Thank you so for todays video im gon na share to you my new iphone 11 pro max. So for those who doesnt know me yet i am from mindanao and i bought the item via online, so its very risky for my part because um so what i did is to legit check this store called legit beginner and fortunately i got the item in a Good condition here is it so the color is space gray. This is so far the most expensive item i bought in my four years of working as a teacher Music ive been a lot through hardships for the last years. So i think i deserve this one. So if you want to ask up an item its in the lbc branch, uh burgos street, something home is a unit in a branch or Music Music, Music, Music Music. About some outfit and box Music, foreign lazy, you, Music, foreign, is Music, come on come on Music. Today, if you guys want to know where i bought the item, so this is their page dim gadgets ph and they can really recommend 100 that they are legit plus very accommodating, because when i told them that um, i want one hundred percent battery life, and i Also want space gray, because the color should be space, gray and very approachable customer service and the page, if you want to visit for legit, check the gang reviews very good and reviews Music, they will require you to have a down payment which is worth Music.

So thats it my down payment, nah 2000 to 3 000, then the remaining balance will be paid for pick up now. So far, um now order. Me is january, 24, item january 26, so days, pasta. The total worth for the item is 35 000 brand new bath or pre owned its on. Why i chose pre owned and we have this um character in us now by the next year or were getting up to egg or after one and a half year this month upgrade naputa into the other iphone units, so uh iphone 11 pro max off on dubai. Pre owned okay. What, if two years from now one year from now listen pokemon upgrades are iphone 13 pro max, so so brand new price after a year or the next year is another upgraded iphone, so iphone 11. A brand new is 33 000.. That was on price annie is 34. 35. 500. 35. 500.. Very. Why its because, before they shipped the item, dance scratches so Music its because i really love the color space, gray, Music life and the store guarantee. Guarantees now well not refer beast so meaning to say then on any part: Music 7 from the lbc and yes, the amount is fifty thousand six hundred. Seventy and young shipping is six hundred. Seventy k: two phones, Music january 26th. Music.