Today we are going to test review and explore whether any of these are worthy of a spot. In your kitchen ebbers, our personal chef is in the hot seat. First, are you ready so ready? May i, of course i always have mixed feelings about these come on. This is the fun ebbers, oh fresh out the box, quite quite a good hinge and a great snap, and i like the engraving of the brand name. The name gives it away. This is the sushi maker. The sushi comes with all you need to get started on your journey from humble beginner to master sushi prepper made completely from clean, smooth wood. Berry dont dont die. Look what youve done made completely from clean, smooth wood. This sushi maker contains a mold for your sticky rice and filling of your choosing and a prod to ensure the rice is evenly pushed in and pushed out. Can i make some sushi please oh calls so step. One is to soak the machine or make up give it give it a dip, give it a dip, make sure its very wet. So you want to pack the rice into the maker im intrigued to see. If this genuinely does work, because i dont make sushi often so when i do, i always mess it up and think i could have done that better because im out of practice, Music that goes on here, we definitely need some pressing yeah. What did there been? We didnt wet it properly.

I dont know how much wetter it can be than stuck in water, Music squelching that a little clumsy, but then, if youve ever tried hard on yourself, if youve ever tried to actually roll it thats quite clumsy too. So now we get to put our filling in now. This is a bit for me that i find very satisfying, because usually i find it very hard to get my salmon bang in the middle Music. Oh my gosh wow Music. That makes you got a firm grip. Oh god and then Music thats how the sausage gets made wow wow. So at this point you could serve it as is, or you could roll it in some sesame seeds or you can wrap it in the nori shape which weve got here. Lets do that now you always want to allow the nori sheet to absorb some of the moisture from the rice. We could try one more while we wait do another, one surprisingly, satisfying to just see how it all works and tessellate its a great bit of carpentry lets, step behind and get my weight behind it and then no hes cocked his leg up Music. I know about you guys if they came out of my kitchen in that consistency id be proud. If they came out of your kitchen, i would be very proud and very impressed and quite questionable about how that happened. They are very uniform. I think, as i was cutting them, you could tell theyre not quite as tightly packed.

I think when i typically roll with a mat, youre kind of pulling it back on itself and it is a little on the wet side, but but uniformality and simplicity. It absolutely works. I was quite surprised: okay, shall we have a stab at the price im going to go 19.99. 27 pounds 99. Oh okay, fair bit more than i thought. If you do make sushi, often youd probably have the knack and not need it, but if youve never tried it and want to get into it its a good stepping stone. No, it does work doesnt it yeah. It works. Number two basil lift the cloth. Okay, a hexagonal toasty machine, oh youve, gone for Music im. Sorry close it im scared. Does this just make a lot of mini toasties barry? This is the smart samosa maker. This samosa maker gives you a way of making healthier samosas quickly and easily, instead of frying them and making them oilier than a spa massage this machine bakes them. It also gives you a way of making batches up to 24 deep filled samosas at once, meaning you dont have to spend all day in the kitchen just to clarify, because sometimes we do need to have this transparency. Are they your words or the manufacturers? I they are the manufacturers words right. I want to know which spy you can go to and get massaged in, ghee barry. What do you think? First up grease up my samosa machine this bit, doesnt tessellate so well.

The pre made fila pastry. You have to lay on so that there is the pea and potato recipe actually from the manual that weve made for you mate, so already im doing it and the filo is cracking so traditionally, as i have been told by kush, you would take your um specific Samosa, dough youd roll that out and then youd fill that with your filling and then youd fold it over in a triangle shape and then you basically go up and down and up and down folding it over into a samosa. They can be deep, fried but cushys mum actually just brushes them with a little bit of oil and bakes them in the oven. So this is not too far away how some people are doing it well, its quite very its very far away isnt it look at it. We havent seen the results yet, but if these work then id be intrigued to try it time and time and time again with different pastries, filo, possibly puff, maybe even some short crust and mix up the fillings like cheese like feta and spinach, and do kind of That do some sweet ones. We did the bouncy samosas years ago, literally crack a bit of balance in the middle, like job done, basically triangular pastries, so its been about 10 minutes. I think its about done. The the paler ones, the middle thats, where i double wrapped, which might be why as well Music, its not what id expect from a samosa but something new im quite excited by this right.

