I was slightly hesitant getting the q36 to be honest, but can thankfully say that its in a league of its own? Well, i say that, but actually its very much in the pacific league of the funky s being a hardware spec and software clone of the game boy advance sp, inspired micro, handheld that was released last year inside the box, weve got the usual charge. Cable instructions included alongside the handheld itself, as well as a little wrist, strap overall, its above the usual plain plain white packaging theres a lot of not a lot of wasted space inside and gets you to the handheld super quickly straight out of the box. Palgitis q, head 6, certainly earns the mini in its name. This game inspired handheld is tiny. Overall build quality is pretty decent. It doesnt feel like its going to crumble in your hands. Theres, no sharp edges. It doesnt make a lot of noise while shaking and theres. No obvious bad points to the actual hardware design. The finish isnt perfect, though, im not sure if it comes across in youtubes video compression but theres slight imperfections around the joints of the handheld and specifically the speaker grill. It doesnt ruin the experience while in use its the handheld small that, while playing on it, youll, never actually see them and it feels robust enough in the hands. So its not like the actual build quality is bad. Its more of the the finish or the attention of the detail, attention the detail to the finish and those um finishing touches just arent perfect overall likely not make the first row of your display case, but it its more than good enough, actually playing and taking around With you, wherever you go, which is ultimately the whole point of these micro handhelds, the layout, the handheld itself is super efficient with absolutely no space wasted.

Youve only got the usbc microsd and two shoulder buttons on top, which might sound like a missed opportunity. But ultimately, you mainly want to focus on playing on handheld games on the q36 to make the most of this tiny screen. So really, it only becomes an issue when playing those playstation 1 games that make use of all four shoulder buttons within quick succession of one another. When it comes to micro handheld, i always have the preconception that the controls will always be less comfortable than a full sized controller. Obviously, as everythings more crammed in by design the game gear, the q36 is heavily inspired on, does have a really good form factor to be shrunken down to this kind of size, though, except for the shoulder buttons, which of course werent there on the original game gear And they are the most uncomfortable inputs to use in pretty much any scenario while using the q36 theyre just not comfortable to get to get to or use efficiently. So it really is best to focus your gameplay on games that wont require them, as obviously the rest of the inputs arent, actually that bad, obviously, the spacing between the buttons are limited, so its not uncommon to accidentally press multiple inputs simultaneously, but theyve each got a Comfortable press to them and while holding the handheld in a way where youre pretty much ignoring the shoulder buttons, its a relatively comfortable experience for a micro handheld. The d pads got a surprising amount of depth to it, which really works to its favorite.

In a single directional input, but the available travel in the d pad is very limited, which makes multi directional input pretty difficult, its both a blessing and a curse in real world scenarios, as it makes the earlier four directional handheld or platformer games a lot easier to Play but i personally found it pretty tricky to pull off combos in fighting games consistently. So, overall, considering youve only got a 1.54 inch ips screen to work with and how many the q36 mini actually is the controls arent too bad at all for micro handheld. The software side is really where the q36 stands out and thats. All thanks to the frankly amazing work, the funky s team did with their original os thanks to their hard work. The q36 are one of those rare exceptions like the funky s was where everything just works perfectly out. The box no tweaks required. The menus are simple. To use the power button cleverly doubles up as the software menu key everythings self explanatory and easy to use straight from turning the handheld on speaking of which it boots in seconds theres, no massive weights anywhere within the software side. So the funko s – funky s – teams really should be applauded here and in new games. A simple matter of dragging and dropping the files onto microsd cards in the right, folder and emulation support goes all the way up to playstation one obviously matching the funky ss support its hilariously awesome playing playstation one games um on the 1.

54 inch screen, which is set At a one to one screen ratio which technically obviously affects the system scaling, but to be honest on such a small screen, it all becomes a case of making the most of the tiny screen over getting that pixel perfect scaling. So i needed some gameplay now and somewhere else up here: Music, Music, you Laughter, Music, oh Music, Music, Music, ah, Music, do Music, Music, uh, Music, Music, Laughter, Music, Music, Music, Music, wow, Music, Music, uh; Music; do Music, oh Music, foreign, Music, wow, Music, Music, aah, Music, Laughter fight, oh foreign Laughter, so all in all power, kiddies, q36 isnt a bad option at all. When it comes to picking up a micro console, the cost has floated around the 50 mark which, if youre after a micro, handheld, specifically isnt too bad of a deal. If youre wanting a mini but not tiny handheld, then the miu mini is worth checking out.