Welcome to the 9malls gadget review channel today. Im really excited to test out this product. The brand is tick time, tick time, timer magnetic digital kitchen, timer, classroom, visual countdown clock and, with rechargeable battery loud alarm, led display small desk timer for cooking baking, workout office games and more 36.99 with free shipping and yeah so thats. My timer right here check that out thats what i normally use. This is actually from daiso, so the company sent this over to me. So i really appreciate that uh looks like a really cool product and something if it actually works. I will use because i use this thing and i can see definitely using this uh to keep time instead, because its a lot more fun and i would say, attractive and useful and possibly even quicker, to set the time uh can make says the tick time can Make you more interested in managing time with unique appearance, creative and interesting design, allowing you to expand the breadth of life and live a colorful life every day volume adjustment customize the countdown time off on function, uh, one usb, cable, one user manual, all right so lets Open up see whats inside here see another thing i could see this being useful for is, you know like workouts having a time you know, timing, your workouts and i also think a dedicated timer just really helps. I mean over your phone. Even sometimes you just dont want to check your phone at least i dont, and sometimes your phones charging.

Sometimes your phone is playing a podcast listening to music. You dont want to touch it all right. So here we go. What does it look like? The unboxing of the theres, a sticker, two stickers, all right here we go three two one. This is the logo right there. It says tick time. Here we go three two one: a little tiny instruction: booklet Applause, a little piece of foam piece of foam – and here it is look at this say – looks really interesting. Actually so the bottom, the sides you have, the top Applause – all right, small little usb cable for charging and lets see what the user manual says. So you have the micro charging port, which is right there. It says press m plus increase in minutes. Uh v minus decrease in volume s plus increase in seconds v, plus increase in volume, power capacity or yeah power capacity display timing, mute volume display turn on press any key to start and there we go all right. So there you go check that out. You have the timer on the bottom, so lets say you want to set it for 15 minutes. You can roll it. You can see. Let me just zoom in on this turn off the lights. So five, and at the back you see the timer counting down five minutes. Three. You can see three 15. 25. 30. 10. So im going to set it at three minutes. While i kind of look through the instruction booklet here counting when the screen is facing down the all right lets see here, i have to turn on the light uh counting when the screen is facing down the timer starts from zero.

After timing is over, you can check the timing by turning the screen up. The maximum is 99, so a quick countdown is the roll on the side like this select the required count down minute turn to the surface digits. At this point, press volume up volume down so im going to adjust the volume. So you can see that all right countdown when sanding uh press the m plus so that lets see. So you can do that so thats the standing. So you can seconds so you have like three seconds at the minute one minute, so thats kind of the custom feature lets just see what it does im trying to see. If i can go all right lets see if we can delete that, i think you can delete it by just doing that. Yeah there you go kind of starts over now. You can reset it all right. So lets set it for uh three seconds and lets see how you get it going so there you go so im setting the custom so im doing like five seconds set it down now its counting down. You can see it right there, Music, theres your beep, all right, then you reset it by kind of facing it upwards, counting when the screen is facing down. The timer starts from zero. After the timing is over. You can check the timing all right. So here we go, lets try this so were gon na set. This increase the seconds flip it over all right.

So if you want to time something you know you want to see how many seconds have passed, you can set it down. So you get one two. Three: four: five: you lift it up. So there you go seven seconds so yeah. I think its a really unique way of keeping time um, especially i like how it has preset times you just flip it and the numbers light up because lets say youre. You know cooking something you want to set it for five minutes just quickly just set it. I mean its almost quicker than this uh. The only thing downside, i would say, theres a price um, its not you know its not going to break the bank, but i mean compared to this. This is a timer. This things from daiso. This thing was a dollar fifty um. So that would just be something to consider as far as a really unique way of you know accurately keeping time, which is something that this is probably not as accurate uh, i would say, go for it. I mean its a cool product. I think most people um, probably just use their phones, but if you want a dedicated timer, you know its kind of a fun thing so yeah. Definitely let me know what you think in the comment section. I, like the display its a fun product, has lights all around. You know the top the bottom on the sides and then, when youre done, when youre ready to charge you just plug in this cord lets see there you go so you plug it in you, get a little little usb adapter and you just plug in the wall.

Youre good youre good to go so yeah um lets see. Does it have 15 minutes yeah there we go 15 minutes. I was like yeah. Why doesnt it have 15 minutes, but does have 15.. So what do you think? Let me know im gon na time. It just one more time, five seconds, pretty cool, so uh once again, thank you for tick time for sending this over to me.