This is pradeep kumar from device bar in this video. We have the new xiaomi mijia mini massage gun, so they already have a massage gun, but this is a mini version which is small and portable compared to the previous big version im not going to lie. This is my first massage gun, but i spoke with some people about this and i used it for a while so ill share. My review and my thoughts in this video lets check out the product. Now this is the box here inside the box. We have the main device approach for carrying this safety and strap type, a to type c: cable, Music, this user manual, which is not in english, but ill share. The product link in the description for you and these two massages ill share their uses later in this video coming back to the device. This is the dark blue color version. It may look black in some angles, but it is actually dark blue. They also have pink and white colors. It doesnt weight that much. This is around 370 grams. I think the material feels good. I have that silicon touch and good grip. Other friend, you can remove and add massages Music like this and at the back, you have the on off switch at the bottom. You have this type c charging and a place for that safety and strip. If you charge it hundred percent, which should we should take about three hours, then you can use it for like 10 hours, or so they have three different massage modes to turn it on.

You have to long press this Music, so this is the first mode with 1600 rpm. You can listen to the sound right now and you can press it again for the second mode without with 2000 rpm and the last one with 2500 rpm. You can listen to the sound right now, so what is this rpm anyway? It stands for revolutions per minute, or the number of turns per minute, the more rpm they have, the more powerful and impactful it is. For example, the bigger version of mejia massage gun got a maximum of, i think 3200 rpm compared to this minis maximum of 2500 rpm. But this one is more lightweight and good for traveling. You can even keep it in your pocket and use it whenever you want. So thats an advantage. These are the three massages we have. The first one is the flatted one which is suitable for all the muscle areas, usually Music. The second one is the ball head, which is recommended for places having large muscles like your shoulder, and the third one is the? U shaped head, which is good for side muscles, especially in your legs area. Thats all ill show an example with this flatted one. Now now, im going to use this in my hand, im going to long press this to activate it is now in the first mode. I just have to place it like this. You can listen to the sound right now this.

There is a round light to the back of this. It will change into white light for moderate strength and orange kind of light for higher massage strength. If you want something higher than this, just have to click this. To change the mode the impact will be high. It does a great job of applying pressure to your muscles, but please do check with the medical professional. If you have any doubts or if you feel uncomfortable using a massage gun for your body pain, it is recommended to have a check before using or before even buying this people often ask do massage guns really work, or can i use a massage gun instead of Using medicine or visiting a doctor etc see this is merely a device which works according to how we use, and obviously we dont know much about our body unless we are a professional in this field. You can use this use this for basic, massage muscle relaxations and it even helps with fatigue and stress. We travel a lot. We sleep in odd positions, maybe youre an athlete or youre someone who started working out. This really comes andy when youre into all this, but the moment you feel confused or if your pain is severe, then please contact a doctor as soon as possible. When i was researching about massage guns, i learned they have a huge market and one of the top players. There is a brand called tiragan or terra body.

They have a pretty good number of models, they are really good and powerful, but they are expensive compared to others. In such cases, brands like xiaomi mijia, is preferred by mini this one is good. I also heard the bigger version is good too, but please do compare it online before you end up buying one. Thank you so much for watching this video, please let us know if you have any comments, do kindly subscribe.