This this model has five inch oled display and keep in mind that this is the first generation from this line model 1003. In 2013, they released another model, the slim model uh the model 2000. My advice, dont get that model go with this one, because this one has an oled display and at this quality qhd almost 1080p, it has 960 or 980. Something like this. There is a resolution even bigger than the nintendo switch. You will have an amazing experience with uh with this screen and um. You know the next model uh the slim model. Doesnt, have these uh uh this uh oled display they. They decided uh to put an lcd display instead of this oled, and it was a disaster. You wont get these beautiful, colors or um contrast that you see here, it would be like the difference between nintendo switch oled and nintendo switch version 2. That lcd model so might have my advice very careful when you get it search for the model. 1000. You see here its 1003 because this its more premium than the next uh, the next uh in line. Also, on the back, you have a five inch multi touch panel. You can, you can use it in games to swipe or to do various actions to tap and so on. So all this area here that you see with these symbols its a its a touch panel – this is impressive and um the console, even now in 2022, its amazing you can.

You can have a lot a lot of beautiful moments here on on this console and look how fast it is and how smooth and you have a lot of games for it by the way you will use uh something like like this. This is the card. It looks like a nintendo switch card, look but its its smaller something like this anyway to if you find, if you want to find out more about this device watch my in depth review. You have it here on my on my channel and you can. You can see what you can do with this console and what it offers. So this is the console, a beautiful, beautiful experience. We did even now um a lot of unique games and um. Overall, a beautiful experience. Uh im impressed how well uh this console uh resisted. In time, because the joysticks are perfect, as you know, nintendo switch, you have that drift after a few months and thats it. This cancel after more than 10 years, its like a brand new console its impressive. What they did here and um very important dont get that lcd model. This is the way, keep in mind that um this oled its ten times better than uh the next uh slim model um. So this is how it looks and its a crazy device crazy good device.