We call it the ultimate gaming case. On the one hand, its a modular charging case, the replaceable battery will keep your switch always charged on the other, its a grip case. You will appreciate the feel it brings you. It comes with three sizes of grip, so you can always find the one that fits your palm. Unlike other cases, it is engineered with a low latency. Bluetooth module allows you to seamlessly connect two wireless headphones immerse yourself in the game with music, when you are in tabletop mode, the joycon cases can fly to via pro controller. The foldable kickstand will give you a perfect gaming view. Gcase comes with a dock for tv mode connected with our one dock, and it brings your game to a big screen over the past two years. We designed this case from the ground up. Besides those features, we also dived into the details. Now you can charge your smartphone with a battery pack and bring two game cards with the additional card slots. The led indicator tells you the battery status, its the ultimate gaming case for all switch gamers. Take it wherever life takes, you Music, bye, Music, its not how hard you work its the tool and skill you use to achieve more with less effort. Yet procrastination steals your chance. What, if you have a laser sharp focus, clip foci to your waist to power up? Read emotion records to find out how well you do earn awesome productivity reports when you work, stay ahead, get timely distraction alerts to stay productive.

Take the shortcut upgrade your executive functions with the most advanced biofeedback training technology gain the skills to tune out distraction control. Procrastination sustain longer focus and peak mental performance. To give yourself the extraordinary edge in career and grades work: smart, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, so Music, so Music. What does it take to store a suitcase? Its a lot of effort suitcases take a lot of space in our closets and they store away for most of the time at lito. We help travelers save space. We create minimalistic products to help travelers optimize space in their homes and lives. Pak big stores mall with lito hi, im marco and i created lito, while struggling with personal space working from home during the past year. My suitcases were all over my studio and i could never find the right place for them. Lito is the foldable suitcase that helps you save storage space, helping you get the most out of your closet, while keeping your home organized lito is sustainable. Litas shell is 100 recycled. Every luggage made out of 50 plastic bottles. Our ambition is to become carbon neutral by 2024. Lito is durable. We developed littles unique folding mechanism to be durable, lightweight and simple to use thanks to its internal folding panels. Ride smoothly, thanks to the four 360 degrees wheels designed to resist impact lito is spacious. We design litter to be slim, yet spacious, optimizing available space in everything we do. Lito is accessible struggling to access your items, while traveling thanks to the white front pocket litter fits up to 15.

6 inches laptops, improve not only your travel, but also your stay with. Are you ready to save space Music Music? It saves the last five test: results: offline, Music Applause and more of your breathing data on the app the mouthpiece is detachable and washable. Just remove it and clean it to keep it hygienic Music. Let breakthrough elevate you to a more relaxed and confident life and improve your exercise. Efficiency break it through breathe, longer push harder perform better. This is the nick power station, the most portable battery station in your life, all of your camping appliances and movie systems can be powered for hours. The nick is the most powerful power station for emergency outages. Incredibly, compact and capable of running almost any household device need a mobile wood shop, no problem with the nick ps2000w. It can power all your heavy duty gadgets wherever you want. Theres no need for a noisy heavy gas. Powered generator want to go off the grid, plug the vanek ps2000w into solar panels to recharge wherever you want. The multiple outlets will allow you to use all of your appliances for your rv. You can even power your ac, fridge and microwave while off the grid. Oops low battery and on the road, the nik power station works as an emergency backup for electric vehicles. It can deliver up to 11 extra miles on a single charge. The vanic power system utilizes an advanced battery management system to prevent overcharging over current short circuiting and overheating.

It uses a patented battery technology to increase the battery life by 30. They also come standard with aluminum cases to ensure durability and weight reduction. Prepare yourself for unexpected emergencies and stay safe during unforeseen circumstances, its not just a battery its a road to a new world knees. We all have them. Some of them work better than others. You might be the squeaker, the creaker, the popper, the growner and youve tried. Every treatment around an active life can take a big toll and knee pain can severely impact your quality of life in the united states. Two out of five people over the age of 35 suffer from chronic knee pain, but you dont have to live with knee pain, introducing the revive knee plus the worlds. First, knee specific light therapy device designed to help dial back the clock on your knees and put the spring back in your step. This isnt science fiction, but it does involve lasers. The revive knee plus features next generation lasers, which provide better penetration to joints and muscles compared to led only therapy with its modular design, its small, portable and easy to use, use it hands, free and cable free. The magnetic bands are easy to connect and stay secure, accurately target pain and inflammation for fast. Effective relief were working with world leading scientists and doctors to bring clinical level next generation. Laser technology to the comfort of your own home, revives dream. Team of medically trained specialists work daily to keep athletes on the field.

