This is a laser based projector that is going to allow you to have movie viewing anywhere lets, go ahead and check it out now. The very first thing were going to take a look at are the specs. You can see why youd be interested in a projector like this. So, first of all, this small guy right here is going to be able to project anywhere from 40 inches. All the way up to 120 inch image and its just uh an inch thick and under two pounds, so this is really small but its going to give you a really large image. Now it is a 1080p laser based projector that supports 4k. So what does that mean? That means that if you connect a 4k source or you project through your phone, be it your android device or your iphone a 4k stream, its going to be able to handle it and process it and give you a good image. But again its not a 4k projector. Now the projector does support uh rec 709, which is also really good. It has bluetooth 5.0. It supports wi fi, both 2.4 and wi, fi five, which is going to give you a lot of flexibility when it comes to your home and for streaming purposes. It has two 2 watt speakers so for personal viewing. This is going to work great, but i would say, if youre going to be having this in a home setting, because its bluetooth enabled you can actually connect other devices to it, either via bluetooth or through the physical connections that were going to see in a second.

Now it does have four point: auto keystoning now, youve seen me, take a look at this in our channel before and basically that means that, as it is pointing towards a wall its going to automatically adjust based on where this is positioned, the angle of the wall And its going to give you a flat image, but then it also has some additional adjustments where you can actually pull the corners to make it fit the screen and youre going to see how i have it displayed on a 123 inch alr screen from elite screens. Now it also has trapezoid correction and that basically means that if there is an angle, so lets say, for example, im just going to put the projector like this. Imagine that the screen is down here. If the projector is on an angle like this or its an angle like this, its going to auto adjust for you, so it does it automatically, and it also gives you an auto manual option. Now we talked about the fact that this is laser based. So this is using alpd technology weve seen these in the ultra short, throw projectors that we looked at at the channel, and this means that again, this is not bulb based its not led based its actually laser based, which is using some of the high end. Feeders. Now the lumens on this because of the package – and you know the type of projector were looking at – were looking at a 600 ansi lumen projector, so its not going to be the highest performing projector in a lit room, but its going to do well when it Comes to dark areas and youll see that in our example, now from a connectivity perspective, youre looking at one hdmi, one usb a a 3.

5 inch audio port for you know headphones or external speakers and then its powered by usbc, which i also like so theres. No real proprietary cabling required here so lets, take a closer look at the projector now in the box, youre going to receive your projector a remote and then a power supply pretty hefty power supply as well. Now, as we take a look at the remote, the remote is a standard remote, its kind of like what you would expect from any smart tv with volume controls power, buttons home buttons, and then it has a smart button right here that activates the actual app uh. I would say desktop that its on the actual projector itself, its an android 9 operating system, but it does not have google play store on it. Has aptoide on there so youll be able to launch that and use that so well go ahead and put it aside. Its pretty much a standard um as we take a look at the projector couple things that ill highlight first, is that you do have here um this little door opens and its going to turn on the projector. So well, do it and then well well close it! So as you open it up, this is how you turn it on, and then it basically turns on just like that. Well, go ahead and flip it off so that we can turn it off and basically, by pushing this door this way, thats how you turn it off as well.

Now you do have an led here, thats going to let you know that the projector is on and then, if we take a look at the back here, youll notice, you all your controls, so you have again power through via usbc headphone jack, which can be used To expand also the audio on this into speakers usb for any kind of media that you want to load, and then you have hdmi right. You do have some venting and areas here for your speakers and then in the bottom. Here you do have kind of like this little leg here that allows you to uh change the pitch. This projector does not have any kind of mounting solutions that you can drill or kind of tie in the back. So typically youll see some of these smaller projectors have that, so you would have to get a the type of stand that would actually hold it in place and then actually lift it up right. So thats one of the things that youd have to do, but very portable right, take a look at how small this is really tiny and again something that is battery powered as well as usb c powered. You could also run this on a power bank too, so it just gives you a lot of flexibility when youre close to camping, so lets talk about overall experience when i came to watching content now. One of the things i did is even, though, that it has an operating system on there.

