This is the newest flagship of the Phantom series. Information, and technology is one of the reasons you should Be considering buying this phone., The 1st thing which captures the eye is the stunning waterfall curved 90 HZ super amoled capacitive 1080p by 2340 display built on a gorilla, corning glass, 5.. According to Tecno, the gorilla glass 5 give more protection than all other previous phantom.. The phone is quite resistant to damage and scratches, but we won t go ahead and do that. Test. Will leave that to the rest.. The 6.7 amoled pixilated display, coupled with the weight of 201 grams, leaves a great impression to both the mind and the hand. To the eyes. The refreshing, 90 HZ extra, smooth screen refresh rate confirms that beauty lies not only in beholder but in the eyes of the tecno holder. Scrolling down the tecno lane is quite enjoyable.. Accessing the menu is quite easy. Scrolling down the menu highlights the refresh rate attributes.. The android phone does not limit you to pre installed. Apps. Google play store is now available, giving you the choice of downloading as many applications as you want.. The base of the phone has a speaker, a usb type C: 2.0 charger port and a 3.5mm earphone slot.. The top has the dual sim card tray where the SD Card and the sim cards are slotted. While on the sides, we have the Power button and volume rocker keys, which are used to increase or decrease the volume, as well as other multifunctions, depending on the usage.

, The Usb type C slot is supported by a 33 wats charger capable of charging the phone from 0 to 70 in 30 minutes. Making this possible is the 4700 milliampere per hour non removable battery fueling the phone.. The phone is also powered by a MediaTek Helio G95 Octa core 2.05 processor, which is operating on the Android 11 operating system.. The battery, though not quite excellent, is quite decent.. The phantom x has an 8GB Ram and a dedicated 256GB internal storage, which can be expanded further by a Micro SD Card of the capacity of 1 TB.. The front panel of the phone has a dual flash camera with a 48 MP wide camera and an 8 MP ultrawide camera for selfies. Taking photos in the dark is now a thing of the past.. The front camera has a capability of recording 1080p videos at 30 frames per second.. The rear panel, which is made of silky glass cover, has a triple camera, comprising of a 50 MP wide camera. A 13 MP telephoto camera an 8 MP ultrawide Camera, which is supported by a quad flash.. The phone allows you to take macro images, capturing the minute of details., The AI, Auto Scene Detection and AI HDR technology is also installed in the phone for capturing high quality. Photos., The rear camera goes one better, recording 4k videos at 30 frames per second. In the settings panel. More photo and video options are loaded, including eye autofocus, the grid mode storage path, where you can choose to place your photos picture size just to name but a few.

, While taking videos gives you the chance to choose the video quality ranging from 1080p to 4k.. With such quality cameras, you need space. From the drop down notification panel. The phone enables you to switch from the light mode to the dark theme mode with the smart switch. From the notification panel. You also have the flash light, which is capable of lighting on three different modes. One is the front flash light. The other is the 360 degrees torch and the last one is the back flash light. Long pressing and on the items on the notification panel takes you straight to the item menu where more options lie for each item.. The live transcribe on the notification panel allows you to change text from speech.. The live, transcribe app is pretty impressive and easy to use.. Another application, which is quite amazing, is the voiced screen recording, which forms a large part of this recorded video.. Have you ever thought of changing sim cards in a switch? The device allows for sim switching changing by a simple tap on the sim icon in the notification panel menu.. Lastly, allow me to speak about the peek proof: smart switch, which allows you to protect and prevent your information from leaking while using the phone. In terms of connectivity. The phone offers a wide range of connectivity patterns. This includes the Wi Fi, the Wi Fi Direct, the Wi Fi Hotpot Screen Cast OTG VPN Mobile data, Bluetooth USB and the GPS.

Accessing WI FI networks by scanning. The QR code is also available.. Sharing of your phones, internet with other devices, can be done by tethering.. Tethering can be by way of Bluetooth, USB or activating the Hotspot.. The phone also allows you to link the phone to a chromebook or your car screen using the Android Auto. With the Android Auto. You can use apps on the car screen. When it comes to security. We have the peek proof which protects you from 3rd parties who are eager to watch your screen. Saa zingine uchoyo lazima.. Should you wish to have your device always traceable? You can activate the find my device option after installing the Find my Device App on Google Play, Store., Unlocking your phone can be through the fingerprint or the face, depending on what you prefer most.. I use the fingerprint sensor, which I find most quicker to access.. There is also the smart lock option where you can register a pattern to lock and unlock your phone.. Other types of sensors in the phone include the accelerometer, the gyro and the proximity sensors.. The phone also comes with an encryption option, as well as a sim card. Lock, which once activated requires you to key in your pin before you can start using your sim.. We also have a special function menu. Under this menu. There is the smart panel, which once activated, gives you quick access to your commonly used functions or tools.. The Lighting Multi Window once activated with a swipe of 3 fingers equally gives you the ability to view multiple windows.

. Next is the Micro Intelligence menu where the magic happens. The quick start menu gives you the ability to start applications. While your screen is locked., The tapping wake up option allows you to double tap your screen to wake the phone.. There is also the music gesture which allows you to start or stop the music player.. The Flip mute switch enables you mute all incoming calls by a simple action of flipping the phone.. Did you know that it is now possible to answer calls by simply picking the phone and raising it to the ear. Switch on the function to try. It. Calls can also be answered or declined with gestures under the answer calls with a gesture menu., The smart screen functionality lights up the device when it is picked and lights off the device once lowered. When it comes to accessibility, the device has 2 voice assistants. Tecno s own Ella, voice Assistant and Google s voice assistant, which is accessible through the accessibility button.. The Ella voice assistant can be activated by the shortcut switch, which once activated sends it to the bottom right of the screen. To access Ella. The accessibility menu shortcut must be on.. The Hi Translate once activated allows you to read applications and translate contents on the interface.. The Live transcribe allows you to convert text to speech on the go. And the select to speak allows your device to read aloud items on your screen.. The Talk Back option once activated provides spoken feedback.

For anyone with difficulties. Seeing the screen the talk back switch allows you to use the device without looking at the screen.. In conclusion, it is my finding that, for its price, the Phantom X is a premium device., A device for those who are worth more.. The Phantom X gives each user an experience, matching the money. Value. Simply put.