and maybe just maybe lessen that mid bass bleed. But for me, based on my observations and findings, this is the best blonde. I am yet among all of those blond iems. I have tried and tested, and i have tested mostly blonde iems throughout my hobby and that ends my review for the blonde blo7 non affiliated link and my social media pages will be in the description for you to check or not. If you dont mind, you can subscribe to this channel like or dislike this video its up to you.