I focused on leveraging my google tv. I prefer either the nvidia shield or my google tv and all the content. We watched it on this. It does really well in dark areas, not so well in lit area, so we focused on the dark side. The audio is great, for i would say two people right. Maybe you know a small family, but not loud enough if youre going to do it in a larger gathering, so thats, why i would recommend having the bluetooth connection or the audio connection coming out to another speaker, very responsive, startup shutdown, didnt overheat ran it on usbc Used another core that wasnt the core that came with it just you know i had usb for my laptop plug that in and it powered it. I tried even the power brick and it powered it too right. So i like that flexibility. I like the portability, but again the brightness area is an area that i would say im a little concerned with because of the 600 ansi lumens. It doesnt really do that well in lit areas, but in dark areas it does fantastically well now. First, let me describe the setup that we have going on here. I have 123 inch elite clr screen and this is an ambient light. Rejection screen and i have the projector around 12 feet from the screen – lets – take a look at some of the menu options. So we can see how or you know what options you have on on their projector, so the very first thing were going to talk about is what you see here in the top? Now you basically have the ability to turn off the projector provide feedback.

You have keystone correction, autofocus, correction right, so you can press the button, get that focus going. You have access to the manual and then you can launch a a launcher thats going to allow you to get into a proprietary app store for the projector. So you can use this projector as if it was a smart, projector. Smart tv kind of setup were going to be using a google tv dongle as we look at playback, but it does have a launcher and if you go into the launcher here, youll notice you have, you have chrome, you can you can even turn on a Mouse mode so that theres an air mouse but anyways, those are some of the options that you have there at. The very bottom here well go into the settings, so you can see whats available here on the settings area. You can configure your network. You do have some system information that you can look at again, just overall behaviors like what should it do at boot time about inputs, a human detection, since it is a laser, you want to make sure that no one looks into the light. Looking into the light is bad, especially with projectors at this time, language, settings, timeout and then obviously reset. I will go back energy saving modes, so you do have the ability to configure screen saver background sound. You know low power modes matter of fact that it does have an onboard battery, as we mentioned in that on board battery.

If you dont have it plugged in uh, you cannot get out of low power mode. You know youre only in low power mode and im gon na show you that in a second uh security area again this is running a version of android, so you can see very common security options when it comes to android and then it does also support airplay Right so, and you can see that you have a couple other, i would say, proprietary methods of streaming, so this is going to give you a lot of different options right when it comes to streaming now, the about section is going to give you information about the Projector system information, software version and also you can go through the updates in this area as well. Now, if we go to the image area, this is the area that, if you are detached or not plugged right now i have office mode, but you really dont have any other modes except eco and you can see how it does get a little bit darker or Dimmer when youre in eco mode well go into movie mode, and you can see its showing an image on the right side, giving you a view of what the you know, what the actual color quality is. As you go through these. My preference right now is office mode. You can also, then uh do some modification in this area, so you can go from standard mode movie mode and well go through each one of these child mode right, showy mode, sport mode, i care mode, and then you can go into a custom mode where you Can actually configure or personalize you know saturation clarity, as you can see here, a lot of different options were going to go back to the standard mode.

Now, in the projection method, you do have a lot of different configuration options, theres a lot of different things that you can do in this projector, so front facing projection back facing projection, rear facing projection upside down. You name it youre, going to be able to do it, so this gives you a lot of flexibility and has a lot of focus options from a sound perspective. You do have a decent speaker im going to say this is definitely not going to be something that could be a soundbar replacement, but its enough. If youre going to use this in a room. If youre going to use this in the outdoors, i would definitely recommend you getting a surround sound with this, but it does have some decent, sound and well see that in a second bluetooth capabilities, which is also pretty cool, because you can use this as a bluetooth. Speaker if youd like and then you have some common peripheral connections so in a file manager, you can run things from a usb stick. You can see the bluetooth speaker mode and then you can see your inputs. You know, and you can see if theres anything connected, which we dont have anything running at this time. So what were going to do next is were going to run some sample video footage. So you can see what you can expect now next well take out the video quality, and while this isnt the brightest projector that weve received or reviewed and its also not a true 4k projector, because it is a 1080p projector, it does a really decent job when It comes to taking 4k images and really reproducing some great video quality.

Now, as you can see here, this is one of the sample videos that we typically run when were doing video tests on the channel and its really to do two things. First of all, to test the black levels as well as a test motion, it did a really nice job there with that specific image. What well do is well just check out the rest of the video, so you can see that the color is again vibrant again for this brightness level, and also it is doing a really nice job when it comes to the blacks. Once again, its not going to be at the caliber of an ultra short throttle projector, but those projectors are thousands of dollars or a short, thorough projector, but its doing a really good job. With this test, you can see how dark the blacks are again and you can see how the colors themselves pop well keep in mind. You do need a good screen anytime.