Should we try some yeah, they dont look bad, i mean they dont. Look like traditional, proper samosas, but they dont look unappetizing cheers. I do the samosa thing they havent got the same plaque and crunch well. Fido adds a different texture to it, but its not bad. No, i tell you what the filling, which is from the the booklet tastes delicious. Are we doing a terrible thing? I dont know if someone said to me bad knock up 24 samosas, i would. There would be a big sigh and a little bit of panic. Sort of fussy, maybe putting together a christmas tree, i think exactly the admin of making this samosa. For me, midweek is a bit too much with a machine like that. Its really simple and with pre, made filo its a wicked hack. Do you want to take a guess at how much this cost im going to go and say that is about 46 pounds turn that six upside down 49. well done very close: okay yeah! You can get really nice waffle, irons for 100 pounds, um and thats slightly low quality, but a very specific use so 50 quilts, alright, and if it was less than that id question how didnt expect this, but i think i might take it home. I dont think that was the offer. Was it no? No, no thats what i said about storing it back, so we can all use it when we walk Music time for number three mike lift the clutch Music vacuum: cleaner slice, the dicer french fry maker mandolin there.

It is thats what i was looking for, thats it mike youve guessed it. This is the once for all multifunctional vegetable slicer with stainless steel, blades manual, food cutter for chef and household once for all so its an all in one vegetable chopper, which performs perfectly for slicing stripping, julienning and dicing theres no need to change blades, you just rotate The knobs press the handle down and you can cut various veggies and fruits into any shape and thickness that you want it. Doesnt feel stable like well mike thats, because you havent found the collapsible feature and there you go. Look at that now, its sturdy af, okay, cool lets, try it this hasnt been thought through. So on the back there mate youve got three different. Knobs youve got a big one at the bottom. That is your thickness. The two small knobs at the top will then change the direction of the blades so that you can have it as slices. You can have it as dices, you can have it as julienne is or batones right lets go slices of cucumber. You want to make sure your little knobs all the way around to the left and now choose your thickness excellent rhythm, well, whats, the consistency like its very consistent. What id like you to do is turn your big knob all the way around to eight, and then your left knob turn it 360 lock it back in thats made the spikes go right out.

Lets use the potato yeah and make strips of potato sounds like chips. Lads chips, chips, mate: i did want chips, but im also now a little bit hungry for like parmentier potatoes. So for this we need to start with thick slices, so youre going to want to turn your left hand knob all the way back around again. 360 degrees, lock it in youve, already got the big knob on the thick slice, a one, a two, a one, two three four. You can put your slices back in and youre going to want to rotate your left knob. The ferocity of the spring like coming back out flicks these forward watch Music hallelujah earlier once for all you youre not going to get like a perfectly diced dice, as if you were to trim the edges off, make a square and actually do it by hand yourself. I mean, but look this reminds me of like a sofrito uh lets, do a carrot and lets julienne. Yes, oh okay, so i think the thing with all of these types of machines and weve tested multiple of them in the last few years, theyve been the backbone of our advertising. Revenue lets be honest. Um. It does depend a lot usually on the shape of your vegetable or whatever it is that youre trying to chop. But when you get it right, this seems to work normally theyre absolute dog crap, but im pleasantly surprised. Can you see yourself using something like this at home for things that require good presentation or bulk? Mostly, i can actually imagine myself using it here in battles like genuinely to speed up like the time trials.

