President dana white was never a fan of this plan. Dana’S been telling media that he and habib will be meeting soon. Once the meeting happens, dana said that he will push habib as hard as he can to fight one more time today, dana white posted footage of him and hadeem about to have that meeting. Conor mcgregor on the weighing in podcast, discusses nate diaz, coming back to lightweight connor says that it would be amazing to complete the trilogy john. I go to every single one of them back to back and i have no qualms with who it is. I have no, you know i i’m happy for uh hooker and china in the comment event. I know they’re very excited about it. I know they’re both eager to go and put on the show and make a statement i’m very excited to see how that belt goes. I wish both men well and you know if they’re next, then next uh, obviously you’ve got gaiji and oliveira in the mix as well. I they may be competing also um i’m excited about that. I want them all to be honest on every single one of them. So let’s see what happens. I also heard the other day, dana done an interview with the microwave and he was saying about nadia’s coming back down to 155 pounds, so that would be. That would be also pretty uh, pretty amazing for us to complete the philadelphia that he still thinks habib will fight again.

He told mma junkie, it’s going to be a five minute. Conversation it’s a yes or no, and i left abu dhabi last time and he and i were texting. We went back and forth on why i think he should keep fighting. He was super emotional coming out of that fight. He’S had time now to rest think about it and all other things. This is going to be a five minute conversation. I think he’ll fight, but we’ll see it’s not going to be an argument or a lengthy conversation. It’S going to be a yes or no michael bisping on the believe. You me podcast discusses the problem with judging in mma. So when you look at his record that in the last year or two, you know there’s three losses and one one win, you know: dustin win over frankie jaeger, then two losses to volkanovsky, but they were super close and majorly controversial to some people, not to volkanovsky. When we had him on, i don’t know if you’ve noticed i i i watched, i watched it back. I was sitting on the balcony in summer when we had him on and i watched it back. He was throwing in little subliminal digs at me. He was talking about happy. He wasn’t happy with you. If i said i thought max, holloway won, which i did, and i said it to him on the pulse by show that isn’t coming from a place of uh i’m, not trying to you over i’m, just saying when i watched it, i saw an incredibly close fight, But you have to score it, so you have to score it right and if i was to score it, i would have had it uh for max holloway, but whatever it is, what it is, maybe i’m wrong, maybe i’m, not but that’s how i saw it.

Certainly, no venom or ill intentions. I don’t think when people say that, but regarding the judging yeah, of course, we always see it almost every event. There’S an outlandish fight, that’s scored and you look at yourself when i’ve, even commentated i’ve been like what the? How did that judge even come to that conclusion? I’Ve said it before and i’ll say it again: they need to be held accountable, right, they’re, doing a job they get paid. So you got ta do that job? Well, if you’re in any other walk of life. If you do a job, you get fired, it’s, never robberies. There’S, very, very few robberies happen. Now and again you do see it where one judge gives it to another one and had that had his vote been correct, it would have been a robbery but generally they’re close fights that that could have gone either way but i’m. Just talking about those real outlandish ones, where two judges give it 30 27 to one guy and then the other judge gives it 30 27 to the other guy and it’s like how the what are you watching and then it came out recently. We spoke about it on there was a boxing fight. One of the judges was on his phone. There is the human element, but still your phone should be off airplane mode, at least when you’re judging them. Earlier this week, we interviewed ufc light heavyweight contender, yuri prohaska. We discuss him taking risks and fights and also discuss the upcoming fight with dominic reyes um.

Did you expect to be main eventing, uh, ufc fights so quickly in your ufc career um? I don’t think about that about the quick, so about about is going so quick, but uh yeah. I think that’s that’s normal, because i have i had a long fighting career before before the ufc. So i think now, i’m. I’M, the i’m, the strong, strong man and Music i’m glad for that i’m. I’M. I’M. I’M. In a main event, a lot of fans say that you take a lot of risks in your fights and it’s. What makes you so exciting? Is that fair to say that you take some risks when fighting and it results in these knockouts yeah? It is risk, but but i need to fight like that, because uh when i, when the when my opponent uh, see me how i’m uh with the hands down, he feel like uh, i’m uh, um it’s, easy to punch me and i’m waiting for that i’m waiting For this uh feeling in in them and and uh, i will that’s that’s. What worked for me, and i will wait for that and then i will attack it’s a little uh it’s hard to ex to explain that by just by word, because it’s for me, i’m, not fighting by by my mind i’m fighting by my feelings, yeah with my Feelings and it’s it’s hard to describe some some feelings because i need to i need to i need to be.

I need to have a style like like in the first style like in the first fight like in first fight, maybe maybe uh. There was a lot of mistakes in first fight, so so i i’m working on that michael chandler previews. His upcoming bout with dan hooker chandler says that he would like a title shot with a win over hooker but ready to take another fight if he has to. He told mma junkie either way there’s going to be a lot of clarity on january 23rd. After these two fights happen, and then we kind of see what happens. Obviously, i’ll be campaigning for number one contender fight a title fight i’ll be throwing my name in the hat to fight any of those guys either way. I’M, just excited to be competing in the ufc excited to be competing with the guys that are the best in the world in the lightweight division at 155. So if i have to go out there and do my job against dan hooker, then i got to do it again against someone else in order to get that title shot so be it, but either way all roads lead to january 23rd and after that, we’ll have A little bit more clarity, then i can start calling some shots and that’s gon na wrap it up for the news. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video be sure to subscribe to full mount mma and click the bell icon to be notified.

When we post future ones here are the three top comments from last video. These comments are, in reference to nate diaz being removed from the ufc rankings. The first one says: lol, like nate, actually cares about rankings. His star power is crazy and has the fans behind him he comes and calls out someone that fight will happen. Nate diaz is money and money has power over rankings. The second one says nate is four and five in the last eight years and he still moves the needle more than ninety percent of the roster. The final one says the guy fights once in three years. Those were the three top comments from last video. If you want to be featured on the next one, all you have to do is comment down below also be sure to check out the other types of mma content. We post on this channel click either of these two videos on the screen.