Welcome to another brand new video. So after a very long time was a fairy video. My april also – and the reason is very special as well so most songwriters are read me note. 11 launched 4 plus sixty four four plus one twenty eight right, six plus one twenty eight gb variant, so most of us are six plus one. Twenty eight zero variant, so other phone calls features initial thoughts, so without further ado lets get started. Music, alright. So time for unboxing foreign, but having said that, like you said, your price range will like say its decent monsoon um, someone, interestingly, once its called back panel. So you scroll back panels. Topical plastic water monitor, but it has like a matte finish by the current. That has a fingerprints and no bosnia which is like really good. A secondary school like whos, not a physical overview right hand, side of the power key power, topical fingerprint scanner, volume rocker its a great front message: selfie glasses on the 13 megapixel single selfie camera. So here are some sample images from this phone top. I like key kosovo, so let us know in the comment section below Music so now lets talk about school internal hardware. Very much so processor master double pawn was a snapdragon 680 octa core processor, since the six nanometer architecture was the best right and say ufs, 2.2 rayquaza. So, regarding performance, our view level hardware lets say topical day to day tax is easily handled on socks, but uh.

I mean definitely well try some games as well, so im a full review, video as it will share our experience, its a great software cooperative, like i say you for not openly sizer your company going on size of you phone like zero to 100 percent charge. Gon na glide say matter, a contact lag nasa and finally lets talk about esco price kobarima, so nepal mazdate not a variant master launched by four plus 64 gb venue pricing by suzanne. Also nancy driver saw four plus 128 gb variant guys. Thank you so much for watching this video with a two video ramble helpful. I can please do like and share this video.