It will make things quicker like bigger, bigger portion sizes doing stuff in bulk. I genuinely would use it for those things. U3 might also need it for your next shift in modeli, i heard that got shut down by the environmental agency, so lets talk price. How much do you think we paid for the once for all multi functional vegetable slicer? Do you know like this isnt, the type of gadget that strikes me that youd buy from amazon id? Imagine getting it from something like a lakeland or like a shopping store, and i therefore would say: 25 pounds im, not sure i pay more than 25 pounds. Okay! Well, we bought this from amazon for 27 pounds 59 pence again. If you can see a use for it, i think youd get 27 pounds worth of usage out of it. If you were going to use it, it would be a waste of that money. If you bought it because you thought youd use it and you never did Music garbage, i cant wait to lift the clutch on this one. What could it be? Ive had a lot of fun today, but its about to get more fun. Oh, it looks like a coffee machine except you, dont get this bit on a coffee machine. Tell me that this is what i think it is. This is indeed phillips. The perfect draft keg machine yeah come on beer. We have tested over the years a number of devices that give you that draft feel at home.

Actually, can i just stop you? What weve done in the past is cheap versions. Yeah. None of them have worked so weve just gone screw. It try the proper, big, expensive one and see if that works. Am i right? You are right and we also got a keg involved and we chilled that and i pre loaded it into the machine because, unlike the others, this actually chills it. For you, oh okay, nice gabriella, chill me right, yeah such a dad, their words. This pause perfectly cold draft beer from tap to enjoy, with friends or to relax after stressful day sturdy with a real bar tap handle that fits perfectly in every kitchen, man, cave or holiday house. Everyone loves beer. There will be any person, any person can like beer. Anybody or cooking studios human cave now out of the box, theres some instructions. You have to follow the quick start up guide and, if im honest, very easy to follow lots of diagrams lots of telling you, when things should click in the top pump kind of goes onto the keg, then you get this wobbly little tube. That goes down the front and clips in again everything clips into place. You slide it into what is a base that is a refrigerator inside the machine. Once youve opened it up, you clamp down the blue and you leave it to chill Music perfect, its a barry. One, they do say the first one. You have to run it through the pump, because at this point there was air in the pipe.

So the second one should be better. Ah, here we go hes got it. No, no hes got it. Hes got it hes done it there. You go mastered it on the last. Oh wait: hey thats, my beer mask for it goes without saying it. Wouldnt be a sorted pub without some salted grubs weve got beer snacks as well. Oh the machine made. No, we just have to keep the kitchen busy cheers: cheers cheers lovelies. That is wonderful. So if these beer glasses are 33 centiliters and youll get about 18 out of a keg, if you use the continental 20 centiliters, you get 30., the one we bought was 37 quid its about the same as buying cans of beer. Yes, but obviously youre going to have the machine on top of that different, but yeah. This is the closest to draft thats, almost actually indistinguishable from a draft pint. The head is a bit more bitter, its creamy and a bit more bitter than the actual beer itself and thats. What you want, because it provides the balance between the head and the bit, and that provides a really good amount of that bitterness with the airiness. And i like it its a bit extra isnt it its a bit big, like is this thing on your worktop? Where, where is this going youve got to have a big kitchen granted yep? I also think you have to have immense willpower yeah. That is so true.

What not to pour yourself on for breakfast yeah, if that was on my workshop, and i knew that there was cold beer in there and im working from home. Why would i not be having one at lunch time like thats, not good? For me, i know that how deep are you willing to go to pay for this 300 pounds ill, throw in a keg and a half as well with the glasses of which there were two yep 249.? This is splurgeville thats. What that is its splurge bill, its not cop? I need to get this now ive been paid mike. During that last conversation, i discovered something about the machine and im going to need your help to show what i think might be its best feature. So this is detachable, so we can just move that out of the way. Oh, what im thinking there and then live the dream. Three two one. Oh, this is the best job ever well. Whilst mike is busy over to you guys which of those gadgets, would you love to get your hands on comment down below Laughter, one more Music, its really hard to swallow from this angle? Now you know what else i like. I, like strips okay of carrot, no youve never said that i do youve, never done it.