We all live in the times now, when the internet is flooded with content, which unfortunately have caused many creators to start learning different ways of promoting their content online. Now the most popular platforms to start promoting your content for free are social media sites. The only problem with promoting effectively on social media sites is being consistent in this video i’m, going to show you how to consistently and effectively promote your content on some of the top social media sites. The warrior and in this video i’m, going to show you an easy way of promoting your youtube channel on three of the top social media platforms. But before we get into all that, if this is your first time to this channel and you’re interested in driving traffic to your youtube, channel or affiliate products, make sure to check out my 20 plus easy ways to easily promote your youtube channel for free don’t. Also forget to hit that subscribe button and let’s get started. The very first platform everyone starts with when it comes to promotion is on social sites like facebook, instagram and twitter. The only problem with this way of generating free traffic is that you, as the creator, needs to consistently be present on the platform, doing your promotions in one way or another. You need to consistently be engaging with others on the platform, while looking for opportunities to post your content. Now, since not everyone has the time to keep with the pace with which these social sites operate, the only way to be able to achieve any significant traffic from these platforms is to use automation in certain aspects like the aspect of consistently posting on facebook pages.

For example, or groups that you’re already engaging in your instagram and twitter account as well and that’s why tools like hootsuite or social pilots are still making it online today. These are just two of many social media management tools that will help you easily schedule your post on social media consistently. Even when you are not on your computer, these are tools. Many creators have been using now for years to promote their content online. Now the only problem most new content creators come across when trying to use any of these tools is the monthly fees involved take hootsuite, for example, with hootsuite. You have a whole full month to try the tool out, after which you start paying any of this monthly fee, depending on what you decide to go with. The same thing applies with the social pilot management tool with social pilot. You have 14 days free trial, after which you start paying any of this monthly fees again, depending on what you choose now, if you are just starting out – and you are on a budget – maybe you don’t want to use hootsuite or social pilot, for whatever reason you Can now use simpler, simpler is a new all in one app which allows you to get traffic from social media websites. With the simpler app you’ll be able to integrate your instagram facebook and twitter accounts. The idea behind the app is being able to create social media posts from one central location.

Additionally, you’ll be able to schedule out your posts to be posted on any specific day or time of your choice. You’Ll also be able to use the tool to drive traffic. Now the traffic campaign you’ll be creating with this tool, will be running on a smart automation technology, so everything will be fully automated now before i show you how to use this simpler tool to start promoting your video content, i’ll first like to offer you some additional Products i’ve put together to help you with a video campaign and a secret four dollar of coupon. If you get a simpler app through the link below this video. So if you click on the first link below this video you’ll be taken to this bonus page where you can get all these bonuses for free, plus the four dollar of coupon. Now the first bonus you’ll be getting for free here is the traffic beast, which is valued for about 97 and complements the simpler app now. The five powerful techniques outlined in this guide are get towards a single purpose. Helping you drive more traffic to your content. The traffic methods in these guides are effective and easier to do than you might be thinking and will bring you results within just weeks. The second free bonus will be the traffic place method, which is also valued for 97. This report will show you exactly how to set up a viral sharing platform that will drive steady traffic to your website and how to best convert that traffic into sales.

You’Ll also be getting another 97 bonus. That will show you how to be a profitable business with in demand digital products and finally, you’ll be getting this social media marketing revolution, which is valued at 147. With this guide, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks for getting traffic from facebook, twitter, youtube and pinterest you’ll have an overview of social media marketing steps to quicker and easy modern social media marketing and much more. In addition to us, bonuses, you’ll also be getting all the bonuses the vendor of the simpler web app has to offer. So after watching the simpler app in action, if you think it’s a tool that you would like to have click on the first link below this video, and that will lead you to this bonus page on the bonus page, you want to click on any of these Orange buttons and that will take you to the simpler web, app sales page and when you make a purchase you’ll, find all the bonuses. I promised you on this page by clicking on the blue button below the product access button. Now just check out how you can start using the simpler web, app cloud based tool to start scheduling your social media posts. First of all, as you can see i’m on the dashboard right here here, you will get all the reports when it comes to all of your social media postings. So we have succeeds, post failed, post, total post and, as you can see, we have all of the reports right here so reports for all social media accounts for facebook, for instagram and for twitter.

So the first thing you actually have to do is go to account manager and you will have to add your social media profile. So, as you can see, i have a few facebook pages already added. You can add facebook groups, instagram profiles and twitter profiles. Now why are we adding all of these to save you time on posting all of these posts on social media? Obviously, this is how you get all the free traffic, and the amazing thing about simpler is that you can schedule your posts literally for the next month. Two months, three months, so you only have to log in maybe once a month schedule all of your posts for all of your social media for the next weeks or months, and then you don’t have to worry about free traffic for the rest of that time period. So to add your facebook page just click right here where it says at the facebook page. Obviously i have my pages already added, so you would just edit settings or just continue as yourself. You would just select all of the ones that you want to add and click on add profile. As you can see, we have success. We are going back right here. You do the same exact things to add a facebook group or multiple facebook groups to add an instagram profile. Obviously you’re just going to click here, and all you have to do is just add your instagram username, your password and a proxy.

