. This is the global version thats going to be releasing in europe and in india and other parts of asia like southeast asia pretty soon so this is different from the china version that was released in china like a month and a half ago. Redmi has a habit of doing this. They will release a redmi device in china and then one in internationally and theyre like two completely different phones. Anyway, redmis note series have been known for being a really good value. I dont know the official price of this phone at the time of me, unboxing yet, but im pretty sure its gon na be under like 250 us dollars. So this is the standard redmi note, 11 theres also gon na be a redmi note, 11 pro. In fact, theres actually four devices this year, a 11s and 11 pro 5g, but im only going to test the standard. Note 11 and the note 11 pro lets begin with the unboxing lets check out whats in the package first, so we have a sim ejector tool right here and then you have a screen protector, some instructions, booklets and a soft jelly case and heres the phone well Put it to the side first, and then here is a usbc cable and a 33 watt fast charging brick. This is a european brick, so this model is meant for the european market. Now we have the phone right here. We see that it runs on a snapdragon 680.

It has a 90 hertz amoled display. Now the pro version is going to have a 120 hertz display. This is the standard model, so only 90 and 33 watt fast charging will be 5 000 million hour batteries. 5. 000 milliamp battery in a device relatively thin like this. This is impressive. This i believe measures 8.9 millimeters in thickness and the phone is relatively lightweight. It weighs only 179 grams, okay, so im gon na boot up the phone set it up and then ill be back. All right guys, im back with the global version of the redmi note 11.. So lets go over the hardware. This phone screen looks pretty good. Maximum brightness gets up to 1000 nits, as you can see right now, its clearly visible, even though i am under direct sunlight. This animations 90 hertz. They are pretty smooth not as zippy as a 120 hertz panel, but this is um. You know considering this is a budget phone. I think this is pretty good and you have a you know. You have a little bit of a chin here, which you dont see anymore, on flagship or mid range phones, but other than the chin. The rest of the phone is pretty slim bezels, the screens also completely flat with these flat sides. Now these sides are not as straight up flat as like an iphone 12 or 13 or, like the recent you know, like the oppo devices or the vivo v23 i tested with the complete iphone like flat side.

So these are a flat, but the corners are still a little bit chamfered, so they dont look as much like its trying to look like an iphone 13. It has its own um, distinct. Look on the right side of the frame is a volume rocker and a power button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor. The fingerprint sensor is fast and accurate, just one tap, it turns on and redmis actually built this um shortcut gestures for when you double tap the fingerprint sensor, so you just jump into settings. You go into additional settings, gesture shortcuts and right here you can tap that when you double tap on the sensor, it will turn on an app. You can have it say, pull down to control center anytime. You double tap now, because this is a budget phone. Obviously, some of the components are not going to be the absolute best or newest that you can get so this is only a 64 gigs of ram its a ufs 2.2. So its not the latest memory configuration and theres also only four gigs of ram in here now, 64 gigs of storage is gon na, be a little bit low for most people. But the good news is in this sim card slot, which also supports dual sim. Its a slot for micro sd card, so that means you can expand your storage now. On the other hand, red meat did not cheap out with build material youre, not getting like a cheap plastic back here.

This is a glass back now. This color is a little bit dull, but there are other variants or other color ways that look much more enticing like. I really like this car light blue that im seeing in product shots. This color is basically the most boring of the bunch its a little bit. Understated now the frame is aluminum and the front glass is gorilla. Glass, 3.. So again, not the latest gorilla glass victis, but at least its still gorilla glass, not like generic, no name glass. Now you have a small hole, punch here: housing, a 13 megapixel selfie camera and around the back. You have this camera system. Once again, it looks like its a quad camera system, but i would say, look at as a dual camera system because you have a 50 megapixel main camera right here and then eight megapixel ultra wide and the other two sensors are these two megapixel sensors that virtually Do nothing so lets look at this phone as a dual camera system. Now the 50 megapixel main camera actually does a pretty good job. You can see that it has a shallow depth of field whenever you bring something close to the lens. Focusing is pretty fast and photo quality. Is i mean pretty good for this budget price range? Of course you cant compare it to phones in the 600 700 price range in terms of video recording you also max out at just 1080p, so you cannot shoot in 4k.

Now the snapdragon 680 soc is a six nanometer chip, so its pretty powerful, even though its obviously no match for the snapdragon gen one, but you will be able to run basically any app that you download from the google play store without any issues here now you Also have a headphone jack up top, which some of you guys are going to like, along with an ir blaster, and you see here, theres also a speaker grille on the top frame, and this is a real speaker, grille its not like decoration. So this phone has stereo speakers and they point outwards. So this is a true stereo system in fact lets test it out. It actually sounds pretty loud, so im gon na do copyright free music first, because im, tired of getting copyright strikes so redmi. Note 11 also supports nfc, and when i set up the phone they already asked me if i want to set up google pay, so you should be able to use google pay in europe without any issue, and this phone even has ip53 splash resistant. So its not quite waterproof, you cant like dip this into a swimming pool, but if its raining outside it should be okay, like its its gon na withstand some rain. So ultimately the redmi note 11, its another high value phone. But again i dont know the official price of this phone, but i would be shocked if its over 250 us dollars. It might even be a little bit less than that and for this price youre getting a large high refresh rate screen excellent speakers.

A pretty solid main camera thats about it, though the other lenses are a little bit below par and a decent soc. Now again, this color is a little bit dull, but if you get a different color, it will look pretty nice and this phone comes with everything you need out of the box. You have a case. You have a screen protector, its kind of funny that when you buy budget phones, you get all the stuff you need, whereas when you buy flagship phones, you get like nothing, you have to go, buy a screen protector buy a case even by a charger. So anyway, thats about it. For this first look of the redmi note 11.. I will be getting the redmi note 11 pro sometime down the line, so i will test that too, but i dont know when thats coming, but im gon na be out quarantined in one day and when im out, i have a lot of devices to test man, Including a folding phone and a bunch of other stuff, so stay tuned to this channel.