4 expert rating if youre looking for a cheap camera with lots of features like digital zoom, a 20.0 megapixel ccd sensor and hd video capabilities, the Powershot elf 180 is worth a look. It also comes with a memory card slot and has a long battery life. It made our best digital camera list. Thanks to its affordability, you may want to compare it to some of the top rated digital cameras too. Canon powershot elf 180 check price. Why we like it canon powershot elf 180, the canon powershot elf 180, as an affordable digital camera, with lots of excellent features like 8x optical zoom image, stabilization and hd video capability. This camera features great image quality and comes in a compact package that can easily fit in your pocket. An even better upgraded version of this model is the canon powershot elf 190, as digital camera pros, affordable price 8x optical zoom compact size cons, no raw shooting, no wireless capability, no 1080p recording performance. The canon powershot may be cheaper than most digital cameras, but it performs admirably the 20 0 megapixel ccd sensor type is assisted by the digi c4 image processor for crisp picture quality. You can also use the smart auto feature to select predefined shooting settings. The powershot has features like 8x auto zoom, face detection and camera effects like fisheye and toy camera. Video recording is strictly 720p hd and they can be stored conveniently on an sd card. If you need more advanced features.

The canon powershot sx 530 is in a completely different league related the best instant film camera is the canon iv click model design. When you think of cameras, canon is one of the first names that comes to mind. The powershot elf 180 is only 0.87 inches thick and can fit into any pocket during operation. The zoom lens only pops out slightly and is hardly noticeable at the back, is a 2.7 inch lcd screen for reviewing your shots and navigating the menu theres. Even a dedicated help button to teach you how to use your camera for a small camera. The powershot elf 180 feels solid compared to rivals like the sony, dscw 800 value. The canon powershot alph 180 represents great value. The price is low and it comes in a compact package with excellent build quality. It has everything you could win in a cheap camera, such as an 8x optical zoom, with optical image, stabilizer a 20.0 megapixel ccd sensor. It also has different scene modes and smart, auto settings to get the best out of your pictures. The powershot can also record in 720p video resolution if you need a cheaper camera. The essence waterproof camera is worth checking out. Canon powershot elf, 180, wrap up the powershot. Elf 180 is a compact digital camera that comes at an affordable price. It lacks advanced features like raw shooting and wireless connectivity, but is still a great performer. The 20.0 megapixel ccd sensor and 8x optical zoom deliver good enough pictures to make this camera a fantastic budget, buy bottom line.

Performance 7.8 design, 8.2 value 9.1 reader rating zero votes zero. What we liked, what we didnt 8.