The magnetic wireless car charger is an amazingly helpful device that allows you to mount any of your iphone 12 or 13 models in your car. The system comes with both an air vent mount and a suction cup mount. So you wont have any problem finding a place in your car to mount this device. The magsafe car charger can also deliver up to 15 watts of power to your phone wirelessly, which is a very helpful feature. This is powered by the included usb c to c cable, which is required because a standard usb, a to c cable cannot deliver enough juice. The device is made from mostly plastic, however, the magsafe puck that your phone actually sticks to is made from a really solid feeling metal, which only adds to the premium feeling of this device. This iphone mount came in a really nice box that shows off all the features that are included with the product. Once you open the box, all of the components are laid out neatly. Setting up the device is relatively simple. However, it does take a little bit of time to get your phone adjusted right to set up the device. All you have to do is unscrew the back of the magsafe puck and attach it to either the suction cup or air vent mount once this is done. You mount the entire system in your car, with your desired mount and place your phone on the magsafe puck. You adjust your phone to where you want it before tightening the screw on the back of the magsafe puck.

Lastly, you plug the usb c2c cable into both the magsafe puck, and your car and youre done using this mount, has proven very useful. The power that the mount delivers manages to keep my phone charged even when its doing something intensive, such as gps navigation. This is also helpful because it gives my phone those little top ups that it needs throughout the day to keep it going a side note here. I found myself not needing to charge my phone at night anymore, because the few top ups that it gets throughout the day are enough to keep my phone charged. The vent mount is surprisingly really secure. I use mine with an iphone 12 pro max, which is a really heavy phone, and that phone has not managed to fall off the mount as of yet, which is something that i was really worried about. The phone is also really secure in the mount only wobbling when you go over really rough terrain or speed bumps. Unfortunately, both amounts are made of plastic. However, this doesnt seem to affect their performance. The windscreen mount sticks to my car perfectly and seems to have the same amount of wobble as the vent mount. The suction cup mount has an adjustment for height, but its also telescopic, meaning that you can move it closer or further away from you. This is really useful when youre trying to position your phone right, the included cable, is too short for my liking, only measuring in at one metre.

This is not long enough for my application and id argue most peoples applications, especially if you want to run the cable neatly like i do, even though this is the standard length for a usb c to c cable, there is definitely a longer usb c2c, cable being Purchased in my near future, i paid a total of 50 australian dollars for this mount. However, it was 75 originally, but i bought it when it was on sale. So i got 25 off. I also had a 12 volt usb car charger thrown in for free, as well as a 10 gift card. So seeing as i do use the usb adapter and i will use the gift card eventually id say id – roughly pay it around 20 to 25. For this mount, if we say the adapter is 15 looking at the pros for the device, i would definitely say that the convenience that it provides is at the very top of the list. It is so useful to have your phone mounted in a convenient spot so that you can see your navigation or whos, calling you or anything else your car may not provide. This pro is closely followed by the mounts: high quality construction, which is definitely a benefit. I would argue that this is a must when it comes to an iphone mount that most products do not meet. However, this one does its high quality construction allows the phone not to move when youre driving, which can be extremely distracting.

It also gives you the peace of mind that your phone is not going to fall whilst you are driving. Finally, i cannot do a pros list without taking into account the price i stated before. If we look at the math, i did previously, i paid about 25 dollars for this mount. I think youd be very hard pressed to find a mount that strikes a balance between price and performance, as this mount has now looking at cons. The only real con that i could come up with was the length of the included cable, which i thought was too short of one meter. I feel like if this product came with a cable that was between double and triple the length i would have given it a perfect score. However, as the product stands im giving this a rating of 4.8 out of 5.