9 expert rating the die hard battery charger maintainer is fantastic for use on 6 and 12. Volt lead acetate batteries its easy to go through the charge process, because most of it is done by the machine itself. The three connection options provide versatility and the three year warranty proves diehard, has faith in their product check out our best battery chargers list for more great batteries, diehard 71219 battery charger maintainer check price. Why we like it die hard? 71: 200 battery charger maintainer, the diehard 71219 battery charger maintainer keeps your batteries fully charged when you need them, the most float mode monitoring ensures your battery is kept at normal voltage to maintain its charge and the permanent ring connectors make for efficient charging. Finally, the led indicator will alert you if something is wrong pros easy to go through the charge process. Three connection options: three year, warranty cons, clamps are a bit small performance. The die hard 71219 battery charger includes float mode. Monitoring keeps your battery at a normal voltage. In order to maintain its charge, the unit is fully automatic, microprocessor controlled and provides five stage charging for a precise charge with battery monitoring included. These features allow you to go through charging process with ease and without worrying if youve done something or if your battery is over charging. If youre looking for more than just charging the schumacher south carolina 1281 automatic battery charger also comes with a handy jump, start feature design the die hard 71219 portable battery charger comes built with a nifty led indicator that will flash to alert you if clamps are reversed.

This causes the charger to not operate, saving you from damage and possible damage to the unit or your battery. Unfortunately, these clamps are a little on the small side for something bigger and more durable. Consider the ampic battery charger maintainer automatic the diehard 71219 battery charger also comes with three connections: options, giving you much more versatility value accessories included with the die hard 71219 battery charger include 50 amp battery clamps, a 12 volts accessory plug and permanent ring connectors for efficient Charging its also backed by a three year, warranty, which is awesome considering most warranties last only two years. It even has reverse polarity protection too. It also comes in a variety of sizes for whatever you need, two amp three amp six amp and 10 amp. If a budget battery charger is more of what youre after consider, the m o t o p o w e r m p 00 automatic battery maintainer diehard 71219 battery charger maintainer wrap up the die hard 71219 battery charger. Maintainer is a fantastic option for those who want a battery charger that does its job without a lot of fuss. In fact, the only fiss it will kick up is if the clamps are reversed and even then its just a flashing light. The clamps are a little small but thats, not a big issue for those of you who know what youre doing bottom line performance. 8.8 design. 8.8 value. 9.2 reader rating zero votes zero.

What we liked, what we didnt 8.