Why did i buy it in the first place and how is it performed? Lets? Take a closer look Music before we get going. I want to confirm that this is a totally independent review. The review unit was purchased out of my own personal funds and i have no relationship, financial or otherwise, with either the manufacturer or distributor of the product. The views expressed are based on my personal experience with the product and any background research i may have conducted okay. So today were looking at the orange eck eight port, usb charging station and why you might want to consider it for your usb charging and powering needs note that this device is sold under the slatento brand in the us, with the orange x branding being used internationally. The unit itself is identical, as it can support 100 to 240 volt inputs. It comes with the appropriate power lead for whichever market it was purchased in ill. Put some amazon links in the description to cover some of the main geographies. I purchased this particular unit back in january of 2021., like many of you ive been struggling to deal with the number of power outlets i use and with an ever increasing number of devices requiring usb power, i was looking for a device that could provide a good Density of charging ports off a single plug socket this particular charger, provided that and it also provided a feature. I was very interested in that was the ability to monitor the current consumption on each individual usb port.

How often have you plugged in a device to charge it and werent sure whether it was charging correctly, if at all, you could have a bad charging cable, the device itself may be faulty or its battery may be dead and will no longer take a charge. Looking at the current output from the usb port, combined with any charging indicators on the device you are, charging will usually be enough to tell you whats going on and help save you a lot of time. The same applies if you are using the charger as a usb power source, knowing the typical current consumption for the device you are powering youll be able to see if the current draw matches with that or not so lets. Take a look at the basic specs for the charger weighing in at only 345 grams. You use the mains cable provided to connect it directly to a power outlet. The device does not contain a battery, so it needs to be mains powered at all times. It has seven standard usb ports and one usb c port on the front of the unit, along with the main display, which indicates the activity on each port. When you plug in an item to be charged youll see a charging icon appear on the display once the device starts. Drawing current the amount of current being drawn will also be displayed in real time in amperes. The resolution appears to be 100 milliamps. So if you plug in something that consumes less than 100 milliamps, it may not show any current, even though the device is still receiving current from the charger.

It also displays the total power being drawn from the unit in watts up in the right hand, corner the maximum charging. Current per port is 2.4 amps, so fast charging for laptops or other devices isnt supported, though it may still charge them at a slower speed. If you attempt to draw too much power from a port, we will current limit and the display for that port will flash the maximum power for the unit is 60 watts, so it wont be possible to use the full current on all eight ports. At the same time, if you need this level of usb power, then you need another charger: ive used the charger with iphones ipads cameras, as well as using it as a power source for led lights and other usb powered items all without any problems. So after 12 months with this device, what are my thoughts on this charger? Well, here are the positives. With one mains plug, you can connect up to eight devices so long as you stay within the 60 watt power limit, the device is travel friendly with a lightweight compact design and multi voltage support. It provides a very useful display of individual and overall power consumption, which can help identify faulty cables and faulty devices. It provides over current protection to help avoid damage to itself or to the device that youre connecting it to. You can use it as a charger and as a usb power source. At the same time, there is some room for improvement.

Two main areas for me are the ability to control the display, brightness and contrast, for example, you wont want the bright blue, backlight display being lit up in a bedroom environment at night, and the 100 milliamp display resolution means that you have no measure of the current Consumption for low power devices that are drawing less than 100 milliamps Music, some other potential enhancements will be the support for wireless charging or fast charging. It would also be good to have smart control of the outputs for when youre using this device as a usb power source. Amazon, uk and us are showing ratings of 4.5 and 4.6 respectively, based on customer feedback and after a year of continuous use, with both a usb charger and a usbs power source. The biggest annoyance for me has been the display backlight and i would go with the 4.5 rating. Otherwise i love this charger. So in my opinion, the orange egg slit into a desktop charging station comes highly recommended thanks for watching todays video, please hit a like.