Now guys. The proxy is something that we’ll be removing, but for now you will need a proxy. You just need one proxy. What is a proxy? It is essentially an address that you get okay, so you can get free proxies at free, slash, proxy, slash, list.net and just click on free proxies right here and go with us proxy, and here you scroll all the way to the bottom right here. As you can see, you can just grab any one of these ip addresses and just add them right here now with free proxies. Sometimes instagram will actually block it. So just try a few and if you can’t find a one that works just go to proxy6.net and you can literally buy a proxy for like six cents. As you can see, we can just pick one from united states count one. You only need one proxy. A period you can buy it for three days a week, two weeks a month, etc, and then https is the type that you want and again six cents is all you’re gon na be paying. So again, please try the three proxies first and if really literally, you know, 10 won’t work just buy a proxy for six cents right here, and this is how you add your instagram account and you will be able to add your twitter profile as well, with no Proxies okay, so once all of your accounts are added, all you have to do is just click on publish all or if you want to publish only on facebook, instagram or twitter just pick the one of your choice.

Okay, so let me just show you this one. As you can see, we have all of the linked accounts right here, so we just have to pick the ones that we want to post on. So again you can post on one or two or you can just post on all of them. At the same time, this is where you save tons of time, and you can schedule your posts as well. So, as you can see, we can add a photo. A video, a link or a text. Obviously remember if you’re posting to instagram, you can be posting text. Just use a photo and then use text as caption, so for the purpose of this video, let me just add a photo. Let me just pick whatever. Let me just pick one of these and, as you can see, we can add a caption and right now we can schedule it or not. So if we will take the schedule, we will just uh pick the time interval per post that’s in minutes, so it can be five minutes, one minute whatever you want frequency, if you want to post the same thing multiple times and re post until so. This is how to schedule your post i’m not going to be scheduling anything right now and again. I just decided to add a photo. You can add photos, videos, link or text, and actually, if you will go to facebook or instagram individually, you will have different types of posts like carousels etc.

Okay, so all you have to do right now is just click on post. As you can see, content is being published on five profiles so again, a massive time saver and with the with the schedule, option right here. You can literally do this for the next month or two or three and then just forget about social media altogether, so let’s go to my instagram and my facebook right now. So, as you can see, this is the photo that we just posted that’s my instagram, and we also have one of the facebook pages same exact photo. So again, these posts will be posted for you literally within seconds. So this is how to do a mass post. Now, if you will click on facebook and click on post, as you can see here, we have media instead of photo, which means that you can actually add a video or a gif or whatever else you would normally post on facebook. We can do link and we can do text as well. If we will click on instagram, as you can see, we have media, we have story, we have igtv and we have a carousel okay. So if you want to do posts specifically for instagram, like stories or like a carousel, then i would definitely recommend you go and post from here and when it comes to twitter. It does the same thing now: let’s click on schedules, and here you will be able to access all of your scheduled posts.

As you can see, we have the ones in queue. We have the ones that are published, unpublished and then we have all schedule. Only facebook only instagram and we will have only twitter so guys. I already showed you how to schedule a post. This is just where you control all of it. Okay, so here you will see that, for example, you will schedule a one post for day number, one. One post for the number two one, maybe three posts on the third day, etc. Okay, so this is where you just control all of it. I already showed you the account manager let’s go to file manager. This is where simpler will store all of the files that you posted okay. So, as you can see, these are the two posts that i already posted and this will be all the videos etc. Next, up we have a group manager. This is where you group, your social media, accounts. Okay, so if you want to add a new group, just click on add new, and i already created a group. Essentially, all you have to do is just decide on which profiles you want to add to, for example, group 1 or group 2, and then you just slide these ones that you want to select over. So this is how you group your profiles to speed up the whole process. Next up, we have caption now this is if you want to use the same caption on multiple posts, and this just saves you time.

So, as you can see, i just added this one and then you can instantly add it to the post that you’re scheduling or the post that you are currently posting so again, just another thing to save you time, you just click on, add new and you can Add a new caption right here and then just click on submit that saves it and finally, we have watermark. So this is for your branding. So, as you can see, i already have the watermark added right here. This is automatically added to all of my pictures. That i’m posting, as you can see, we can move this around. We can keep it in the middle, you can resize it. We can make it more transparent or less transparent and when you click on save it, it will save the template and it will add your watermark to all of your images. So if you want to add a new one, just click on upload select the one of your choice and simpler will save it for you, so guys, that’s in a nutshell, again, going back to the dashboard. Simpler is a super powerful app. If you want to save time, if you want to get free traffic on autopilot and we are including a commercial license and a developer’s license, which means that you can actually use simpler for your clients, you don’t have to pay extra for a license for this. So, of course, you can do this for yourself or you can charge clients a hundred dollars, two hundred dollars three hundred dollars per month.

To do this for them and again all you have to do is just link up the accounts then schedule the post for literally the next month or two, and you are done again, don’t forget to click the first link below this video. If you are interested and get all these bonuses, in addition with all that i’ll wrap up this video, i hope it was helpful if so hit the like button below share on your preferred social site and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button.