As you might know, the entire electronics industry has been suffering from global chip shortage for some time now. So since there arent that many chips to work with smartphone brands are naturally prioritizing phones with a higher profit margin, thereby completely neglecting the sub hundred dollar segment. Hence, instead of releasing new budget phones, these companies are salvaging whatever they have in stock and rebranding them under different packages. As fresh launches take this 2 year old, redmi 9a, for instance. It was recently succeeded by redmi 9a sport, but the two are basically the same device and its just not read me. Other brands like poco and samsung have been doing the same as well. So how do you make cheap phones from scratch in 2022? As it stands, you will have to make some significant compromises. The galaxy 803 here does this in the chipset department here, samsung has used the unisock sc9863a, which is a three year old, chipset built on a 28 nanometer process. As a result, we were quite skeptical of its performance standard running a quick geekbench test. We found that it fell behind the helio g25. Thankfully samsung has shipped the a03 core with android 11 go edition with one ui4 on top, instead of the standard android 11 best. One ui, which is way too taxing for a startup mode like this. As a result, it feels much smoother in day to day usage when compared to the redmi 9a that runs on full fledged miui 12.

apps open a little quicker and its ram management is not as aggressive as that of miui either. All of this combined, i dont, have many complaints regarding the performance of the galaxy 03 core. It can do most of the lightweight tasks such as web browsing streaming, youtube and attending online classes. Plus you can also enjoy some lightweight games, such as clash of clans, dr wolves and slytherio. You can technically install and play games like free fire on this phone too, but i will not recommend doing so since uh such apps tend to grow exponentially over time. Leaving you with degraded performance standards and lesser storage, space. Okay, now lets focus on the entertainment aspect of the galaxy 03 core on the front. It sports a 6.5 inches lcd panel with hd plus resolution, and i must say its overall brightness and viewing angles are actually pretty good for the price. The colors look a little cooler, but i didnt notice any unnatural hue here. Youtube videos appear a little soft when forcing them to 1080p resolution, but that is to be expected with hd screen. Likewise, you will have no problem viewing pdfs or other documents on the screen. In case you intend to buy this phone for attending online classes. Thats being said, i wished its single speaker setup had a wider, sound stage. The audio quality here sounds congested, which can be a problem when multiple people are talking on a voice call or zoom classes.

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75 watt charger inside the box, that takes over three Hours to get the phone charged from 0 to 100 overall, if youre, thinking of getting an entry level android smartphone, the galaxy a03 core, looks like a decent option, although it does not have the fastest of specs on paper, samsung has optimized the software well to run On those specs, so i see it as a viable option for people looking for a basic starter phone or something uh to get them through online classes on a really really tight budget. Everything from its design to its display to its battery life are worth the price. That being said, i would have liked it more if samsung had added camera go and given at least 10 watt charging support here so guys. That was all for our full review of the samsung galaxy a03 core.