The us army and navy in optimal performance and weekend warrior crossfitters in action, so stop being the creaker, the growner, the moaner, and get back to moving with ease. We know the consumer level products that are in the market right now. We understand that technology inside and out and weve chosen to take different fork in the road and deliver a clinical level device at a price that you can use in your home. Weve spoken to hundreds of people who are all suffering from chronic pain, mainly knee pain, and these people are not asking to be able to go running mount everest tomorrow, theyre asking for help to reduce their knee pain. Today, just get going get active again. We have already completed prototypes and were now raising funds for tooling and mass production to help people with knee pain, get back on their feet. One of the main reasons were launching through indiegogo is to build a community around this, where we interact with other users like ourselves. With your support, we can bring a clinical level device to market at a consumer level price Music. You thought i was gon na get that Music really come on guys. Its 20 21. single use. Bottles are old news. Seven years ago we brought you the memo bottle. It was an idea that came about for two reasons: single use, water bottles and their disastrous environmental impact and, secondly, their round bottles, just didnt fit into our lives.

Since then, member bottle has taken the world by storm and has created a massive social and environmental impact and now were ready to give you a whole new reason to go. Reusable. Introducing the stainless steel memory bottle a stainless steel bottle designed to fit in your bag and in your life from handbags to sling bags to backpacks and back pockets and even airplane seat pockets. Music, its flat paper inspired design, allows to fit next to everything else. You carry, it goes where other bottles cant helping you make the most of the space you have. The stainless steel memory bottle is optimized for carry and travel keeping hydrated on the go wherever you go with a generously wide mouthpiece and a unique internalised thread its easy to fill and provides a smooth drinking experience. Look closer and youll see precision laser etched detailing, set against a durable scratch resistant powder, coat, keeping you hydrated and turning heads for years to come. Premium 304 stainless steel ensures its always a dream to clean, but for extra peace of mind drop in a cleaning tablet to refresh your bottle. In no time the stainless steel memo bottle is available in two colors and four convenient sizes, whoever you are or wherever you go, youre bound to find a memory bottle fit for any bag and occasion. So what are you waiting for pledge today and help us reimagine? The humble drink bottle once more gday, jesse and jonno here from memobottle.

We are so excited to be back here on kickstarter for our third campaign, since our first kickstarter campaign back in 2014, with your help and our broader community weve been able to divert over 100 million single use. Water bottles from going to landfill weve also been able to provide over 11 million days of clean water to those in need. We created the stainless steel member bottle to bring you a bottle that is built to last. It saves you space in your bag and allows you to take water wherever you go. The preparations for mass production are almost complete, but we need your help to bring this state of the art product to life. So please join us on this journey. To reduce single use, water bottles on behalf of the entire member bottle team, thank you Music. We may rely on our personal portable devices, but the moment they need charging theyre no longer so portable. Are they imagine if you could charge your phone in under nine minutes? Your watch in less than three or even your electric car in seven, this is finally possible with graphene technology introducing the apollo ultra the fastest charging graphene power bank ever charge your power bank for seven minutes and get enough charge for your phone, get fully charged power. Bank, in just 27 minutes with 100 watt charging five times faster than every other power bank out there, thanks to our proprietary, real graphene battery technology, its ten thousand milliamp hour capacity is enough to charge your phone three times and with its 87 watt output, it can Even charge your laptop apollo ultra is pocket.

Sized and built to fly is absolutely airline safe with pass through technology. It can charge devices while it charges simultaneously. The latest graphene technology is not only responsible for the fastest charging times ever. It also makes apollo ultra more durable with a minimum of 2500 life cycles. Thats over five years of everyday use.